The New Man of the House (Male Seeking Female - Heavy Domination)

Started by Jester, March 13, 2012, 10:34:55 AM

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Your family let him into your house. You offered him a room, food and happily said you would look after him. He was a friend of the family as well as a friend to your father or husband.

It felt right him joining the family and soon it was obvious he was planning on staying. At first no one minded. He pulled his weight and he had gone through some bad times. But then it slowly starts to get weird....

I will play the family friend. I am looking for someone to play the wife of the daughter in the family. Or ideally both. You will welcome me into your family but soon I will take over and the family will slowly begin to dedicate their lives to looking after me.

You open your house. You also open your legs...... And your daddy or husband does not do anything to stop it....

I am thinking this will start of very innocent but could turn into a very heavy domination story. I am happy you to take on the role of daughter or mother but you must expect to be heavily dominated by the end of the story. And it will be very obvious to your father and the other lady.


Ooh can I play? I'm in the mood to be used. I'd love to play the daughter. Maybe mid to late teens? snip Probably innocent to add to the fun.

Note:  Mid to late teens is as young as the rules allow.  16 or older only. - Staff
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