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Author Topic: Never Die  (Read 772 times)

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Offline SabbyTopic starter

Never Die
« on: March 06, 2008, 09:01:24 AM »
Two armies met in battle, each great in size, but all of its men warriors true. Even kings were not exempt, and stood at the front line. Two men, their nations behind them, and a great slaughter to come. But these two kings were not ordinary men. They had been fated to exist together, niether dying as the other lived, and neither living as the other would die. Blame it on the gods humor, blame it on the twisted magic of whichever side, blame it on simple fate. The fact remained, that these men would never leave battle.

Even as the masses numbers dwindled and small pockets of men fought among the bodies, these two kings battled, neither winning, yet neither of them falling. Equal men if ever there was. Even as their bodies were destroyed, they fought on. Blood was spilled, flesh was bruised, limbs rendered useless and eventually lost. Though their vessels were now useless, the Souls within them would not give. These Immortal enemies would not be felled by the weakness of flesh.

Though they rotted among the thousands of dead, these men sifted through the mystic current of the underworld. This fight was not over.

As each kindgom, weak and crippled, conceded to a stalemate, they began to rebuild. Children were born, and the men of those days became old. While the threat of a reignited war always loomed, they experienced a time of relative peace. If war was to come, it would be the veterans children that would fight.

It was almost as if both sides had unspokenly agreed to let their children, the warriors of tomorrow, have their time of innocence. And then... their kings returned.

Dead men, though warm, and breathing, skin coloured with the blood flow of life. They returned to their people, and this time, when the two great nations would meet, no matter how many fell, there would be two who would always fight. No matter how many times one may fell the other, he would rise to return the killing blow. Locked in combat, until only one man held rule over this land.

All the might, the magic, the numbers, none of it would matter. Only when one crown held rule, would this conflict end.

Freeform story, dark and definitely bloody. The two players will be the kings, and you can control all NPC's on your side, including entire armies. Expect to die many times as we play. We can flesh out the method of revival later, but when the fights boil down to King vs King, we will both be dieing a lot.

Thank you to Dingo for pointing out that I have too much sugar on Elliquiy and not as much blood and severed limbs as I would like :)