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Author Topic: Keldia's Request Thread! [Updated 04/16/2012]  (Read 1451 times)

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Keldia's Request Thread! [Updated 04/16/2012]
« on: March 16, 2012, 11:23:35 PM »
Some Basic Information (Preferences/Likes/Limits)
- I prefer roleplaying in threads, although I can be convinced to use PMs as well as, much more rarely, Yahoo Messenger. I just find threads much more easier to keep track of, that's all.
- I tend to write 3-4 paragraphs and go a little overboard (the writer in me I suppose) but I never heard any complaints. There's a list in the next post below that shows my active stories if you want a sample. Check my Apologies & Absences for my current average posting rate.
- All I ask from a partner is a good sense of creativity and literacy as well as a penchant for details. It is MUCH easier to connect physically with someone in a plot where the five senses are involved as well as some emotion. Anyone can rip someone's panties down to their knees and roughly flip up a skirt but not many can do it with an "oomph" to really make you feel it. Those who add their own input to a story are definitely also who I am looking for!
- Here is my Ons & Offs thread. The list is far from being exhaustive and, if there is something there you want to include in a roleplay, feel free to ask! It's very rare that I would say no as I'm pretty open.

Original Plots
Spring Cleaning [Blackmail/Servitude/Harassment/Possible BDSM]
Jane Marsden would have quit if she could have afford too. Dusting the curtains, mopping the kitchen floor, even cleaning the family bathroom was one thing. Putting up with her married employer's constant harassment was another. Ever since she had started, he had made her life a living hell. From demands that kept her busy all day, to lewd comments she put up with it, it was hard to not just snap. Her motivation, a paycheck, hefty enough to live on, was worth the torture though. Especially in an economy like this. But, what happens when his wife goes out of town while he stays with the excuse of having work to do? When he starts to ask things of her that definitely weren't included in the contract she signed when she agreed to take the job? It wasn't like she had a college degree to lean on if she got fired. With the only option being to comply with his increasingly harsh demands, she has to stomach her pride and go along with whatever he had planned.

Well, honestly, I came up with this slightly cliché plot with it being a one shot although it's definitely possible to make it a long term story, albeit difficult. If it wasn't obvious, it is a roleplay centered more around smut, although a gradual increase in the employer's demands of her, starting off lighter then growing darker when he realizes who has the power over who, would be appreciated. How dark it gets is still left up in the air so feel free to suggest anything!

Past Roleplay Plots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Obesssion [Thriller/Blackmail/Possible Incest]
Brooke Harris didn't know what she was doing at the bar so late at night. Maybe it was just the stress of being a single mom or because she needed to relax and forget about all the bills that were building up. Whatever the reason was, the woman in her late thirties found herself there with a third half-emptied martini as her only companion. Perhaps that's why, when the younger man hit on her, flirty and confident despite the age difference, she decided to accept his invitation to join him in his car and found herself with her panties around her knees as he relentlessly took advantage of her. But, as her hand slid down the glass of the car, leaving the imprint of her palm, and all was said and done she came to her senses and told him it wasn't right. That it was a one-time mistake that was never going to happen again.

But, Brooke didn't know what she had gotten herself into. As she went on with her life, struggling to get by and raise a daughter at the same time, disturbing things began to happen. Strange lewd notes left at her doorstep, a shadowy figure outside the house disappearing when she went to check, rude phone calls in the middle of the night, all signs pointed towards someone who had unfinished business. But her ex-husband was halfway across the country last time she checked and everyone at work seemed to not have a problem with her. So who was it?

Emily Harris was the new girl and, for a Sophomore in High School, that was basically a death-sentence when it came to the social sides of things. So when a boy takes interest in her, joining her at the lunch table when no one else did, she couldn't help but be attracted to him. He was sweet, cute and funny, all the things a sixteen year old girl could want. Not to mention he was a senior too. When he finally asked her out to a concert Emily had to control herself from yelling the "Yes!" out.

But, when she arrived, dressed modestly, she couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable at the scene going on. There was a band blaring out music, yeah, but the pills being passed around, the drinks that were definitely alcoholic and the aggressive making out of every other person there made her innocent side squirm a bit. Still, he insisted it was okay, said it was all fine. Not wanting to embarrass herself, she took what was given, be it liquid or solid. The rest of the night proceeded as expected.

Emily had told Brooke about her new boyfriend, the two being very close with the divorce drawing their bond tighter. So the mom had told her daughter to bring him over for dinner sometime. When the door opened and, standing there with a knowing smile on his face, the boy was revealed to be the one from the bar she felt the sense of dread fill her mind. What were the chances? Did Emily know? The boy's intentions were made clear on the doorstep, while her daughter was getting the meal ready. A secret in exchange for her body. And he was just...Getting...Started.

Let me say that I saw this roleplay having heavy themes of manipulation, strong non-consensual scenes (many tears shall be shed), physical and emotional break-downs and possibly other subjects that others might find squeamish. If you are interested, I dare you ask yourself if you are comfortable with subjects like those as well as think if you are able to play a character that is inherently quite the insane stalker; the type that is able to put on a friendly smiling personality when needed only to revert to his more sinister, sadistic nature once he knows he is able to keep hidden. It's a very tough role to fill and play properly; even I know that. So only sadists may apply!

If you couldn't tell, this roleplay involves the boy taken advantage of both the mother and the daughter. One has to do heavily with blackmail and strong coercion. The other has to do with corruption of youth. It's possible they might eventually collide as the stalker's desires grow stronger and might even lead to a nonconsensual scene or two with both involved.

Remember Me [Supernatural/Romance/Mystery]
Elizabeth Miller definitely wasn't what one would call popular. Hell, most kids at school rarely paid the sixteen year old a glance. But, despite that, she felt content enough with a close knit group of friends and parents that generally let her do whatever as long as she was back before curfew. Life was simple. At least it was until she decided to open the book she found underneath the floorboards of her bedroom one night. It was a diary, it's pages yellow and it's cover dusty.

The words written inside were still legible though and, as her eyes scanned the pages, she began to read about the life of it's owner, the boy who had lived in the house before her. Stories of first love, of heartbreak, of arguments, of struggles. Unknown to her, someone or something was watching her as she skimmed through the diary on the floor, curious eyes silently gazing at the girl. As she put it back, stowing it away, he kept his gaze on her as she took a seat back down at her desk. He tried his best to get her attention; the lights of her room flickering at his efforts, the winds outside picking up through her open window. But his words were unable to be heard, his attempts almost in vain. Could he get through to the girl?

I saw this as a romantic story between Elizabeth and the ghost of the boy who owned the diary. His motivations for trying to get her attention is up to you: loneliness, lust, boredom are just some examples. As he finally is able to make her see him, they start talking and forming a relationship; both physically (well, as physical as you can get with a spirit =P) and mentally. This also has the potential to be a mystery, with the talks of the suspicious nature of his death coming up and her deciding to try and find his killer before he strikes again with the boy's help. If we do go that route, a lot of alternate/sub-characters probably have to be picked up but I'm up for the challenge if you are! It can also be played the other way around; with Elizabeth begin the ghost and the boy finding her diary as well.

Beauty & the Beast [Bestiality]
This is a pretty open story in terms of character and plot but is basically a story between a girl and some sort of animal. I'm fine with a different assortment of mammals and am open to learn more about how they breed so feel free to suggest anything as I'm all ears (well, eyes)! I'd prefer to avoid anthropomorphic creatures though if possible. But, yeah, the story is pretty up in the air. Maybe a young farmhand gets curious when riding her horse out in the fields? Perhaps a college student is just pent up and the constant humping of her pet dog against her leg leads to ideas? Like I said, nothing is completely concrete with this one so feel free to go nuts with suggestions!

Nine Lives [Nonconsensual/Gangbang/Servitude]
The Black Cat had always prided herself as one of the best thieves in the world, continuing the legacy her father, Walter Hardy, had started. Sure, sometimes she found herself helping other heroes for the greater good for no compensation but, bad habits die hard, and eventually she always found herself back in her old habits of stealing from the rich and famous. The latest object of her attraction? A jewel, larger than her fist, worth more than many could even afford on the Black Market. The only problem is that it's locked deep inside the vault of a certain Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime himself.

From here the roleplay can easily go different several ways. Fisk can be expecting her, allowing her to get past his security only to trap her where she can't escape. A pet "cat" for his associates is the perfect revenge after all. Maybe she is able to get through security only to get caught by the guards who can't help but take advantage of the situation? Perhaps she gets the jewel, only to find out that it's more than just a huge diamond and is part of the plan that could destroy the entire city and Felicia teams up with another hero to thwart this.
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