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Started by gsptGoddess, March 16, 2012, 08:15:32 PM

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I have a character in my RP that was mainly just a starting point. He was changed into a creature when he was ten years old, and has been stuck in the house of his changing for the past ten years. Since most of the writers have been playing him off as still being in that ten year-old body, does that restrict him from becoming and actual character, or simply played as an NPC? I ask because I recall reading something about body and mental age- his mental age would be that of a twenty year-old, body, however, not. Can I go anywhere with this, or must I twist some aging into the story to be able to use him as an actual character?

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Actually the rules are not exactly about PC-NPC but about sexual/adult situations.

Characters with the physical/mental age of less than 16 years cannot be played anywhere near sexual situations... so your character CAN be a PC as long as he stays away from sexual situations (there are non-adult RPGs, too...).

That cklarified, the answer - I recall - is no. Your character cannot be put into a sexual situation as long as his physical age is ten even if his mental age is twenty (and vise versa).

Hope this helps!
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The minimum physical and mental age of any character in a sexual situation is 16.

Quote from: Vekseid on February 20, 2011, 03:12:42 PM
Elliquiy Site Rules
  • All sexual role playing and sexual storytelling must involve physically and mentally mature characters. They must be sixteen years of age or over, and/or the physical and mental equivalent. Banned role playing and story subjects include lolicon, shotacon, or any other form of sexualizing prepubescent minors.

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Ah, that's what I thought. Doesn't hurt to be sure, right?

Thank you Drake, Mistress. I shall now have to procure a magical aging potion.

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Thank you for taking the time to check before going ahead with the story.