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Author Topic: Is it a boy or a girl?{Seeking someone to play male and someone to play female.}  (Read 625 times)

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Offline NitroTopic starter

It could be a M/M or M/F or even a F/F RP. It will also be of a adult nature, though it will be a mixture of both all depends on which side Liu chooses  If interested please don't hesitate to PM me please don't post here, Thanks for your interest.

~Is it a boy or a girl?~

All these pictures are of Liu


Male Look

Female Look

That was the question when it came to Liu having always told everyone that he was a guy what was true. His top half was male but the bottom half was all female. Would he ever be able to trust someone with this kind of secret? All the girls wanted to date him cause of his cuteness and most of the guys as well.  But there was one in-particular that always made advances with Liu . Some how claiming that he knew that Liu was female but Liu is also fighting it as  he wants everyone to believe he is male. So he is dating one of the cutest girls in school she is the only one that knows and loves him anyway. Liu has always been told that once he figures out what he truly wants to be that is when his body will right itself but for now he would be a part of both.

To have a guy that has actually fallen for you and a girlfriend that accepts you the way you are which would you choose? To be make or female? That is a question Liu will have to answer
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Offline AlgaeNymph

I'm tentatively interested, though I'm unsure as to what character I'd play yet.

Also, can you tell me anything more about the setting?

Offline NitroTopic starter


Well for a setting I see it being modern, uh thinking it is school based. All the characters are like in a dorm.

Is there anything else you would want to know?

Offline AlgaeNymph

Is there anything else you would want to know?

How extraordinary is the setting?  Any powers or conspiracies or such?  Don't worry, I'm okay if there isn't but I'm curious if there is?

As for a character, I'm thinking of playing a 16-year-old child prodigy who's graduated but working as a tutor and library assistant.  Does that look workable?

Offline NitroTopic starter

No i don't think there would be any powers or anything but I am always open to suggestions.

That's workable for me, I also have this in the One/one thread to cause I don't know if we would get anyone else interested in this or not. So would your character be a male or female?

Would your character be one of the other two mains, cause I am looking for someone to play the guy that believes Liu is a girl and is always making advances or the female that is his girlfriend that knows about his lower half? Unless you wanted to do something different from that.

Which I am open to suggestions.

Offline AlgaeNymph

Would your character be one of the other two mains [...]the female that is his girlfriend that knows about his lower half?
This one, the girlfriend.