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Author Topic: Hackers (the movie) inspired game [Looking for a GM]  (Read 1583 times)

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Re: Hackers (the movie) inspired game [Looking for a GM]
« Reply #25 on: March 22, 2012, 05:07:46 PM »
Alice Stewart
Athletics: 5
Computers: 9 (+2) or (+1)
Guns: 1
Health: 6
Phreaking: 5
Presence: 3 (+1)
Talking: 2
Unique: 10

Superior Personalized Computer (+2 to Computers)
Custom Laptop (+1 computers)
Nice Clothes (+1 presence)

Handle: Her username (Will find one before the start of play)
Reputation: Do people know of her in the Hacker community, and if so, what do they say about her? I would say she is known by proxy or actually when she is online, rather than in real life. She is obviously exceedingly talented in the computer department. Though socially very little public knowledge of her a couple of people might even have suggested she is an AI.

Appearance: Alice is a extremely pretty young woman, a little on the thin side, yes, she has long blond hair that is usually worn loose, though when she working on her beloved computers the girl ties it up. Her face is pale and it is obvious she doesn’t go out often. Her eyes are blue and would be beautiful yet they have a somewhat glazed look about them.

She wont look people in the eye and usually tries to avoid physical contact with anyone, Alice appears very distant and preoccupied most of the time when she around other people. When around electronics or playing a strategy game she appears to be able to concentrate in far better manner, its almost if she looses the slightly bemused expression from her face.

Her voice is quiet when she does find it, for she rarely interacts with others.

Her clothing is always plain however it is usually extremely expensive; however Alice is extremely particular about the colour she wears on certain days. She needs routine, and to disrupt that can cause any number of reactions.

Alice Carter Howard was born in America though her mother was a British Socialite of minor nobility, her father being a rather older American business man. Her mother fell for the sophisticated man as well as falling for his rather large bank balance too. In turn he fell for the esteem she brought and the fact she made a wonderful accessory at dinner parties and functions. Thus if one were to be honest it was not a marriage of love. During the first year of marriage Alice’s brother was born and of course it was wonderful news, after all he was first born and a boy. Then two years later her sister was born one might consider that this would make a perfect family. Yet it certainly was not. Both children were spoiled, but not with attention, they had whatever they wished for except stability.

A few years later Alice was conceived in some rare night of passion, between the two, though her parentage was questions a DNA test proved she was indeed her ‘fathers’ daughter. Her parents grew yet more distant after her birth what little love that they might have had for each other was gone, like her brother and sister, Alice wanted for nothing materially, yet emotionally she got naught. As it was the child was distant anyway, one might say there was something more than a little strange about her.

When she was perhaps eight, something incredible happened; or rather it would have been if anyone actually knew about it. Alice found  however her parents just believed the already distant and unsocial child had proved what they suspected that she had some mental condition. Thus wanting to hide her away for the embarrassment she was. (After all they were both high profile enough to warrant some media attention.) So Alice was placed in an institution, albeit a very good and very expensive one. It was still an institution.

There many Psychologists and Psychiatrists tried to understand her ‘condition’ it seemed that medication was the way to go and the cocktail she was given seemed to suppress any issues.

At the institute Alice remained insular and found more pleasure in computers though there were times when she would play chess or Go with some of the ‘inmates’ or perhaps even the doctors. They did see however just how intelligent the girl was, certainly what might be considered an over achiever, yet socially Alice appeared to regress rather than grow. During her time in the place her parents finally divorced though it made little difference to the girl, it was not like either of them visited her very often anyway, for they had far more important matters to attend to.

She flew through studies and attained a great deal academically by the time the girl was seventeen. Though unlike her older sister, there would be no debutant ball for her, she would just remain squirreled away, hidden...However it was suggested that Alice needed to be placed into the community under supervision. Though her family would have rather she stayed where she was it was eventually agreed upon. However just as she was not visited in her institution, so her family ignored her in her new abode, hoping the dirty little secret would remain just that a secret …a long forgotten secret. So as in childhood Alice wanted for nothing, at least nothing financially.

It was almost a blessing when her older brother was arrested on a drugs charge and had to go into rehab, after all that was acceptable. That was expected in fact it was almost smiled upon in this media age. No one must know about Alice.

Alice was disturbed for a while, having to move, and was given more medication, however gradually she became more used to her new environment, she still only goes out to see her psychologist but he is trying to help her become less institutionalised and slowly reintegrate her into the ‘real world’.

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