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Author Topic: Need a Dominate Male  (Read 511 times)

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Need a Dominate Male
« on: March 21, 2012, 01:31:15 PM »
1. College is never easy for some people especially if you are scared of taking biology especially if the only class you can take is Marine Biology.  Sadly enough a girl who is scared of Marine Biology wants to be  a Marine Biology major. She has a secret and she don’t need nobody knowing. When this girl hits the water she turns into a mermaid.  That is why she wants to save her home. Save the ocean  and for her being what she is would be easy to help other Marine Biologist.

One day all alone she was able to sneak into the pool and went for a swim.   What she didn’t know is that her professor had seen her. He took pictures of her going into the pool and pictures of her in the pool. 

The next day he sends her an e-mail saying to meet him in his office.  Going to his office she sits down and there are the pictures of her. Looking up at him he smiles and knows what he wants already from her it’s the only way to keep his mouth shut if she does every thing he wants her to do.

This teacher is every college girls dream. Every one just wants to be in this class just to see him. He is one of the hottest guys in the college for a professor.

2. A divorced father owns three shops. He does well to keep him and his seventeen year old daughter soon to be eighteen.  The shops he owns are all attached. One he has a piercing shop, second is a tattoo shop where he works and third is a music shop where his daughter works. Which soon she would be in the piercing shop. He isn’t bad looking for being his age he actually looks good. Been on dates with younger women and older. Each date he can never be happy.  Till one day he saw his daughter at home in the pool working out. That is when he sees he wanted her. He watches her every time she cleans up the music store and helps him in the tattoo shop with cleaning. All he could think of is taking her anywhere and just fuck her.  Being her birthday is soon he is having plans on what he will do.

3.In a tattoo shop a eighteen year old girl works for this shop to pierce people. Midnight they close down and head home. Till one night a guy in his mid-twenties  didn’t get done with his tattoo till 11:55 which he had five more minutes and asked if he could get a piercing. The older man who tattooed him agreed and asked if she could do that and lock up after she was done. Agreeing to that my character gets set up only to and pierces what he wants. When she turns to clean up she ends up pinned up by him.
Whatever happens is up to you.

4. A private school only the rich of the rich comes here. Till one day a girl who was good at dance had gotten a scholarship to dance for their team was accepted into this school. It’s only her junior year and she’s 16 years old. Young but smart enough to skip a grade.

He was the richest and the most popular guy in school. All he wants is to have sex with any hot girl. Well he is after her when he first sees her.  He would do anything even maybe blackmail.
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Re: Need a Dominate Male
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2012, 05:41:32 PM »
Hi Deli, I love your little mermaid idea. I am new here, so this may not be what you are expecting, but here goes:

How did the girl become half-mermaid? Is there a side story to weave into the plot describing how her father met her mother – And what happened to the father when he discovered her secret?

What are the professor’s motives? Being a marine biologist, one suspects he would want to examine a mermaid close up and be the first to write a technical report. But, could it be that he took marine biology in the first place because he was fascinated by mermaids as a child?

Or does she become the sex-slave of the jealously protective college professor/ scientist determined to breed a new race of marine beings? In which case, could there be irony in a male student or previously rejected boyfriend rescuing her from his clutches?

Lots of fascinating options here.

Best wishes,


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Re: Need a Dominate Male
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2012, 07:39:45 PM »
added number 4