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Author Topic: 7th Sea Fans (MxF)  (Read 715 times)

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7th Sea Fans (MxF)
« on: March 13, 2012, 05:07:06 PM »
This is a direct appeal to any 7th Sea fan on this board. I critically desire a writing partner (or several) to take up plots I have in my head. Currently I have two major plots, but I am also open to your 7th Sea suggestions!

1) A young (16-19) Montaigne Noblewoman from a minor family (you) is married to a much much older Valroix Nobleman. She hates him. He is a sloppy, fat, greasy pig who cannot maintain an erection for more than a minute. He doesn't care about her. She cannot leave him for she would lose her lifestyle and disappoint her family. So she hires a swordsman to kill him. Enter an Inish swordsman (me), brash uncooth, but a man's man. Something about him makes her weak at the knees, but she would never admit it. he takes her job, kills her husband and returns for his payment. When she tries to cheat him, he comes back at her with a proposition of his own. If she does not agree to pleasure him he will send the original contract to her parents. This is a major breach of ettiquette, but he doesn't care. He means to have her. After one night with him she is addicted. She becomes what she always hated...a woman at the beck and call of a man...

Malcom Conner strode the streets of Charous* with a purpose aforethought. He was an Inish swordsman, a practitioner of the Robertson School, a Swordsman's Guild style that was a combination of matador and streetfight. He had learned this style from a master who had found him on the streets performing with a fiddle and picking pockets for food. Back then he had been an orphan, but he had been adopted by his master and his life had become both easier and harder. Fifteen years after being found by his master he was a 23 year old man, and a master himself. One day he planned to do for some lad or lass what his master had done for him, but not today. Today he was looking for the home of someone who wanted him on a commission. He had moved to Charous two years earlier, seeking a greater fame and fortune than was available on the isles of Avalon, though he still kept a penny in each shoe to appease the Goodly Folk** and threw salt over his shoulder, he had learned to veer away from most other superstitions of his homeland. His look and accent pegged him as an outsider, and his charm brought him many a night's pleasure with Montaigne women. He had always been told that Montaigne women liked men and were more than capable of hadling anything you threw at them, but he was in for a treat when he crossed onto the continent. Montaigne women had many grooming habits not shared by their Avalonian Sisters, chief among them was using wax to remove all the hair from their bodies except for their heads. This bare approach to life fascinated him to no end.

He had spent the previous evening topping*** a chamber maid in the household he now approached. He had leanred from the loose lipped young woman that the mystress of the house was only 19, married to a man 40 years her senior, and known for bedding most of the men in her area. He was hoping to meet this lass, and perhaps teach her a thing or two about how men want to be treated. He found the home on a side street, and it was hard to miss. Two stories, brick exterior, real glass windows, a wrought iron screamed wealth. The owner was a Valroix, the most famous swordsman family in all of Montaigne. His young wife was a member of a lesser noble family, blessed with Porte' powers as the stories went. He pushed  open the gate and pounded on the door with its heavy brass knocker.

The butler who answered looked as though he were about 150 years old, and as dried up as a prune. Malcom almost laughed but throated the noise with a cough. "My name is Malcom Conner and I am expected." The Butler nodded and lead him into the parlor. It was a beautiful sitting area, with Cathean**** Rugs and heavy floor vases. He found among the flowers a rose bud which he picked and fixed to the lapel of his weighted fighting longcoat. He looked himself over in the mirror and straightened himself up as best he could. Inish had many superstitions, and among them was that one only bathed twice a year. He had managed to break that habit and had bather just one month ago, which made him feel somewhat proud. He would look his best for this noblelass.

The Butler announced her and he looked up the stairs, and his jaw dropped. There was a magnificent creation of Theah***** outshining any painting, music, or stained glass widow by simply breathing. She wore a blue silk dress with a plunging neck line that matched her eyes perfectly. Yes blue eyes that meant she bore the blood of sorcery and kings. The dress had a plunging neckline that showed off her ample cleavage and slits up both legs in the Montaigne fashion. As she stepped down the he caught brief flashes of her inner thighs, but nothing higher up...not for lack of looking mind you. Then it dawned on him that she wanted him to look and he turned just in time to see the three louts come out of the woodworks, litterally. They sprang out of secret passageways! The bitch had hired muscle, probably to test him. It was as if the bright gold crossed sword pin he wore on his lapel meant nothing!

"I'm warnin ya gents, I don't believe in fightin fair." He said this as he shucked his coat and hung it from his left shoulder, the lead at the bottom and intricate inner rings made it possible to use it as a kind of shield, reminiscent of bullfighters. It was a style borrowed from the Castillians and made into Avalon's own by George Roberts himself, and one that Malcom did proud. They advanced on him in a semicircle and he waited, drawing steel but keeping hidden behind the folds of his coat. The first one gave a clumsy charge, and Malcom tripped him, sending him sprawling. The second, practically a giant with arms that looked like they were made of iron charged with a club raised over his head. Malcom smirked as he feinted left only to juke back right and catch the giant in his kidney with a well aimed thrust. He would bleed to death in minutes. The third man gave a howl, and Malcom spotted the family resemblance too late. Shite on me! He though, but really he had nothing to worry over, the fellow was an untrained brute. That was until he felt the subtle vibration through the floorboards, a tell tale that his first victim was on his feet. Malcom spun, catching the man with the weighted edge of his cloak and sending him into a sprawling heap, broken jaw and bleeding. He competed the move that made him look more like a ballet dancer than a fighter. His right foot caught the chair railing at the center of the wall and he used it to spring, vaulting over the last man's head in a feat of acrobatics. He landed squarely and finished the last of her brute squad off with a thrust between his ribs, killing him in a single blow. One dead, one dieing, and one disfigured for life  - he had barely broken a sweat, the grin never left his face.

He turned and gave he a bow, "I trust the lady finds this satisfactory?" His wry sense of humor was his calling card after all...
* Paris
** The Fey. On Theah the world of 7th Sea, The Fey are real, human looking tricksters. They inhabit their own land, the lands of Avalon, and are scattered throughout the world.
***Street slang for having sex, usually thought of as meaningless encounters for pleasure only.
****Cathay reprents the far east, from India to Mongolia and everything in between. It is surrounded by a curtain of fire which only parts sparingly allowing little trade. Goods from Cathay, especially silks and bone china are highly sought after.
*****Theah is God for Theahns, they even name their world for Him.

2) A Castillian Archaeologist (me) who has sacrificed everything in persuit of his career, even a hand, comes into the possession of a Syrenth hand. It has a pair of maps built into it, which he can use to find a treasure hord of Syrenth artifacts. He must have a Shieldman, so he sends to the Explorer's society for one. They send a young woman (you)! He is ascance until she explains herself, with such passion, that he is willing to over look the fact that she is a woman. He relents. Together they must brave either Pirate infested waters, Vodacce courts and a trek across Ussura or an overland trek which will take them through occupied Castille, Montaigne, Eisen, and finally ussura.

Never heard of 7th Sea but still interested? Your in luck because I love this game so much I am willing to teach anyone willing to learn. Contact me through PMs please. Thanks.

P.S. I will accept a male Player for the Female lead, but you must have a female Avitar...I am sort of unable to get passed the whole male avitar thing, sorry.
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Re: 7th Sea Fans (MxF)
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2012, 06:20:49 AM »
*rages hard* This makes me want to rp this sooooo hard. I love 7th sea, but have only gotten to play it on one occasion... I played a Nomad from Ussura... and I didn't speak any language but Ussuran.. XD D:

Offline doom29169Topic starter

Re: 7th Sea Fans (MxF)
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2012, 11:33:54 AM »
Still currently seaking these or any other 7th ideas. I am willing to teach if you are willing to learn.