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Author Topic: Johnny Depp inspired (Sleepy Hollow/Willy Wonka) M/M  (Read 1032 times)

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Johnny Depp inspired (Sleepy Hollow/Willy Wonka) M/M
« on: March 15, 2012, 07:01:29 PM »

Ichabod Crane x Mr. Van Tassel


This story is set within the Sleepy Hollow plot/setting.  Ichabod Crane is a quirky, timid 26 year old man who has been sent to Sleepy Hollow, New York in 1799 to investigate a series of strange murders.  He arrives and is welcomed to stay at the Van Tassel's estate while he works; they are the wealthiest folks in town.  Mr. Van Tassel soon takes an interest in the quirkish, skittish character.  By the flush in Ichabod's face, Mr. Van Tassel knows that if he pushes hard enough, he may manage to get past the man's physical and social barrier.

Mr. Van Tassel can be any age, though preferably a tad bit older than Ichabod since he is married and wealthy.

(Ichabod is indeed extremely quirky and skittish in the movie, as is evident by the photo above. XD)

~A Taste of Mr. Wonka~

Willy Wonka x Mr. Salt

"I'm a chocolate maker.  A candyman, nothing more." - Willy Wonka


Mr. Salt is the father of Veruca Salt, the bratty, spoiled little girl who arrives at the factory in ribbons and pink satin.  His little girl gets exactly what she wants no matter what, and she definitely learned that from someone....  The handsome early to mid-thirties Mr. Salt sees the slightly effeminate, socially awkward Mr. Wonka for the first time and knows just exactly what he wants...and he'll get it.

Though in his mid to late twenties, Willy Wonka acts somewhat like a large child, teasing, excitable and silly.  He ran away from home at age thirteen, started his factory at nineteen, and has been innocent ever since; never having a partner or considering anything of the sort.  He's like a doll of a man, with soft white skin, stained perfect lips, silky hair and a mischievous smile.  The tour of the factory continues for Charlie and the rest of the children, and Willy begins to notice certain looks and quick flickering touches from Mr. Salt...  By the end of the night, when all the children have "gone home", Mr. Wonka will find that someone has followed him to his private quarters, and that someone wants what he wants...

"The Angel Sam"

Sam x Character A


(Setting is vague and may be refined later.)  An wing-less angel wakes up in the forest outside of a fairly suburban town, with no clue what his name is or where he came from.  Almost too pretty to be a young man, yet too masculine to be female, the angel is androgynous.  The quiet, observant angel is discovered by Character A, and taken home.  Character A names the angel Sam.  Character A is gentle and kind, teaching Sam the ways of human society before introducing him to family and friends.  Both become increasingly curious, and a sexual relationship unfolds.
Sam is quiet and observant, and could be compared to a less timid "Edward Scissorhands" in the sense that he's out of touch with society and strangely pure-minded.

Sam (Johnny Depp) from "Benny and Joon" is a good reference for my character, though mine is perhaps slightly more androgynous.)

~Beneath the Crimson Coat~

Willy Wonka x Orphan

"You can suck on it all year, and it'll never get any smaller!" - Willy Wonka explaining the Everlasting Gobstopper


Mr. Wonka gets to thinking that, though he is still young, it might be wise to start looking for someone he can train to take over the factory, someone like an heir...  He shows up at an orphanage in London, and Billy catches his eye, a small boy with suspicious eyes and a curious personality.  It's the boy's 16th birthday, and Mr. Wonka is convinced that Billy is going to have the time of his life at his new home in the candy factory...

Willy Wonka is slightly darker in this story, with a sugary sweet personality, higher pitched voice and picture perfect smile that frighteningly disappears when he's angered (quite easy to do).  Billy is warned he must be on his best behavior and not do anything Mr. Wonka says not to.  Behind his flawless mask, Willy isn't afraid to physically punish someone who disobeys his rules, and there are lots of those.

Billy will also find that Mr. Wonka seems to love candy and chocolate in all aspects of his life...and is taken by surprise when the man takes a liking to drizzling fudge sauce over his body before attempting less...innocent actions.  Was it only an heir that Mr. Wonka was looking for...?

I'd like to play the orphan in this story.  I could think about making the orphan female if requested.

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Re: Johnny Depp inspired (Sleepy Hollow/Willy Wonka) M/M
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2012, 06:36:13 PM »
Updated with the Ichabod Crane plot. (:

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Re: Johnny Depp inspired (Sleepy Hollow/Willy Wonka) M/M
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2012, 04:10:55 PM »
Updated with Sam plot. (: