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Author Topic: I need LOYAL RP partners.  (Read 482 times)

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I need LOYAL RP partners.
« on: March 19, 2012, 11:00:43 PM »
I've had too many people back out part way during my RPs. So I thought I'd include a disclaimer.

Written Ideas: - The Definition of human - Male Robot/Cybernetic Human Female. This is a story about what truly makes one human. Can two robots fall in love, even with the odds against them and a war brewing between the humans and robots. - Outcast - TS MtF/M (Can be /F as well). Kouru's life has just been turned upsidedown, and she finds herself in a new school trying to make new friends. When help comes from an unexpected person. But will he still feel the same for her after she reveals her secret, or will she lose him forever? - The Cult of Anti - M/F/TS/Everything. Far away on a mysterious island, the people worship a strange and powerful God. Legend has it, he traps the people on the Island and protects them from the dangerous outsiders, but requires a sacrifice each year. But this year's festival is different. 2 sides are planning an escape, will this daring move be her destruction or her salvation? - Bioshock: Papa - M/F. In a collapsing Rapture, two odd friends must find a way to survive the chaos and escape the fallen city. - S-Exchange: Judging a book by its cover - Futa/Female. This is a story about a pretty-popular girl with kind of a bad-attitude and enjoys mistreating the unpopular kids. But one day she deals with the wrong person and gets cursed. The Curse was meant to turn her into a boy but it only half works and she winds up somewhere in the middle, a Futanari to be more specific - S-Exchange: Justice Served - F/F and F/M, Genderswap.
This is the story about a guy who gets punished by being turned into a girl as punishment for treating women badly. - Reaped - (F/M Unconsentual. Slave/Master) After her Unexpected death, a girl must deal with the afterlife with the help of her mysterious reaper. Though his sinister plan slowly begins to unfold as all is not what it seems. - Shrapnel: Wanted Dead or Alive - M/F. An man is found wandering the wasteland and brought in by a family. In a town ravaged by lawlessness this new 'hero' is quickly loved by everyone. But as his past returns they begin to realize there may be more to fear about their new hero than from the very outlaws he saved them from.

Rise of the Dark Lord - An Adult version of an older RP I made. A new kid in Wizarding School shows promise. But what happens when he begins to delve into dark magic. Will he be the new Dark Lord, or will her love save him from his deadly path? (This can or can not be in the Harry Potter universe, this can be negotiated, but the school will not be hogwarts, if this is potterverse then only names will be mentioned and things like quidditch, and species and spell names will be used) - S-Exchange: Yin-Yang Exchange - M/F. This story is about a guy who gets split between his good and bad side. His bad side is a playboy and ladies man, your typical bad boy type, then you have the nice guy side who's calm, cool, and loyal. I need a female character to be his girlfriend. - Posessed - M/F. A Man's sister is posessed and he's on a quest to find and save her. Even if he must face the Devil Himself. On his journey he meets a strange new partner.
Other RP concepts I have interest in but haven't been written out (Details can be arranged)
School(Highschool or college)
Teens with Super Powers
Sci-Fi (Spaceships and Aliens)
Robot Vs. Human War

One last idea I had:
I'm looking to start up an RP based around the cheesy comic book ideas about Super Villains. The idea is to have the Villain who is your typical cheesy villain always fighting the Hero and losing coming up with ill-fated scheme after ill-fated scheme, the kind who wants to take over the world, has a secret lab and all that stuff. One day they meet the love of their life, who is another villain, a small time lesser known baddie without the tech to get the job done. The pair pit their skills together in a plot to finally defeat the hero. But the Protagonist (The Stereotype Villain) only wishes to defeat and humiliate the Hero while their lover wants to kill the Hero. With the Hero gone the Protagonist wants to go about his/her usual business while thier lover moves on to much more sinister plots. Eventually the Protagonist will have a change of heart and have to choose between their lover or what is right.

This is just an outline idea, if you want to make changes but are interested in the concept, hit me up by PM.
Things that we need to negotiate on before starting the RP:
Who plays the Protagonist, and who plays the lover? Who will play the Hero? What genders will they be? I can RP as either Gender.
Will the Protagonist kill their lover or will the lover have a change of heart?
Does the Hero die or come back later to help fight alongside the Protagonist? Maybe the Protagonist falls for the Hero?
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