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Author Topic: The Trials of Crusader: A Superheroine Story (Looking for GM) [NC or EX]  (Read 749 times)

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Offline DarwishiTopic starter

Name: Fayth Powers
Alias: Crusader
Height: 5'7"
Age/D.O.A.: 18/December 6, 1994 (Date of Arrival)
Weight: 145 lbs.
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Brilliant Blue
Hair: Long (hangs to her ass when loose), dirty-blonde
Cup Size: 38C
Legal Status: None, yet.
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Fayth runs her own software security firm. Able to process so much at one time she's able to figure out coding and complex problems with ease.  Given that she's young and the she still attends high school as a senior (her parents thought it important that she grow up with good social influences) she has to have an older woman (about 26 years old) do a lot of her sales and representing the company.  It also frees her up to be Crusader when she needs to be.
Background:  Fayth Summers was originally born Fae-Tor of Delta Prime. A planet of a peaceful race that lives under a giant blue star which supports the ecology of several nearby planets.  Delta Prime had a race of people that were governed by their wits rather than physical power or charm.  In human terms they all had an average IQ of 185, well into a genius level for a human.  They lived up to 300 years (similar days and nights to that of Earth).  They are a relatively small race of six or seven billion to inhabit their planet while the Kloutonites inhabited a world two planets away.

Due to the harsh climates and the cultures on Klouton, not to mention the sheer size.  The people of Klouton became a warrior race.  They use, most often, sheer numbers to invade and take over planets. Klouton is a planet that's about the size of our Jupiter.  And while the people of Delta Prime thought they were safe from the Kloutonians, they were sorely mistaken.

To make a long story short, Klouton invaded the much smaller Delta Prime (and all of the other planets in that solar system) and took them over.  The Deltans were used as slaves to craft better weapons for the Kloutons.  But just before they invaded, the king and queen of Delta Prime (judged by their supreme knowledge, not an election process, or even bloodlines) made to escape with their newborn daughter.  However they were forced to turn back to protect their daughter's escape path before she could make it into hyper drive.

The trip took several decades to make, but a fair amount of the time was spent in suspended animation.  Fae-Tor was conditioned to UV radiation to make sure that she would be well adjusted and fit in with the other children of Earth.  Finally, after 47 years of travel, the ship hit the Earth atmosphere and plummeted to Earth. 

Found in Montana, a couple quickly took Fae-Tor in and hid the spaceship.  They raised her as their own, but renamed her to a much more Earthly name of Fayth. There was nothing peculiar (save for the alien ship) about Fayth.  Not even as she turned one year old (after the landing in 1994).  But as she crossed the two year birthday they noticed something a little strange.  Her strength and her speed seemed to double.  Not a big deal at first, but as Fayth got older it seemed like every time the Earth made a trip around the sun, Fayth's body would double in power. 

In her teens she started to exhibit other powers with vision, hearing, and even flight.  By sixteen she'd decided to become a superheroine and help out the world.  Her mom fashioned a few costumes before Fayth settled on her current costume.  Made from spandex mostly, but the worked up to better and better materials as Fayth started to pull in her own income. At first it was just her home town in Montana, but then it was the state, then the Northwest United States, then just the western half.  Finally the entire nation, continent, and then the entire world soon followed. 

Due to the nature of a Deltan, Fayth was destined to age up normally until at the peak of her body development.  Which apparently occurred somewhere around eightteen.  She's filled out quite well and seems that she's going to look like she's in her late teens for the next few decades.  A Deltan didn't even reach a mid-life crisis until 150, but with the addition of the UV radiation, and the adaptation of Fayth's body.  She could very well live for a thousand years....that is if she doesn't die of unnatural causes first.

Decoder Ring: She wears it on her right ring finger and while not a cheap decoder ring it does allow her access to a pocket dimension where she stores a spare suit.  This allows for quick changes out of her civvies and into the costume without the hassle of wearing her tights under her clothes.  The ring is a silver band with a celtic design etched into it.  When she activates it the inscribed design glows a faint blue.

Tablet: The tablet docks into a station and can become a laptop like device.  There's nothing overly special about it, but since she runs her own software security firm she lives her life through this tablet. At least when she's not in class at high school.


Strength: She can bench press right around 1,000 tons.  To put that in perspective an eighteen wheeler fully loaded weighs about 80, and a 747 jet weighs about 400 tons.  She can hold a building up if one of the supports is missing, although not for very long.

Speed: At full speed she can fly at approximately Mach 100, this is a hundred times the speed of sound.  In perspective, she can travel around the equator (the longest distance around the Earth) in about twenty minutes.

Reflexes: Due to her outstanding speed she can react just as quickly when she needs to.  Although reflexes take up all of her brain processes or "layers".  Often she's using most of them to assess a situation, not dodge bullets (not that she needs to).

Unbreakable: Her skin, bones, and organs can't be broken.  This makes her bullet proof and able to fall from incredible heights or getting otherwise crushed and not suffer any injuries.  Furthermore, because of her strength she winds up not feeling the same amount of pain as other people.

Brain Activity: Fayth can think on a multitude of levels at the same time.  Making any average multi-tasker look pale in comparison.  She can either think on about 1000 levels of conscious thought at one time, or she can think at about a 1000 times the speed of a genius from the 21st Century.  There is a compromise, splitting speed and levels, although the speed is primarily used for reacting to things while she's traveling at super-speeds. This also makes it insanely tough to read her thoughts, as she might have over a thousand surface thoughts at any one time.  Or they pass so quickly it's hard to keep up. 

Flight: Crusader can fly which makes tossing her off a building difficult, but not impossible.  Her flight is tied into several brain processes and her equilibrium.  If she would be too dizzy to walk, she's too dizzy to fly.

Super Senses: Touch, hearing and vision.  Due to her unbreakable skin, her nerves are a good bit more sensitive than a normal person's.  It allows her to have sort of a "sixth sense" about her though it's not always accurate.  Her hearing and vision are amplified, allowing her x-ray vision and telescopic vision (no laser eyes though) as is her hearing.  She can turn these on and off, but tries to keep some modicum of hearing about her so that she can hear something going down.  Again it helps to be able to filter things out using her brainpower.


Costume: She wears a full body, black, catsuit (made from FlexSteel, a high grade of spider silk dipped into sheer thickening fluid. It's often meant as an armor, but for Crusader it's a suit that can stand up to what she can).  Across her chest is a large blue cross.  The horizontal bar reaching across her chest and the vertical part leading from the neck down to the crotch of the suit.  The suit also bears the blue cross on either shoulder, the horizontal bar reaching across her biceps and triceps, the vertical reaching half way to her shoulder.  Her black boots also have a similar cross, blue and around the front, ending just before the foot of the knee-high boot. Both of her gloves are black with the same cross on
them as well.

Both of her gloves are black with the same cross on them as well.  She has a cowl that covers the top of her head and her face sans the eyes and her jaw/mouth.  To give a better idea of what it looks like, think of Batman's or Batgirl's mask without the ears coming from the top.

Cocky: She's incredibly cocky...even to a fault.  Since she's the most powerful person on the planet she goes into quips and almost never pays attention to what's behind her. It's well warranted, but it's still a character flaw that could get her into some trouble...
Need to Breathe: Whether this come in the form of drowning, throwing her out into space, or poisonous gas attacks, eventually she's got to breathe.
Poison/Toxins/Etc.: Crusader's alien physiology makes drugs and toxins a lot worse for her.  Chloroform will knock her out faster and take her longer to recover, aphrodisiacs make her libido shoot through the roof, even pot will get her high if someone blows it into her face.  Has to be inhaled (gas), ingested (foods, pills, liquids), or soaked through her skin (ointments, lotions, or creams). This includes teargas and mace.
Psychic Attack: She has no mental shielding versus telepathy. Though reading her mind would be a headache since she thinks so much faster than everyone else. Attacking her mind is a far better strategy.  She might be nigh-invulnerable but a half-decent telepath can attack her mind and cause her to lose concentration, disorient her, or even knock her out.
Electricity: Electricity will have a lesser affect on her than it does your typical human being.  But it still packs far more of a punch than say...a baseball bat.  This includes anything from tasers and taser-guns to power lines and car batteries.  It really comes down to how much of a shock you want to give her.
Blonde Bombshell: For all her strengths and weaknesses, she's an eighteen year old girl with amazing curves and body type.  Any straight man is likely to fantasize about her in their dreams.
Super Senses: Super touch is great for feeling out if someone might be sneaking up behind her, but it also causes a great amount of pleasure.  Her whole body could be considered an erogenous zone, and her breasts, ass, and crotch are even more sensitive than a normal human's.  Her hearing allows her to hear an argument in a building a couple of blocks away, but extremely loud noises right at her ears will deafen her, and knock her off balance, completely screwing with her equilibrium.  Same way with her super vision, able to see through walls and zoom in, but also to have great night vision, turn on a light while she's in the dark could be devastating for the buxom heroine.
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Offline DarwishiTopic starter

I'm looking for a person to run the game that involves an incredibly powerful superheroine.  In fact she's the most powerful person (human, meta or otherwise) in the entire world.  She's known the world over and has saved countless lives.  She battles supervillains and helps out superheroine teams all over the globe when they need her.  All while balancing a full schedule of high school senior classes, and owning her own company. With only a couple of months to go before she graduates, Fayth finds herself fighting more and more thugs and villains as if the world is against her graduating.

I want to collaborate with someone to come up with an interesting story that involves Crusader and her adventures.  I'm hoping for a long term game so coming up with more than one supervillain/thug will be necessary.  I definitely want her getting molested and forced into multiple orgasms, raped, and toyed with sexually.  I'm looking for creative villains that take advantage of her weaknesses creatively rather than someone that she would just fight on even ground with.  Which basically means that there should be a fair many traps and trials (hence the name) with her coming out with a victory at the end of each. Anything from my Ons and Offs list is fair game to happen to Crusader.

Please reply here if you're interested!