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Author Topic: Black Rock Shooter's 2012 Cravings  (Read 465 times)

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Black Rock Shooter's 2012 Cravings
« on: March 11, 2012, 10:14:33 AM »
Welcome to my 2012 cravings thread. I am always open to new rps and open to trying the same plot with multiple people. I never turn down a partner unless I don't believe there will ever be a way to work out the rp. In my experience I have only turned away one partner who wanted to join a game. Now a little about me. I have almost no offs except scat, watersports and mutilation. I'm quite an active rper on E and am always looking for new games but keep in mine I do have a life outside E. I try my best to make the best posts I can but I do get busy and have to work with the bare minimum sometimes. If you have any interest in any of my ideas pleas pm me. Now for the ideas.

Stones Upon Hearts

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(This is a game that a partner came up with and disappeared back in December.I have given up hope they will return. This is their first post. Things are up for debate in this.)
“Liar…I don’t feel a shit” whispered Eugen as he pushed the speed to limits. “Rudy…you lousy bastard” he smiled to himself as his Hennessey Venom ran 250 miles per hour, killing the silence of the gloomy noon the masterpiece’s exhausts squealed load on that empty road which disappeared miles away between the mountains and the light blue sky. Eugen was trying to feel the sensation his friend Rudy always mentioned, with a bottle of bear on the decks of their aircraft carrier as he bluffed about the great things he accomplished. Eugen was a naive to believe that a naval diver can actually get his hands on world’s most expensive cars and the prettiest woman but Rudy was always convincing. It wasn’t just Eugen but his entire crew sat on those late evenings listening to Rudy while the red sun bid farewell every time promising a new morning, full of life. Those days were long gone, so where those charming evenings, nowadays every evening brought fear to the alive, sadly there were not many.

Predications failed yet again and nothing bad happen in 2012 rather it was 2015 when god, if he exists, decided that he had seen too much of life. Jihadis didn’t get hold of nukes; it wasn’t the third war which Iran started neither a meteoroid collision which people feared, rather just a simple compound, a neurotoxin which engulfed the entire planet. One of those evenings, like every other, Eugen said goodnight to his friends only to wake up next morning among a strange reek and pale dead corpses. Spontaneous cardiac arrest composite, that’s what they started to call it but none knew what it was and where it came from. Some, who serviced, predicted that it was a composite produced by as an evolution phase among some plants, which eliminated 99 percent of all living things leaving behind just the immune; some didn’t agree but it made made no difference. This composite was called SCAC, as per their theories it became a part of our atmosphere, same like oxygen and hydrogen. Every living thing was breathing it from a new born to a dying old man, cats and dogs and insects.

Initially entire planet seemed like a graveyard, those who survived started living on the scare resources and hopes of a better tomorrow, the tomorrow which was never to come. Things got worse as the time passed and in few years the actual impacts of the mass extinctions came visible. It wasn’t religion or status anymore but immunity, on basis of which people started hating each other. People like Eugen belonged to the full immunity, the A group, which was the most powerful but there were other groups who wasn’t full immune and life turned rather worse, it seemed to be a curse for surviving the mass extinction.

As a post impact the human species was divided into 5 new species, from group A to group E. It was the A group who decided that they were chosen to rule the world, they brought a set of new laws which was only suppose to protect them, they didn’t care about any other groups, simply, because they didn’t matter. They made it essential for everyone to identify their immunity level, camps were setup and were still operating, every individual had to visit these camps and get marked. It was mandatory to wear a color patch for all, anyone found without a color patch was considered belonging to the E group, thus, shot at sight. The laws didn’t even spare new born, parents were forced to take their new born to these camps for immunity tests, mothers will teary eyes often watched as their infants were put to sleep or sent away to the facilities they belonged.   

Eugen, at times did feel that things were better after the mass extinction else an ex-marine wouldn’t own a car like Hennessey Venom. Nowadays he could just walk in any car showroom or a liquor shop; those things were available in bundle and unattended. But there were those other times, when he missed his family, his friends terribly and cried himself to sleep. Eugen still felt chills down his spine every time he thought of that terrible day when he woke up to the morning alarm and smelled something strange in the air, at first he thought it was the sea but the silence felt otherwise. He soon understood that there was something wrong, he walked out of his chamber and found entire ship to be loaded with human dead bodies beside him. Even after 10 long and lonely years, that morning still hunted him.

Eugen took out a silver flask from his pocket and took a sip of the finest whiskey he grabbed from a wine store. He still had few miles to travel to reach the Green town, ASCI, which used to be called NYC before it shrank down to few miles. Eugen had taken a job; he was moving an assignment, a box full of medicines for the inhabitants of ASCI. This was his job basically, he was an ex-marine, he was good with weapons and that’s the skill-set which they required. He was responsible to move secure things and people around, he had done some bounty hunting, at times the government also used him as an assassin. He was protected for carrying out ugly covert missions of people with power. Few things never change.

With a speed that fast Eugen was certain that he would be able to reach ACSI before evening. Eugen sighed to the thoughts of the lovely night he had planned, a fine dinner, a bottle of a whiskey and an alluring highclass prostitute was his celebration to end every assignment. He continued to sip on the silver flask while his car disappeared in the mountains and light blue sky.

Midnight Visits
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She is watched in the moonlight. She was beautiful with long slender limbs, blue black fur and he sat entranced by her grace and style. She moved effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop with effortlessly. She moved across the rooftops every night underneath the star lit sky with just the moon for light. She never came closer than arm's length away, always just out of reach. She watched him as she ate and drank her fill of the food and water he placed outside for her on the fire escape. She enjoyed impressing him with leaps and jumps that made his heart fill his mouth each and every night.

Out of his window and onto the fire escape he would come each night. It was difficult to climb with both hands full with her gifts but he managed. He was a lonely man who had once been great but now had fallen on hard times. He rarely left his room and his only companion was the mysterious black cat ..... He wrote about her adventures and imagined her in a world beneath the city where creatures of your imagination came to life. He imagined a kingdom that she ruled and was loved by everyone..... The writer was ill. He found it hard to get things done, get out and work and even get groceries. His family and friends all turned their back on him so he lived alone in a lonely city, in a lonely apartment. The writer spoke to the black cat. He wished she would come closer but any time he approached she would flee....."Goodnight my beauty..." He whispered each night. But one night the saucer and the food were not there. He did not show up in his usual space.

I want to play the cat. She visits the writer each night but one night he does not appear. The cat is intrigued and finds itself ever so slightly worried so she enters his flat to find the writer unconscious and in need of help..... Will the cat transform into humanoid form and help him? Could he help her with her own troubles? If you haven't guessed by now The cat is not just a cat. She is shapeshifter in danger of someone catching her. Who could be after her and why? Things are up for debate in this.

Exchange Student From Hell
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Today was finally the day. Sabrina Shooter, the exchange student was at the airport. She was to live with a nice family for an unknown amount of time. She would be going to school with any children living in the home. The parents were almost never home however. She could get away with almost anything if she wanted. Perfect for Sabrina for she was horribly evil.

Sabrina looked innocent but had an evil aura. Her hair was blacker than night. Her eyes icy blue, matching her true personality. She was the kind of girl who would be the one to steal your lunch money in elementary school. Well imagine that playground bully in high school. Obviously Sabrina had gotten worse. She lied, cheated, stole. If it was illegal she did it except for using drugs. She did sell them however. She was a girl you don't want to be around if you're a good person. She attracted danger.

She had been waiting at the airport for about an hour until she saw a couple. A pretty ordinary looking one to her but these were the people she would be going home with. She would be living in their home for now. They quickly signed off for her and took her home. The house was huge. She had imagined something smaller but this was even better. Perfect cover for her true intentions. When they got to the house she got out and carried her bags. The parents opened the door for her and called down their own child to meet her.

A Blast From The Past
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An old childhood crush has moved away but after a vicious divorce between her parents she returned. Now they are in junior high. Can they still get along or have things changes too much? Will they fall in love and have a wonderful time? Only time will tell.

Musician On The Streets
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was a rainy day once again. The rain beat down on everyone who was in it's unforgiving path. One of the most unfortunate one was probably the young woman, Mato. Her silky hair was a blackish blue while her eyes were a bright blue. She had a birthmark on her right eye covering not only her entire right eye but also a little under and parts of it reach her hairline. The mark was blue, just darker than her eyes but it was in the shape of a flame. She had no home and no where to go in a time like this. She had on baggy jeans and and baggy hoodie. Her clothes made her look like a teenage guy. Mato herself was a simple woman. Her family was gone from various reasons. Some were arrested, some had died of accident, diseases and a few of them died in war. A couple had died of drug addiction or overdose, leasing her all alone. Despite all her hardships she considered herself lucky. She made it out of high school and had clothes and a guitar she could play to earn money.

 She sat outside a small store huddled up in an attempt to keep warm. It was freezing and the rain only made it worse. Finally the shopkeeper shooed her away from the small amount of shelter she had. As soon as she stepped out from under the tiny bit of shelter she had against the shop she was quickly getting soaked by the rain. This had to be the worst day of Mato's life. It was wet, cold and if she was out here she would get sick. If she got sick out here she wouldn't be able to do anything to get better. Mato tried to stay positive and began to think of somewhere she could go.  Finally she just wandered a little down the street and huddled back into her position just outside a small grocery store.

Looking to play Mato. Things are up for debate in this one.

Kickboxing Championships
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's finally a day man have been waiting for. The championship tournament of kickboxing. All that are left until the final fight is a handful of men and an unknown woman. Her fights were always kept private and no one but the referee, trainers and her opponent were allowed to be around during the fight. No one knew what this woman was like. Rumors had been going around of the woman looking like a monster. Women couldn't be his good in a fighting sport like this could they? Finally the finals have arrived and there is a huge crowed in the stadium. It's a full house. It's the woman's first fight open to the public eye. Her final opponent is waiting in the ring with his trainer gearing up for the fight. It seemed like it was going to be just another fight. Then the woman is brought out.

She was a small and delicate looking woman. She looked so beautiful and innocent even with her gear on. It wasn't a regular fight anymore. What would the man do? A gentleman couldn't fight a woman. What if she was hurt in the fight? What would everyone think if she was beaten by the man? What would they think if he lost to her? She was such a lovely woman. It was quite a predicament. How could anyone escape the inevitable loss? After all fighting a woman is a no win situatation especially when it feels like love at first sight.

Looking for someone who would like to play the final opponent and possibly start a bit of a love story.

Torture of an Angel
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An angel has become lost from her heavenly world. She has more power than she knows of but someone else does know of her power but deep down inside she is a curious and almost childish woman. They have imprisoned the poor angel in an underground dungeon. She doesn't know why she's here and her memory of anything before her life in the dungeon has been erased. She's kept in constant fear but what's worse is that the dungeon is slowly killing her. This angel needs the sunshine, fresh air and room to move in addition to the basics of food and water. Unfortunately she is kept in a tiny cell with just a bunk bed, sink and toilet. There are other prisoners in the dungeon and they all get exercise time outside their cells but not the young angel. She is kept under lock and key.

Every prisoner here gets their own warden of sorts. The prisoners may live in misery but the wardens live in luxury. There are no rules to what a warden may do to his prisoner but once they meet there is a bit of a link between handler and prisoner. If the prisoner is in pain the handler will feel a fraction of that pain. The angel is beaten and tormented daily. She doesn't know why. One day her warden was killed on the way to work and a replacement has been hired to continue the job. The new warden meets his prisoner for the first time just after her daily beating. She's weakened but beautiful. She's very fearful. Now the handler has a choice to make. Continue the life the angel has been forced to live or disobey, risk loosing his job and help the the poor woman.

Also looking to do this as a young woman with fox ears and tail. She isn't as innocent as the angel.

Azul Island
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Inspired by a book I read in the past.

On a small island in the Caribbean Sea there is a small island left off most maps due to its tiny size. The island looks to be pretty well deserted. Some pitiful horses live along the outer area but a giant rock wall keeps anyone from accessing the inside. Most believe the rock wall is just a mountain with nothing inside but an aerial view provides another view. On the other side of the rock wall is a paradise like world left untouched by mankind. there are only two was into that paradise however. One may stumble around in the dark in a vast maze through the rocks where the ceiling is so low one must crawl or find the small hole in the rock accessible by boat.

The inner part of the island is truly beautiful. A wondrous waterfall and river not to mention the small pond/ lake. there are species of plants and animals here that cannot be seen anywhere else. Wild horses and birds, mountain lions and wolves populate the paradise. They keep everything in check. Hidden among the animals is a young beautiful shapeshifter. Most of the time she takes the form of a gold and white paint horse and lives peacefully with the horses. Everything was peaceful here until a young man stumbled upon her paradise home.

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Re: Black Rock Shooter's 2012 Cravings
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