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Author Topic: Short, fantasy (D&D-esque), exotic non-con one-shot (monster(?) x girlie)  (Read 620 times)

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Offline KoyumeTopic starter

I feel like I need a little more fantasy in my life, so here's an attempt to get it. Now, I want my partner to know exactly what she's getting into, so here's the beef: I like things a little exotic, whether my current inclination is slime and tentacles, quadrupedal monsters, hermaphroditic characters, etc. I like humanoids with unusual features too (like horns, hooves, scales, tails, and so on), so you shouldn't feel too limited in terms of character creation. The setting will be fairly accommodating.

The story so far: a monarchical humanoid kingdom called Zulikket exists as the bastion of civilization. Outside of this kingdom, which occupies a vast, sprawling region of fertile and resource-rich land, the world is a dark and dangerous place, clouded in mystery to most of its humanoid inhabitants. Nearly a century ago, during a little-understood rebellion, a powerful sorcerer laid a cruel curse on the queen, causing her to give birth to a cambion daughter with skin like a moonless night, a horse's hooves instead of feet, and vestigial wings. The girl was mercifully exiled, rather than being butchered as a monster, and her older sister now sits on the throne.

The aristocracy is composed mostly of elves with varying degrees of human lineage, and the kingdom itself is occupied largely by humans. Despite its skewed demographics it is remarkably tolerant, and members of dozens of sentient species, both common and exotic, lead comfortable lives here. You live in a relatively quiet, diverse community called Moonhome, where a strange cult has begun to emerge. You can be virtually anything you want- from a peasant to a princess, a milkmaid to a wizard, but one way or another, you will be quickly drawn into a world of danger.

When I say D&D-esque, what I mean is that, if you're familiar with D&D, you should think of your character, and the setting, more or less in terms of a typical Dungeons and Dragons setting, as far as spells, monsters, abilities, and such go. In terms of power, the protagonist can be anything from an essentially average person to a heroically competent adventuring type, but shouldn't be capable of much more than what a sixth or seventh level character might be able to do. In other words, she might be a renowned swordsman or a talented spellcaster, but she's still far from infallible.

I expect this to be fairly short, and maybe a bit simplistic. It will ultimately, probably, involve rape, or seduction, or maybe even willing copulation at the hands of something, or maybe different somethings, inhuman, so I want my partner to be someone who's okay with kinky and unusual circumstances (who wouldn't be offended at bestiality, females with male organs, grossly monstrous anatomy, various sorts of bondage, etc, though not everything mentioned there will necessarily be involved of course. In particular, I don't expect outright bestiality as such to be involved).

Anyway, ask me any questions you have, throw out character ideas, etc.

Edit: Also I suppose I should make it clear that my partner doesn't necessarily have to actually be female; all that matters is that they can pull of a female character decently.
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I know this is an older post, but did you ever find a partner for this idea?