Marie Antoinette era RP (F for dom M)

Started by Sao, March 13, 2012, 08:42:32 PM

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The RP would take place during Reign of Terror, the French revolution and a little earlier before that. I'm just recently interested in that old time. There would be some real historical details, but our characters don't have to be real. If you like this idea, keep reading:

-I play female, I'll play minor male characters to keep the story going but my main character is female. And I would like the male character is older than mine, though this could be discussed.

-This is MxF, could consider FxF if the plot is interesting enough, but even with FxF I prefer to take the submissive role.

- At least a paragraph, but please not twelve. I need something to read and work with but also don't like a a novel. Normally I post from one to four paragraphs.

- I have never had to require this before and I also did not think that I have to since I believe it is not a necessary thing to ask especially when I know my partner would be an adult but please be able to use punctuation because I do not like to kill myself reading a long sentence without any comma or dot

- I won't leave you hanging for more than a week (unless my computer or network has problem). Sometimes I post couple times a day, sometimes it takes couple days before I post. Depends on my mood and free time. So, don't spam my inbox if I can't reply instantly, but you're more than welcome to inform me that you're busy and not going to post for awhile. That's what I would do.

- I need you to have a basic knowledge about the time and some events, I would do research if I have to and hope you can do the same.

- I do have plots, but there are so many of them and would be changed due to our characters. So, please pm the role you would like to play and perhaps the role you would like me to play, I'll send you a plot. Something like: "I'd like to play count Fersen and hope you can play Marie Antoinette" (please keep in mind that the characters don't have to be real)

- Shot me your plot if you have one, we can always mix it up with mine or discuss more.

- This's not first comes first serves, it'll always be open until I find the right partner.  :D