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Author Topic: craving: Legend of Zelda OoT {F searching for lit. M}  (Read 645 times)

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Offline TheHappyMoonkinTopic starter

craving: Legend of Zelda OoT {F searching for lit. M}
« on: March 14, 2012, 12:36:03 am »
Hello Darlings,
Moonkin is crazing a Ocarina of Time RP! please help her out! feel free to suggest your own plot or revise on of the ones i have listed. Also I have no problem fitting in any of my Ons (that I have listed in my thread) if any of them tickle your fancy. feel free to suggest any as well. the worst thing that can happen is that I say no  :P

Pairing- the one I wish to play is bold
(♀) OC & (♂) Link
(♀) Child of Link & (♂) Child of Zelda

Story/Plot Ideas
Ofc & Link
There is a realm that exists within Hyrule on the same plane as the temple of time. In this realm the keepers of past, present, and future reside. They record everything that has happened in Hyrule's past and what is happening in the present. The future is never recorded (for it is always changing) but can be seen by a special select few. The Story starts when Link has awakened as an adult and has ventured into the forest temple. [Remember the room(s) with the wells?] Well a young maiden an apprentice to a keeper of the present peers into a well that is in her own plane of existance and for the first time sees something on the other side. A flash of green and a glowing orb of bright light. Curiosity gets the best of her and she ends up falling in. The well acting as a soft of portal from her well into Hyrule. She ends up coming up through the well in the forest temple where she runs into the Hero of time. Thing is for her to get back to her own realm she needs the help of princess Zelda and the completed triforce. Link gets himself a new side kick... besides our favorite fairy that we want to strangle.

My Character: Click

Child of Link & Child of Zelda
Thanks to Link and Zelda Hyrule returned to its former glory and all the evil from Gannon had been destroyed. The two friends parted ways: Zelda becoming Queen and marrying a prince from a neighboring kingdom (lets say Termina for the sake of the story). Link eventually left his forest home and wandered to Ranch where he spent most of his time. Eventually falling in love with Malon and the two ended up getting married. The years passed on everything being perfect and peaceful until the shadows started to whisper from the out skirts of Hyrule. Zelda sensed there was something brewing and with the days becoming darker and darker her worst fears were right as each of the temples had been re-corrupted . She summoned Link to her court where they discus what is happening and what to do. Thing is, they are both quite a bit older and not exactly cut out to be battling monsters and saving Hyrule. This one needs some more fine tuning. as far as who the big ol baddy is and what he wants with hyrule. Would even be open to Zeldas son being the baddy... and hiding it, or not even being her son at all. 

My Character: Click

About Miss Moonkin
I've been Rping for seven(ish) years
My posts usually range form 1 - 3 paragraphs. Some times more, depending on what I have to work off  of.
I am also fairly new at 'Adult Roleplay' so.. id love some help :D
I am pretty open when it comes to stuff, and very hard to disgust/offend. so feel free to suggest anything.
I can post everyday if the Rp keeps my interest. At the least.. every three/four days.
My Username is World of Warcraft Inspired
I play as Female and Male
More often than not, my female characters are big busted curvy.
Romance… and the Naughty… i love it.

Some intriguing places you should check out:
My Ons & Offs [Here]
My one x one search thread [Here]

All I ask is this...
I ask that you be able to produce at least one good paragraph :3.
I would like a partner who is willing to help with come up with a storyline and plot.
Check out my Ons and Offs!
Rp in the forums
Don't leave me hanging. if you don't want to Rp anymore. tell me.
I would like you to be able to be able to post regularly.. if possible. Though I understand life!
Able to handle more than one character in a Rp: NPCs/Additional characters
Prefer Dominant male, but I dont mind switching it up a bit!
Feel free to post here &/or PM me

A Writing Sample, for your Viewing Pleasure
For the Child of Link and Child of Zelda pairing: most likely will be my first/opening post
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The shadows that had begun to engulf the once bustling market town of Hyrule was quickly spreading throughout the land and Lon Lon Ranch was no exception. Despite it being mid day the sun was no where to be seen. Instead dark swirling storm clouds blanketed the sky. within the past three days thunder and lightning had begun and was showing no sign of stopping. As the days seemed to get worse and worse Our hero of time sat stone faced, his once soft smile now pressed into a grimace as his eyes rarely left the sky. There was something stirring deep in the shadows oh Hyrule but none knew what it could be. After all it had been at least twenty years since Link and the now Queen Zelda had destroyed and Banished Gannon. What ever it was though, it had Link nervous.

The rain now felt like it was coming down in cold sheets saturating the already soaked ground. Shutters on the house slammed against the outer walls as the wind barreled through the ranch. The animals all huddled in their stalls reluctant to venture outside to graze in the grass, so they had to be forced. Standing in the center of the horse corral stood a young girl, her fiery red hair plastered against her body as the rain continued to fall. Her pale skin seemed to illuminate in the dark dreary surroundings as she reached up to grab the reins of a horse. "C'mon" she soothed in a calm voice as her blue eyes looked into the animals trying to cast away any fear that the poor creature was suffering too. A loud bolt of lightning lit up they sky and her heart seemed to jump to her throat. "Will this storm ever end?" a soft sigh escaped her lips as she started to walk back towards the farm. her knee high black boots now covered in an inch of mud. The tight tan pants now stuck even tighter around the curve of her hips as everything she wore was drenched. Her torso was only covered by a black corset. Usually a light long sleeved shirt was worn underneath, but with the rain the youth decided it would be useless. Her mother constantly scolded her for not wearing more clothing when the weather was so horrid, but getting this horse back into the barn with the rest of them was more important. Atleast in Romani's mind it was.

Ro, is that the last of them?" Her mother stood in the doorway to the house as her daughter closed the stable door behind her. "I hope so" she breathed deeply and quickly jogged to the open door way. Her mother: Malon, greeted her with a towel, wrapping it around her daughters wet shivering frame. "Dad back yet?" the younger red haired girl asked her blue eyes searching her mother's face for a hopeful sign. Shaking her head Malon backed away and turned to the fire where a large pot was hanging over it. Grabbing a rag she lifted the heavy cover off and stirred the contents inside. "No, he isn't. But he said he would be back by tonight so just give him a few hours more". Malon was just as worried about her husbands return as their daughter was. Yes he was Link the Hero of time, but he was also a lot older and no longer wielded the powerful Master sword. She had noticed a change in her husband since this new darkness had appeared and tears started to brim her eyes as the thought of Link never returning to them entered her mind. "Mum?" the sound of Romani's voice broke the older woman from her thoughts and she quickly snapped out of it and looked back to her daughter. She was a spitting image of the both of them. Ro had the same blue eyes and kind smile as her father, while the long mane of fiery red hair and a hourglass curved body she inherited from Malon. "Ro, dinners almost ready. go get ready..oh! and wake grandpa up, i hear him snoring again" Malon laughed softly to herself as the loud snores of her father Talon had begun to drift down from upstairs which abruptly stopped as Romani knocked loudly on his door before retreating to her own to change. Malon seated herself at the kitchen table her head resting in her hands as a content sigh left her lips. What a happy life she led.
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