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May 23, 2018, 06:30:12 AM

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Author Topic: One Piece AU: Steel Sails and Paper Oars; OOC, Profile Page and Interest Check  (Read 297 times)

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Offline SnoweTopic starter

It has been exactly two-hundred years since the time of the last Pirate King, and the pirating world has returned to it's otherwise placid state. Yet, still, new pirates spring up, and new marines and bounty hunters are recruited and trained to deal with the threat of a supposed pirate invasion that the World Government recently declared as fact; Though, in reality, no pirate has attacked a civilian or done anything overly aggressive in over a hundred years, since the last pirating wars. In reality, the World Government has become corrupt with the pure power they hold and the wealth of it's many nations and provinces.

Through this era of supposed prosperity the World Government has amassed a grand amount of funds and spent it mostly upon improving the lives of their upper officers, leaving the poor to grow hungry and the rich to profit only when they 'invest' in the accolades of the now-corrupt Government. Since then, pirate crews have begun to pop up from all over the world, from small islands of villages in tiny boats to masses of untrained rabble deciding to overthrow the Marines and take power for themselves, down to experienced former pirates attaching themselves to these groups in hopes of reliving their own glory-days of long ago.

Now, as the two sides settle on the only possible option to resolve such a fragile conflict of interests, a new war begins, and both new hero's and new villains arise to make the most of such a sticky situation. The War of the Four Seas is about to begin, and a new age is to come to the world. Are you ready to find the ultimate prize? One Piece!

OOC: Fail storyline is fail, but I always suck at making them.

OOC: May I just note first that the descriptions I've put don't -have- to go that way, you can make the character whatever you want. The only thing that must NOT change is the gender. I don't want everyone being a single gender, as that will mess the entire roleplay up.

Characters and Crews Available:

______ Pirate's ; Name decided by captain.

A band of newbie pirates thrown together by an insistent captain at short notice. They seem to each have their own unique talents, and are notably care-free about their own mortality and the coming conflicts that they will be taking a rather central role in the war that is to unfold quite shortly. While at first their interests are barely intertwined, they soon realize that a small force with the welfare of their comrades at heart is far more powerful than a large force of uncaring individuals.  This is, for all intents and purposes, the main focal point of the RP, and the 'Heroes' as it were.


Captain: Can really be any gender, though male is preferred as it would help with the storyline. Though, if you want, it can easily be female. A teenager is preferred, however.

First-Mate: This is one of the other members who is decided upon by the person who plays the Captain, depending on what he or she wants for a First-Mate.

Navigator: Again, any gender, and skills, any age factoring in site rules.

Chef: Must be the opposite gender of the navigator, and the same as the swordsman.

Swordsman: A noted veteran, whether this be a rogue who killed for fun and atoned with a life at sea, or a chaste traveler with his or her own reasons for joining the group.

Shipwright/Inventor: A vital part of any good pirate crew; The Shipwright/Inventor is the reason behind the technology the crew uses daily, and is capable of building and repairing the ship from repairing the hull down to outfitting it with new parts.

Doctor: A vital part of -every- pirate crew, along with the navigator and chef; While the chef keeps them fed and nutritionally balanced, the Doctor keeps them alive and well so they defend themselves, and him or her, from other pirates on their journey.


Black Rose Pirates: A crew of highly efficient, almost all-female pirates led by a fairly new Captain who is already one of the Eleven Supernovas. A deadly yet generous captain that was said to previously grow close to One Piece, but simply turning her crew back and sailing back home as they reached their destination. No one really knows why.


Captain: Female. Very talented, also noted to be notoriously beautiful and wise. She has many fans throughout the world, even some of the marine officers have crushes on her. --- Plot spoiler.. --
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Is actually the sister of the ___ Pirates Captain, and her reason for leaving One Piece may be related to him/her.
. Leads a crew of around two hundred female warriors, noted for their bravery and skill.

First-Mate/Swordsman: Female. The closest friend to her captain, and is said throughout the world to be one of only a select few to be as good-looking and talented as her captain. It is thought that she and the Captain are lovers, though both deny it. She does not, however, have very many fans because of a big personality flaw. This can be anything from her being extremely cold to anyone other than the captain down to her being very violent, or perhaps the little lady loves to swear? Or she's a drinker, maybe!

Doctor: Male. One of the only male members of the crew, but is noted to be one of the single most talented doctors currently alive. His skill is such that he only needs to -look- at a person to tell exactly what injuries they are sustaining, even if they are years old. Very intelligent, yet he likes to play with peoples emotions for fun.

Cook: Female. Much younger than most of the crew, yet talented at what she does.

Shipwright: Male. A gruff old man who loves to drink, fight and build! Though, he's also a little bit of a pervert.

Navigator: Female. An unknown pirate who isn't exactly the most talkative person ever. She generally prefers to sit in the Crow's Nest all day, even sleeping and eating there sometimes. Otherwise, she does enjoy a good fight now and then.


The World Eaters: A group of rather morally nihilistic pirates led by a wild, physically provoking man known for his mild insanity and willingness to rape, pillage and plunder anywhere and anyone in general.


Captain: Male: A former friend of the captain of the Black Rose Pirates. He is wild, crazy and violent, and sometimes flies off the hand and kills one of his crewmen just for the fun of it [npc, of course]. He only trusts certain members of his large crew, most of said crew being as wild and insane as him. He leads a crew of five hundred untrained rabble, though despite his numbers he has never defeated his rival and main crush in battle, that being the Black Rose Pirates.

First-Mate: Either gender. A more level-headed person than the captain, he/she prefers to lure their enemies into traps and kill them that way. Not cowardly, but incredibly insane; They just hide it well.

Second-Mate: Either gender. A creepy, slightly awkward person who enjoys the more perverted aspects of pirate life; The sex, the rape, the molestation. Something of a coward, preferring to allow his men to fight for him, and if he actually does fight he would do it with poisons and traps.



Fleet Admiral: Either Gender. The big-boss of all known Marines and one of the single most immensely powerful people living. Over the age of thirty.


Admiral's: Two of them. One is male, one female. Personality and history is up to you.


Fleet 98:

Captain: Anything you want really. Needs a reason to hate/dislike pirates.

Lieutenant Commander: Underling of the Captain and opposite gender as him/her. Doesn't dislike pirates, but is completely under the Captain's spell.

Crew 1: Anything you want really.

Crew 2: Same as above.

Crew 3: Again, same.


Fleet 82

Captain: Actually likes the Pirates much more than any other captain. He/she would much prefer to either arrest or defeat the pirates, or much more likely just allow them to live their lives as with everyone else.

Lieutenant Commander: Same gender as the captain. Is in love with said captain.

Crew 1:

Crew 2:

Crew 3:[/font]
---- --- ---- --

Profile code will be posted below. Once we have our initial crew, the ___ Pirates, we can start playing, but the storyline starts when we have the others.

---- --- ---- --
Code: [Select]

[justify][center][font=impact][size=14pt][u][b]FIRST MIDDLE LAST[/b][/u][/size][/font][/center][/justify]

[font=arial black][justify][center][size=1]AGE • GENDER • SEXUALITY • HEIGHT • WEIGHT[/size]
[size=3][font=century gothic]• appearance[/size]
please provide a paragraph if you decide to give an appearance, this can range from scars, piercings, tattoos, etc. If you decide not to write one, place a full-length picture in a spoiler here please.

[size=3][font=century gothic]• personality[/size]
you can list or make a paragraph(s) describing your character's personality. you can list positive traits/negative traits, just make sure that they are balanced out correctly.

[size=3][font=century gothic]• weaponry[/size]
you are able to start with one or two weapons.

[size=3][font=century gothic]• accessories[/size]

[size=3][font=century gothic]• history[/size]
here you can apply a history for your character if you want, can be as long as you please.[/center][/justify][/font]