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Author Topic: Looking for a Vampire Mistress  (Read 317 times)

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Offline dezzymewTopic starter

Looking for a Vampire Mistress
« on: March 13, 2012, 06:02:09 PM »

My names Dezzy or Vincent if you prefer. I haven't rp'd in a while, but thought I'd try it again. Usually when I rp I go for either a Vampire Rp or Me being a neko/male. I've done a few others but, not in a long time or for any real amount of time. I'm a bisexual male, though I usually prefer to rp with women. I'm also married. Wife is aware of me Rp'ing and shes not bothered by it. Most of you probably wouldn't care about the wife, but I prefer to put it out in the open before it offends anyone.


I'm interested in having a vampire mistress, I can play a human, neko, or lesser vampire. I'd be interested in playing another breed  if desired.

In the one I'm currently craving to do I'd kinda like to RP me, as a neko, being dominated by a Vampire mistress. The Rp would include said mistress needing to feed on me both sexually, and for sustenance. As I said, I'm bisexual, and I'd like for that to be applied into the RP. Be that as the mistress bringing in other people into the rp, or using toys on me in that fashion. In the past I've also done the vampress having a tail of sorts to accommodate this. I'd like this to be a one on one rp.


I'm up for pretty much anything other than scat play.
I'm open to mistress playing multiple characters. Other characters do not have to be female.

If your interested in this, or a rp of your own that you'd want me included in please feel free to message me

I'm working off of my phone so I will have to do this via Email, Yahoo messenger, Windows Live Messenger, or just texting.

Email or Texting is easiest for me. I can write out a lot longer reply's and then just text it to your email, then you can reply to the email. Doing it through email also keeps dropped service from interfering with the Rp.

Yahoo Messenger:
Live messenger:

I'm usually available 10pm - 8am Monday - Thursday. Central Time.


Heres something I wrote up to start off:

The air was cool and the sun low as I ran through the forest. My claws dug into the damp ground throwing small clumps of earth behind me. “just a bit farther” I told myself. My lungs burned and my legs were weary, but I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t let them catch up. After what seemed like hours of running I reached a clearing and dropped to my knees and tried to catch my breath. “Vampires…why did it have to be vampires. Of all the houses I could have tried to rob it had to have Vampires in it….no wonder there weren’t any light on. It had seemed abandoned and so far off the grid. Fuck. How could I have been so careless.” I muttered to myself finally catching my breath. How far would they chase me? I hadn’t even taken much, just a dagger and a belt, there was no food in the house to speak of.

A branch cracked behind me, but before I could stand they were standing around me. Five male vampires, their eyes glowing softly in the night air, reached down and grabbed me at once. I wriggled helplessly throwing myself around trying desperately to free myself from their grasp, but it was no use. After a few moments of struggle they had me pinned to the ground. A sixth appeared stepping from the woods calmly and silently. The very sight of him made my face drain of color. “hold him by his tail and ears. It’s a neko fools.” I whimpered as my ears were roughly pinned to the ground and my tail pulled harshly away from my body. “ppppllleasse…I didn’t mean any harm…I thought the house was abandoned…” I managed to stutter out amidst my whimpering.

The sixth vampire, who seemed to be the leader of the lot, looked down on me with a pale blank expression. “Remove the dagger” He said in a lazy faraway voice” One of the vampires removed the dagger and belt and handed it to the leader. “hold out his arm” I was wriggling again trying desperately to get away again. “hold him down tighter, must I do everything myself.?” He said in the same tired voice. He climbed ontop of me pinning my chest down and slit my wrist with a quick slice of the dagger. It wasn’t deep or even fatal. I looked up at him with a hopeful look, but was met with a small smile. “no…that’s not it.”

He dug his teeth into the wound and began drinking from me eagearly. After a few moments my body became lax and the wriggling stopped. I lay quietly unable to move, my head swimming waiting for it all to end. A few moments later and everything went black.

 I awoke to find myself tied roughly up in a cage with a blanket drawn over it. My whole body ached and stung with pain. My cloths had been removed and a collar replaced them. My legs were spread and tied to either side of the cage, my arms however were tied together above me. My mouth was gagged and my head was laden with a cloth that at one point must have been a blindfold. I could feel a bandage wrapping my arm. I tried to pull at the chains that bound me, but it was too strong, and I too weak. After a few minutes I calmed down enough to stop and listen to what was going around. I must be in some sort of cart. I could hear the horses pulling us along a road.

Why hadn’t they killed me? What use was I to them alive? I contemplated what was to come of me when the cart suddenly came to a stop. “Go get the package ready while I go inside and greet her.” Two of the vampires from the night before came around to the back of the cart and removed the blanket and picked the cage up. I was being carried into a large mansion. It had candles burning in every window, but seemed oddly empty. I turned in the cage to try to hide my modestly, but it was no use with my legs tied apart. With a sigh I laid back in the cage and shivered in the cool night air.

The doors opened and I was carried inside and unceremoniously dropped inside a large front room. The walls were purple with slightly faded wallpaper, the ceiling sky blue. The floor was made of wood, but had a large rug spread over it. Candles littered the small tables that were strewn against the walls.

The vampires who carried me covered the cage once more and I fell into darkness again. I could hear the leader coming back. He was talking with a woman in a lounge that I didn’t understand. As their footsteps grew closer I began to panic again and frantically tried to pull myself out of the restraints, but I was just too damn weak. Then…it was too late. They had reached the room and were standing upon the cage still talking in the foreign tongue.

I hissed quietly wondering what would come next.

Quite a bit longer than what the rp will be like since we are going to be using messenger or email, but I wanted to give a bit of back story and at least get us in the same room to start out. My writing is a bit rusty so bear with me for a bit.