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Author Topic: Final Fantasy: Shining Souls. Very Simple System-Style AU; Profile Page/OOC  (Read 4030 times)

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Offline SnoweTopic starter

Azura. A world surrounded by a magical energy called 'Myste'. Myste is, in both natural and crystalline form, used by the various humanoid races of this somewhat hostile planet as everything from a source of water to a source of heat. How, you ask? Myste is a fairly complex material in that, when it meets with certain elemental properties, it takes on the nature and scientific properties of said elements while it sets. As an example, a setting orb of Myste which sits next to a fire will radiate heat, light and can simulate the pain of burning against a being touching it, though with no actual side-effects like needing to be re-heated or oiled to continue the heat, and could be activated anywhere. Thanks to this new-found technology, the Hume, one of the four main races of Azura, suddenly named themselves the sole lords of the entirety of the greatest and largest nation of Azura; Astoron, and declared that the other three races;

The Gliders, a winged horde of outcast creatures who look exactly like humans if not for the bat-like wings on their back, and hawk-like talons for feet. They are hated by the Hume race for their odd ways and general dislike of hume's themselves, though this is entirely one-sided because of the fact the Hume constantly develop their nations, destroying the northern forests and mountains  that the Gliders once called home and forcing the once free, bird-like Gliders to spend their lives cooped up in huge Hume dwellings so unlike their own. In their arrogant ways, the Hume seem to think that is -helping- the 'barbarian' Gliders. While they would prefer not to say it, Gliders make amazing thieves, though are also talented musicians, dancers and warriors; Specializing in ranged weapons and spears, really any weapon that allows them to keep their fragile, thin bones away from enemies. Still, an armored Glider can be anything but fragile, a winged warrior of sheer terror.

The Eltara are quite large creatures nicknamed Ogres by the cruel Humes. Eltara are around eight feet in height, though particularly large individuals can grow to around eleven feet in height; Though even the Eltara know this is particularly rare, and these people are celebrated as 'God-Kin'. Despite their height and the pure strength they wield, the Eltara are extraordinarily peaceful and kind individuals who live simple lives in small settlements in the open plains to the east of Astoron. The Eltara, like Hume and Gliders, come in all shapes and appearances, from simple larger versions of Hume's with facial paint and such, to those with appearances similar to rock or gravel. This is because the Eltara are descendants of the rock trolls and giants that now spend their time in the Gliders home-turf of the mountains. For odd reason unknown to most, the Eltara are fantastic cooks as well as being talented gardeners and builders. When they are forced to fight, the Eltara are capable in unarmed fighting, and can also use anything that compliments their huge mass well, such as clubs, mauls, axes, greatswords and tower shields. Eltara are said to make the single finest armored troops in the entire world; Not through brute strength, but through peaceful resistance. What could obliterate another race would be a scratch to the hardy Eltara.

The Kobold race is a sentient canine-esque species who are rarely found in groups larger than a family, though a civilization of Kobold does live in the southern cave formations that make up the borders of Astoron. In appearance the Kobold look almost exactly like that of a human, except upon their skin they have thin fur and the appearance of a canine related to it, have a tail and a pair of canid ears replacing the typical ones. For example, a Kobold couple who look like a boxer and a pitbull would likely have something in-between. Other than that they are just like the other races; That is, they look humanoid without clothing as it were, they have single children, sometime twins, triplets or more, just like the other races, and not litters; And are sexually almost exactly the same as the other races. The Kobold aren't exactly aggressive, but because they enjoy fighting the Hume tend to stay away from the 'dog men'. They do not, however, enjoy or even condone bloodshed, they fight only to protect themselves or, in the case of sport or training, with blunt, wooden or improvised weapons that could not possibly injure or kill another person. They are courageous and just people who act quite similar to ancient knights; Protecting the weak and poor and fighting all that is evil. It is for this reason that they only ever attack large hume settlements like those that scar the landscape.

Still, even against these creatures, the intelligent and cunning Hume expanded vastly and destroyed entire races in their paths, under the leadership of Grand General Heil Spites, a formerly just knight who corrupted the entire fabric of his job as Defender of Astoron only to take it over and depose of the former queen. While many still wish the royal family ruled Astoron like it had for thousands of peaceful, happy years, Spites makes sure that should anyone even so much as speak the name 'Royal Family of Astoria', they will be severely punished. Flayed. Burned. Crushed. Cut into pieces whilst still alive. The horror that is Hel Spites reign has only just begun, yet little did he know that events he himself has caused had set into motion a war which would bring down his regime and lead to his death. Yet, the most ironic thing of this that it is spites own recruit troops that are to lead to his death.


Starting Class:


The Trooper is the beginner class for every character in this roleplay. They are, in reality, nothing more than untrained grunts, and have base talents in numerous forms of equipment, though not example that much to be dangerous. Also, they can cast any and every first-level spell they have learned/bought up to that point, but because they have low MP gain and low magical stats compared to, for example, a White Mage, they are much less useful in that talent. They are, however, all-rounder types, and can be used effectively until the party -needs- to change classes.


GPL = Gains Per Level

LevelStr Agi Vit Int SptLuck

MP Growth:
First line is current Mp
Second line is gain per level.








Appearance: Physical appearance, clothing and uniform please. Uniform is basic soldier armor really, customize how you will to suit your class and race.

Class: Create your class here. You can name it whatever you want, and give it whatever skills you want. Do not go overboard please. Yes you may use an Archer who can use magical/trick arrows to do things like heal or elementally damage, and who has aim. No you cannot have a warrior with all black magic and all white magic.

Weapon and Fighting Style:



Code: [Select]
[font=century gothic]Name:[/font]

[font=century gothic]Gender:[/font]

[font=century gothic]Age:[/font]

[font=century gothic]Race:[/font]

[font=century gothic]Sexuality:[/font]

[font=century gothic]Personality[/font]

[font=century gothic]Appearance:[/font] Physical appearance, clothing and uniform please. Uniform is basic soldier armor really, customize how you will to suit your class and race.

[font=century gothic]Class:[/font] Create your class here. You can name it whatever you want, and give it whatever skills you want. Do not go overboard please. Yes you may use an Archer who can use magical/trick arrows to do things like heal or elementally damage, and who has aim. No you cannot have a warrior with all black magic and all white magic.

[font=century gothic]Fighting Style:[/font]

Equipment: In true Final Fantasy style, please choose your armor, weapon[s] and accesories the character is equipped with. Note if they have stat bonuses; If they do, they should be SMALL! [A weapon giving three strength, a bow giving three agility, a necklace giving 2 spirit.]

* Make the items starter items. I.E: Ether, Potion, Phoenix down.

[li]Weapon Name[/li]
[li]Head Armor[/li]
[li]Body Armor [/li]
[li]Arm armor[/li]
[li]Leg Armor[/li]
[li]Item 1[/li]
[li]Item 2*[/li]

[font=century gothic]Skills and Abilities:[/font] These are skills and abilities the character uses in battle. It should match your class part; I.E, if he's a hunter he should have something like this..  And no more than five! The sixth is for later.

[li]Trick Arrow[/li]

[font=century gothic]History:[/font] Put a short paragraph or so on their history. We need a captain [the leader of the group] and a lieutenant [the second leader], so if anyone wants to take those then go ahead.

[font=century gothic]Stats:[/font]

Usable points: 35

Strength -- 5 is base for all stats

Agility -- 5

Vitality -- 5

Intelligence -- 5

Spirit --  5

Luck -- 5


A final note if you haven't guessed it. The battle system works like this.

Player 1 RP's attacking a monster in his/her post using the Attack command. He/she has 10 strength altogether, 5 agility and 5 luck. [Strength + weapon boost = ten]

Monster has 5 vitality, 5 agility and 5 luck. He also has 5 health. Because his luck and agility are not greater than Player 1's, he cannot dodge at all. As such, he takes five points of damage to his HP.

So, in short the simple formula is: Player agility + luck vs enemy agility + luck for dodge.
Player Strength vs enemy vitality for damage.

Player Intelligence vs enemy spirit for spell damage.

For healing magic it is generally the Spirit stat of the user for basic Cure. Cura is spirit stat times 1.5, Curaga is 2.0, and Curaja is full heal.


IF anyone is in any way confused, as I'm sure you are, PLEASE PM or post here and ask me a question, please don't just think it's too complex and walk away, it isn't really! I just suck at making these threads! Hah. Oh, also, we need around 6 people in all for the party, then we can start.

Offline SargentToughie

Name: Terina Kos


Age: 19

Race: Human

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: Terina is a very serious young woman who has devoted many of her childhood years to learning how to fight with a blade. As such, she typically finds it difficult to communicate with other people, and she isn't particularly good at relaxing or enjoying herself. She tends to approach most matters with a very serious frame of mind even when it wouldn't be justified or needed, and when she's given some sort of a job she won't stop until she's completed it to the best of her abilities.


Class: Squire, Terina fights mostly as a frontline soldier in every respect of the word. She wears heavy armor and lets her sword do the talking whenever there is fighting that needs to be done, however, due to the constant insisting of her superior officer, she has also started to delve just a little bit into white magic, though she's rather terrible at it at the moment. According to her master, this was so that even if she was fighting alone, she'd have a reliable way to patch up her own injuries and continue fighting for longer then any conventional rank and file soldier ever could. As such she has sworn to commit at least a little bit of her training to white magic, to be a little bit more diverse, but she still prefers being a close quarters brawler whenever the opportunity arises.

Weapon and Fighting Style: Sword and Shield

Weapon - Training Sword (+2 attack)
Head- Leather helm (+1 vitality, +1 spirit) ((We all know that helmets are always invisible in Final Fantasy. XD))
Chest - Leather breastplate (+2 vitality)
Arms- Training Shield (+1 attack +1 vitality)
Legs -Leather greaves (+1 vitality, +1 agility)
Accessory -Amulet of the squire (+1 attack, +1 Spirit)

Skills and Abilities
White magic
? ? ?

Known Skills
Cover: When using this skill, Terina will take the place of an ally who's HP is critical, shielding them from harm.
Neutral Stance: In this stance, Terina's stats are not affected in any way, this will be the 'template' stance which she starts battles with, and which all other stances are compared off of
more stances will be learned as Terina levels up

White Magic
Poisona (heals poison condition)

Reckless Strike: Terina deals double regular damage in exchange for her taking 15% of damage done in recoil

History: Terina was raised as an orphan within the halls of a massive and impressive castle, never once knowing her true parents before in her life. During her years as a child she acted as a maid to the knights, however, when she was 11 she managed to get in good with one of the more noble knights, and he took her on as a squire and apprentice. Ever since then just about every day of her life has been invested in learning the ways of the sword or the lifestyle of the knight. She has grown up to be an honorable and truthful young woman, though it would still seem that her becoming a full fledged knight is still quite a ways away. Still, she is determined to make a name for herself, and do good in the world. She may not know what her true family name is, but her own name is important enough to her that she wants people to hold it in high regard.


Str: 11 (7 base and 4 from equips)
Agi: 6 (5 base and 1 from equip)
Vit: 12 (7 base and 5 from equips)
Int: 5 (5 base)
Spt: 8 (6 base and 2 from equips)
Luck: 6 (6 base)

Growth per level:

Str: 3
Agi: 2
Vit: 3
Int: 1
Spt: 3
Luck: 2
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Offline Revenent

Okay, I finally went through and read this, so now I'm wondering, wouldn't all of Spites' troops be Humes? So if the main party comes from his army, wouldn't they all have to be Humes?

Offline SnoweTopic starter

For the most part yes, but he isn't a man to purposely go about making sure these people hate him. To the outside world people hate him, to his cities he is normally adored; What I mean is, he'll give Gliders and Kobolds and other non-Hume races moderately high positions -- Squad leaders, town captains, diplomatic captains; That sort of thing. Not because he trusts, respects or even likes them, but simply to make it so he can have it on record that he has captains and generals of non-Hume origin.

In short, he's a xenophobic, cold, heartless individual who cares only for his own freedom and power; But he definitely -not- an idiot, far from it actually, he's extremely intelligent. He's the anti-dictator in reality. He's prefer to pretend he loves his people whilst secretly having his own men stage attacks on his own villages and towns in the guise of enemy soldiers just for a reason to fight a war against a people he hates, even if this takes five, ten, fifteen years, he'd do it that way just to make himself seem like the good guy. So, yeah, not so short..lolol.

We totally need a leader for the squad btw~ Hint hint.

Offline SnoweTopic starter

I thought I should also note, and I forgot in my last few posts so I had to double post.

Neither of the animal-man races look overly animalistic.

That is, the Gliders don't look like harpies. They are human entirely, and have wings on their back and bird-like feet. The only other difference is that their faces are -slightly-. SLIGHT. LEE. YUH. More pointed than Hume's. Like an Elves, you could say. Though, nothing an average Hume wouldn't be capable of.

The Kobolds are also rather human-like. They have much sharper, more jagged teeth like a canines and have ears on top of the head instead of on the sides. They have general longer, much more spiky hair than humans are capable of, and have slit eyes. Think, if you know them, a mixture of Inuyasha from Inuyasha and the Inuzuka from Naruto. They are generally stronger and more muscular than the Gliders and Hume's, yet are -usually- [not always] naturally less intelligent, and grow angry more easily. They mostly have hair all over the body, but only a -small- amount, and only in places humans generally get hair. Females are less hairy and can pass for humes, but males generally get hair on the chest, legs, arms and such. They don't, however, look ugly or like a werewolf. They look sort of..good with it, if that makes sense? Like a hairy hume man. Just 'cus they hairy don't mean they can't be hot. *Neck-twirl*  XD

Offline Meliai

((Warning, linked images aren't explicit but miiiiiight be slightly NSFW, or have NSFW ads on the page. Click at your own risk))
Okay, so If I'm interpreting your descriptions right the Gliders are kind of like bird/bat versions of the Viera, where they're almost human but have a couple animal features. The Kobolds are sort of canine versions of the Mithra, who are slightly more animal-like but still pretty human, as opposed to the Bermecians from FFIX, who were much closer to your typical anthropomorphic animals/"furries"?

Anyway I had a few questions, hopefully they're not too dumb. Is the Trooper class in the first post just what we build onto? Like a level 0 sort of thing? Or is it what everyone will be at level 1, with the class we make in the profile just what each character will eventually graduate up into?

How long ago did the Hume start trying to conquer everything?

How large are the Gliders' wings? Do any of the non-human races have specific skin/hair/eye colors particular to their species or do they fall in the same range as humans?

Is there any particular spell list we're working from, or are we just sort of building off the general trends in FF games? What would a reasonable MP gain per level be for a Black/white/etc mage, ie someone whose casting is their primary skill, and how much MP would a first level spell cost?

Is the class we start out with going to be their class for the whole game, or will they graduate to higher power classes later on?

*Neck-twirl*  XD
...oh no help now I'm picturing someone's head spinning around like a helicopter blade and I'm freaking myself out.

Offline SnoweTopic starter

To find out -exactly- how a Glider looks like, I kinda stole the idea from an old series of the single most epic RPG's I've ever played. Google search 'Wingers suikoden' and you'll instantly find a few pics. They're literally just slightly more..hawkish, I guess you'd say, Hume's with bird feet and leathery black wings.  I probably over-described them. So, yes, you're right. They're sort of..demi-humans I suppose you could say, instead of fully-blown species. They're just Hume's with differences. The only -major- one is that the Gliders have thinner bones, and thus are less durable but usually [you don't -need- to have] higher speed. And yes, they are mostly like Mithra; Sharper teeth, dog-like eyes and longer, sharper fingernails. They're slightly more animalistic and hairy, but all and all just hume-esque. Both could pass for Hume's if they -really- wanted; Filing nails and teeth and pulling in wings. Painful, but possible.

And the wing span depends on the Glider. Generally it's based on the height and weight of the person. When a Glider gains weight or grows, their wings also grow so they can always fly safely and swiftly, no matter how huge they are. And while not -all- of them do, Gliders generally have long-ish emo-esque cuts of hair, rock hair, grunge hair; That sort of thing, and it is generally either black, raven-colored [haw!], brown or a dark red. Though, they also come in bright red, blonde, anything really.

The Kobolds vary too, yet their skin-fur, as it were, comes in a darker tone to that on their head.

Oh, the Trooper isn't a class you need to use, it's just sort of a way to show how it should be made I guess? I prolly should of put that, but I was epicly tired so I just posted it, and then forgot I couldn't actually EDIT it. Stupid me.

The humes started conquering around the time Hel Spites took over. So around ten years or so.

Spells list -- Urm. I would, except I'd have to post a big list in the profile page. So, to ease it up; Any non character or game specific spell, or any spell that doesn't need something you don't have. Get my meaning? Like, if it's a spell than only say..Yuna or Cloud can actually use, you can't.

On that note, you -can- make your own spells up. They have to be in good detail, have an MP cost, effects, ya-da ya-da.  Though, again, on that same note, you should probably start with like..three spells, four -max-; I mean, you're level one for a start. Within the first page of the IC we'll level a few times from the story battles, so you can just give yourself new spells then.

Spell cost -- For costs, you should just use The Final Fantasy wiki, and check for final fantasy 4-5. Those are the ones I based the stats and magic on, just 'cus it's easier, has double-digit stats and MP, and has a wide array of skills. Yes, you can use items and weapons, spells and classes from other games, but you'll need to make sure they match this. So, Cure and other level ones would be 3, level two's are generally around 9, and three is something like 14-15.  Every class spends the same, but some classes do more healing/damage. For example, if you're a White Mage and have like..ten starting Spirit, you'll heal more than a Squire with 6.  The spell damage/heal is this simple formula. Your spirit [for healing] or int [for attack magic] times 1.5. So that six would be around 10 or so. Which is pretty damn good seeing as we all start with around 20 HP xD.

And no, we don't stick to that class. We'll have events with characters leveling up when they do special things [Go off to train with a master swordsman, read a magic book with powerful spells, unlock your inner healer; ECT]. And on that note we'll also have a special arc for each character. Like character-specific mini games in the series. Like when you go around eating food with Quan, or you could use a thief to pick pockets for ect and such. Or a healer could help out at hospitals, soldiers work as guards. This is so we can level and train without really doing much.

So, a Squire could become like..a Knight? Then a Paladin, and then we'll get the third class which is some epic-powered Sephiroth sheet. So like, Savior or Hand Of God or some shiz. xD

Offline Revenent

Let me know if this is anything close to what you need. The way you set up the OP was a little bit...confusing, to be honest, so I wasn't sure exactly what you wanted included.

Name: Amon Coltaire

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Race: Glider

Sexuality: Hetero

Personality: A kind and gentle man, though he doesn't often show it due to his position. He is very determined and serious when it comes to completing the mission, and he swears to see each one through, even if that means going into the battle and winning it himself. He sees all races as equal, only fighting for the Humes because he believes they can unite all of Astoron under one flag and bring peace to Azura. He has a tendency to think very logically, which is what got him promoted in the first place.


A fairly tall man made even taller by the added size of his wings. His hair and beard look somewhat unkempt at first, but he actually keeps them well-maintained for a proper military look. He wears very light soldier armor to keep from bogging down his movement and flight.

Class: Spellsword - A class capable of hitting with both physical and elemental magic damage at the same time, though it falls short when it comes to both varieties of defense. It is rare to see a spellsword go into battle alone, since they require frequent tending to their health and mana reserves, but they can be extremely effective attackers against opponents with an elemental weakness.

Fighting Style: Uses his Spellsword abilities whenever possible, though he can also fight with just a regular sword or regular low-level black magic if need be. He's not particularly excellent at defending himself, and he wears weak armor for mobility, so he can only take a few hits, but his wings can help him get out of harm's way from time to time.


  • Glider Longsword [+2 Strength]
  • Circlet [+2 Intelligence]
  • Leather Chestplate [+2 Vitality]
  • Leather Gloves [+1 Strength]
  • Leather Leggings [+1 Agility]
  • Red Armlet [15% resistance to Fire]
  • Potion
  • Ether

Skills and Abilities:

  • Attack
  • Items
  • Enchant (Adds an elemental buff to his weapon at the cost of half of the chosen spell's MP each round. Does 0.75x weapon damage and 0.5x spell damage.)
  • Order
  • Defend
  • ????

Known Enchants: Fire Blade // Blizzard Blade

Known Orders: Attack! -- Targeted ally has 50% higher critical strike chance next turn. Two turn cooldown. // Finish Them Now! -- 25% extra experience if the battle is ended before his next turn. Four turn cooldown.

History: Born into the care of adoptive Hume parents, Amon is one of the few Gliders who doesn't actively despise the entire Astoron Hume empire. While both he and his parents didn't exactly agree that it was necessary to force "aid" on the less civilized races, Amon did indeed love his homeland and wanted to unite all inhabitants of Azura under its benevolent influence, especially if it meant they got to share in the bounties of Myste. As he came of age, Amon joined Spites' army, showing remarkable potential as a military leader as he completed mission after mission with great success. Because of his race, however, it took him several years to even rise to an officer's rank, and he's never gone above his current level of Captain. However, even though he has potential to be much more, Amon doesn't complain, proud to serve his homeland in whatever capacity they ask him to.


Usable points: 35

Strength -- 17 [9 points + 3 from equipment]

Agility -- 16 [10 points + 1 from equipment]

Vitality -- 8 [1 point + 2 from equipment]

Intelligence -- 15 [8 points + 2 from equipment]

Spirit --  7 [2 points]

Luck -- 10 [5 points]


Growth Per Level:

Str: 4
Agi: 4
Vit: 1
Int: 3
Spt: 2
Luck: 2
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Offline SnoweTopic starter



If Meliai joins, we'll have four characters when we each make ours. That means we only need two more people to join so we can start! Invite people, inviiiiiiiite!

Offline SnoweTopic starter

Name: Kuon Gauld [No one knows his surname]

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Race: Kobold [Technically half Kobold]

Sexuality: Bisexual

While he is still quite feral by Hume standards, Kuon isn't exactly going to run around molesting young girls and eating goats raw; He is fully capable of speech, he does not snarl unless he is angry, he walks upright on two feet and eats with cutlery -- Though, like most sixteen year old males he has the table-manners of a rabid pig. Or, well, men in general. He is a very kind and generous person, the type of person who gives a lady a flower just because, or helps a child cross the street, or beats up a bunch of bullies -- Though, again, that may just be because he likes to fight.  He is a notably noble person for a child raised by animals, and will gladly give his life for his only friends and the father figure he calls Captain, even if he has to fight a hundred thousand men to get there. Despite the fact it has given him the will and ability to fight as he does, and is mostly what he is, he hates being just 'the feral boy' and as such strives to one day act like a normal Hume as with all the others.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kuon is a rather short individual for his age, standing at around five feet and five inches tall and weighing it at around one-hundred fifteen pounds or so. His body, being mostly shown to anyone who really wants to see thanks to his insanely low amount of shame and his seemingly being some freakish form of show-off, is rather muscular for someone so thin. His muscles are rather lean and sinewy, but thanks to this he is as swift as he is  strong.

Wild-Child: Kuon's character class is simply what he is; A Wild Child. Raised how he was, he learned to fight to defend himself at an early age, and as such he tends to revert to his feral state when threatened. This class comes in two categories; The beast and the sneak, as it were. The Beast gives Kuon the ability to fight physically without needing as much physical strength as other races would, and also allows him to produce numerous battle-cries which seem to be imbued with effects to injure enemies and help allies [Think green magic]. The Sneak is how he survived for so long alone, and allows him to pickpocket targets, see things others cannot, and get to places others cannot. [Basically, he's a weird little mix of a Green Mage, a thief, and a monk..I guess?]

Fighting Style:

Kuon is a highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter, despite his short height and thin body, as well as his age, he is notably powerful because of his short life of constant training, fighting to survive, and his part Kobold blood. He is, for the most part, a fast, evasive fighter who uses his body as a weapon in a rather animalistic manner; While he walks like a human in Hume society, in a fight he reverts to his feral child ways and begins his battle-stance by bending down onto all-fours like an animal; Though, the captain and guards are attempting to teach him how to fight like a man and not an animal.


  • Hand Wraps [+2 Strength]
  • Hair Braid [+1 Agility]
  • Torn Shirt [+1 Agility]
  • Muscle Wraps [+2 Strength]
  • Foot Wraps [+1 Agility]
  • Key in a Bottle [+3 Luck]
  • Potion
  • Phoenix Down

Skills and Abilities:

  • Attack
  • Items
  • Shout
  • Steal
  • Wild
  • ????

Known Shouts: War Cry -- Increases the strength of all allies as well as himself by 3 points for 3 turns. Can only use once. // Howl -- Decreases strength of all enemies by 2 points for 3 turns.

Known Wilds: Enrage -- Doubles the users strength stat whilst reducing vitality by the same amount. [Example, a strength of ten becomes twenty, but then he loses ten points of vitality.] // Wild Hero: Gives entire turn up. If any ally is attacked during this time, even multiple allies, with non-magical  attacks, Kuon will take the damage instead of them.

History: [Go on..guess who the father is.]

Kuon was born to the queen of the Kobold people, though because he is a half Human, it was obvious that he was not the son of the King. As such, the queen was forced to relive the fact that just a year earlier she had been raped by a nobleman tasked with the liaison of the Kobold people with that of the Hume race, and he had forced her to never tell the king of the deed. Knowing that it would cause a war the likes of which the continent had never seen, she did keep it a secret until the child began to develop in ways a Kobold child did not, yet a Hume child would. After consulting the Village Healer, the King forced the Queen to place her son a ceremonial basket used to bury royal children in, and ordered her to go into the depths of the woods near Hume land and drown the child. The Queen, despite her position, could not murder her only child, but knew she could not return to the village with him as her husband would simply have it killed himself. Instead, she left the child in the middle of the woods, placing around his neck a bottle with a key given to her by the noble, the child's father.

For days the child lay there, starving. On the third day, however, a group of monkeys came upon the child and decided to adopt him into their society, where he was raised by a younger female who's real child had been killed by wild dogs just days earlier. For years the boy was raised wild, away from any real civilization, until one day just after his twelfth birthday when a squad of knights happened upon the monkeys, finding with them a small, malnourished Hume boy; Or, at least they thought it was a Hume. As such, they removed him from the group and returned him to their camp, before he was returned to the capital of Azura. Here it was found that he had pre-natural strength and agility for a boy who had no proper training, and was even able to beat some of the soldiers who tried to capture him.

After this he was raised by the knights and trained in physical fighting, as he never really enjoyed using another else. At age sixteen he was recruited into an elite squad lead by a Glider and established by Commander Spites himself; Though why a feral child was sent to that specific group was pretty much under wraps and unknown to everyone except Spites himself.


Usable points: 35

Strength -- 19 [15 points + 4 from items]

Agility -- 15 [12 points + 3 from items]

Vitality -- 10

Intelligence -- 5

Spirit --  5

Luck -- 13


Growth per level:

Str: 3
Agi: 4
Vit: 3
Int: 1
Spt: 1
Luck: 4

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Ack! I totally forgot to add items and skills to Terina's sheet.

I gotta get on that some time tomorrow.

Offline Meliai

If Meliai joins, we'll have four characters when we each make ours. That means we only need two more people to join so we can start! Invite people, inviiiiiiiite!

Oh I'm definitely in, just predictably over-thinking my character!  :-)

Working on a Black Mage, should have her up some time tomorrow

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Awesome Melmel! -- Yes, I'm calling you Melmel from now on. Wutnao? --

Now we just need one of the last two people to be a white mage or some other type of healer. Yeeey.

*Wiggles* Now we just need to -find- them..O.O

Offline Latooni Subota

I'll jump in. I can make a White Mage, or at least something with some focus on healing and stuff, no problem. How feasible would a Chemist/Alchemist/Blacksmith sort of bent be? I've had a concept for a character whose goals are to make really spiffy magical items for a while now, and it'd work well in a setting with hard stats like this.

Maybe someone who joined the army in order to get the money necessary to get what she needs to start making items/study Myste/travel to places to learn local tricks?

Offline Meliai

Name: Olwyn "Wyn" Aveza

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Glider

Sexuality: Unexplored

Personality Focused is probably the best way to describe Wyn; from a young age she's been the sort of person who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, no matter how large or how small. Serious and somewhat melancholy, she tends to avoid social interaction when possible and is easily flustered by aggressive people and intrusions into her personal space. When pushed for personal information she becomes combative, but at her core she's merely shy and unwilling to show weakness to people she doesn't trust.

Appearance: Though she has well-formed curves Wyn's overall build is quite slender and her meager 5 foot height tends to lend her an air of vulnerability which she finds immensely frustrating. Due to an unknown physical or psychological trauma in her childhood Wyn's formerly brown hair began coming in stark white and the growth of her wings was stunted. Though incapable of flight she can still glide down from sufficient heights. Her skin is quite pale and her eyes are gray, giving her a somewhat ghostly appearance when combined with her unusual hair color. Her hair is just past her shoulders and usually worn in a pair of braids.

Wyn's uniform is somewhat different from most soldiers due to her inability to wear armor and the necessity for maximum freedom of movement. Over basic robes she dons a long sleeved, dark blue coat with a high collar. A pointy hat with a wide brim keeps her face in shadow during battles but her yellow-tinted reading glasses catch just enough light to glint in the darkness

Class: Black Mage - Arcane casters with a wide variety of elemental magic and a smaller number of status spells at their disposal, Black Mages are some of the strongest casters but are severely lacking in strength and endurance, forcing them to rely on strong allies to keep much needed space between the mage and opponent.

Fighting Style: Ranged arcane caster.  With a wider spell portfolio black mages excel by finding enemies' elemental weaknesses and dealing optimum damage with the appropriate spell.

  • Novice Frost Staff [+2 int - Basic attacks deal ice damage]
  • Crescent moon hat pin [+1 Spi]
  • Patched Novice Coat [+2 Int]
  • Copper Ring [+1 Int]
  • Sturdy boots [+1 Agi]
  • Keepsake Doll [+2 Luck]
  • Phoenix Down
  • Ether

Skills and Abilities:
  • Attack
  • Items
  • Black Magic
  • Analyze
  • Call Familiar
  • ? ? ? ?

Abilities and Spells
Attack -  - When equipped with a staff, Wyn's basic attack deals a small amount of magic damage (type varies depending on the staff she has equipped) that costs no MP
Black Magic - - Elemental attack spells and a limited assortment of status effects
Analyze - - Wyn carefully studies the opponents in order to uncover their stats and weaknesses
Call Familiar - - Summons a strange black and white feline wearing a red scarf and small crown

Known Spells:
  • Thunder - 3mp - The most basic electric spell. This spell zaps the target with a small bolt of lightning, damaging them with a minute possibility to cause paralysis (3% chance)
  • Poison - 3mp - Poisons the target, dealing a small amount of damage each round until it is cured
  • Call Familiar - 15mp - Delivers a strong melee attack against one enemy based on Wyn's luck stat

History: Wyn was young when the war started, and her family's home was one of the first overtaken by the advancing armies. Luckily her parents were simple tailors, and her family was unharmed when the Hume soldiers passed through. Their fortunes took a turn for the worse however as a fire swept through the forest not long after. Wyn, her parents, and two infant siblings managed to escape the fire, but once outside the forest Wyn realized the family's pet cat had not followed them. Before her parents could catch her Wyn dashed back into the smokefilled woods.

Three days later, when the fires had burned themselves out and the smoke had cleared villages found Wyn in the forest, half-starved and covered in soot but otherwise miraculously unharmed. When questioned later she claimed to have no recollection of anything that happened after she entered the forest. The pet was never found, but when Wyn was retrieved she was clutching a small stuffed toy that resembled a strange cat.

Though official record states the forest fire started naturally most locals believe it was the passing hume army that set it, as the newly cleared land was quickly claimed by a minor lord and built up into a bustling town which became a key point on the supply trains that kept the forces fed and armed. With all their worldly posessions destroyed the Aveza family reluctantly settled in the new town, living in a small, cramped apartment above a tailor shop that hired Wyn's parents. For the next 8 years Wyn struggled to get an education from Hume professors who made no attempts to hide the fact that they saw the Glider students as little more than hopeless charity cases. None the less she excelled academically and grew into her magic soon after her 16th birthday. As soon as graduation had come and gone Wyn reluctantly enlisted in the army in hopes of using her pay to secure a better life for her brother and sister.


Strength -- 5

Agility -- 12 [6 points + 1 from items]

Vitality -- 8 [3 points]

Intelligence -- 19 [10 points + 4 from items]

Spirit --  14 [8 points + 1 from items]

Luck -- 15 [8 points + 2 from items]

Growth per level:
1       2      1      4       4      3

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Fixed Terina's sheet! Let me know if I did it right.

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I just realized, we still need someone to take on the role of being Amon's Lieutenant.

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Why is that? You do realize that Captain is higher ranking then Lieutenant, right?

Offline Revenent

Yes...and I also realize Snowe said in the OP that the Captain would need a second-in-command.

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Swapped out Amon's Black Magic for something slightly less redundant. Let me know if they're too overpowered, keeping in mind he does have to use up his own turn to use them.

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I'll jump in. I can make a White Mage, or at least something with some focus on healing and stuff, no problem. How feasible would a Chemist/Alchemist/Blacksmith sort of bent be? I've had a concept for a character whose goals are to make really spiffy magical items for a while now, and it'd work well in a setting with hard stats like this.

Maybe someone who joined the army in order to get the money necessary to get what she needs to start making items/study Myste/travel to places to learn local tricks?

Sounds great Subota!  XD

And I thiiink..we only need one more person after Subota's character to start.

Note: Super special apologies for the lateness. My internet decided to troll the living fugly out of me for a week, so I pimp-slapped it and totally stole my brothers internet. [He only uses it to watch his po-- I mean..continue!]

Everything seems great! Just need the sixth now. *nod*

And yes, the sixth would need to be the second-in-command. Otherwise we could just add the second as one of the character later on.

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Well, we could always just make some slight modifications to Terina's history to make her LT under Rev's guy. And do we really NEED a 6th player? My experience with RPs on this website shows that it's a nightmare just trying to keep 3 or 4 players interested in a game.

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Guess not then!

Go ahead and edit and we'll start when I make everything. ..Which, because I'm crap tired will most likely not be today.  :-\

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Sorry to push that on you... Now I feel kinda bad XD

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Code: [Select]
      [floatleft][font=century gothic]Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text textText text  Text text
Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text textText text  Text text
Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text textText text  Text text
Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text textText text  Text text
Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text textText text  Text text
Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text textText text  Text text[/font]

[size=8pt][font=courier]Mood, appearance, shouting/screaming/crying ect.[/font][/size]

This is the text code; Meaning, this is the code you use when you're talking to someone and do not want to type out some long complex RP about two people talking. I.E, use this for banter after you write your movement RP.

Replace the picture with a 150/150 picture of your character, replace the text with your text. Note: That's not an RP template, it's a -text- template. Like in FFX games when the screen comes up when you talk to people. It's like that lol.

*Skips off to write the actual first post*