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Author Topic: A New Song-- Sing with me? (F seeking M)  (Read 708 times)

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A New Song-- Sing with me? (F seeking M)
« on: March 08, 2012, 11:21:56 PM »

The Scenario

An old friend has opened his home as a private gallery for his girlfriend (an aspiring artist) and is hosting an elaborate reception party; your character is on the lengthy guest list--so is Andie, the girlfriend's best friend.  What I'm proposing is having your character meet Andie and having the two hit it off so well that they plan to see each other frequently afterward.  As they get to know each other, your character starts to notice her odd behavior; she tends to be rather physical.  In public, she just gives light shoves, and in private it escalates to playful roughhousing.  Because of the mixed signals, the flirting and the physical stuff, he can't tell if she's romantically interested or not.  Whenever they playfully spar, he always holds back because she's female, and it always ends in a draw.  What if he lets her win just once to see what she'll do with her victory, testing the waters to see how she really feels?

This roleplay would start at the party, and we'll see how things go from there.  Feel free to PM me and/or post interest on the thread. 
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Re: A New Song-- Sing with me? (F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2012, 11:25:57 PM »

Offline Songless SirenTopic starter

Re: A New Song-- Sing with me? (F seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2012, 07:21:56 PM »

On the outside, she is Cassia, the quiet, demure handmaid.  She serves a middle-aged noblewoman who has taken residence in the royal palace since her husband’s death, letting her sons manage her estate.  She is careful not to overstep boundaries, keeping out of everyone’s way, and she is very concerned with her own reputation as well as her lady’s reputation at court.  She is shy and rather skittish if she ever finds herself alone with a man, nobility or common.  A few servants and noblemen have noticed her and were charmed by her blushing, coy manner. 

Underneath the disguise, she is Rosalie, a member of a widespread network of spies throughout the kingdom.  She keeps an eye on things at court, for the king slowly descends into madness, his young wife entangles herself in multiple affairs, and the matter of succession is in dispute.  She watches for potential contenders for the throne while maintaining Cassia’s identity. 

Over the course of her observation, she took particular notice of a young lord who certainly looked like a decent candidate if it came to a fight for the succession.  She continued to report on all activities at court, but took note of her suspicions.  She was soon instructed to watch the one lord exclusively.  Throughout her duties to her lady, she was to casually run into him on occasion, slowly warm up to him, and get him to take interest in Cassia.  Rosalie’s assignment became even more complicated when she and her handler crossed certain barriers and entered into forbidden intimacy.  Soon after their mutual attraction was established, it was arranged for her to end her service to the lady and travel with the lord to his estate.  He had taken the bait and fallen for Cassia.  Her handler will not be able to follow her for at least a couple of weeks in order to avert suspicion.  The young lord’s intentions for Cassia are clearly in the realm of romance, though he took her to his estate under the false pretense of hiring her as a new maid in his household.  How will Rosalie keep things going once her handler arrives?  Will he get jealous?  Will her position be compromised?  Can she keep her separate identities straight?  Will her affections change?

What I need is someone to take the dual role of Rosalie’s handler and the young lord.  The handler needs to be attracted to both Rosalie’s deadly skill as well as her beauty, and the lord needs to be drawn in by Cassia’s cute shyness and the fact that she doesn’t fawn over him like most other girls do.  Rosalie will casually flirt with her handler until it escalates into their affair, and Cassia will need the lord to make the first step, since she will be hesitant to believe that a man is interested in her and reluctant to cross class boundaries without direct permission.  Rosalie is fiery in the bedroom, just as willing to take the reins as she is to hand control to her lover.  Cassia, on the other hand, will need guidance; she will happily follow along to any plans her lord has for her.  Take note that the lord is looking to gain the girl’s genuine affection; he will not use his title to force her into anything.  He treats her delicately, gently coaxing her into his arms.

We'll probably place the start of the roleplay about two weeks after Rosalie starts work in the palace.  She and her handler will have been working together for several weeks, preparing for the operation, arranging for the older woman's current maid to find work elsewhere, etc.  We'll start right before the tension between Rosalie and her handler finally breaks.  Hopefully a few intro posts will help things not be so abrupt; I usually don't dive right into the intimacy, but I think it's appropriate in this scenario. 

I know I have set some rather specific parameters here, but if you’d like to change anything, just let me know.  Please feel free to PM any requests for these roles, or post them here.
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