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Author Topic: Incest + Futa = Win!  (Read 2023 times)

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Offline SabbyTopic starter

Incest + Futa = Win!
« on: March 05, 2008, 11:26:50 AM »
General idea. An upheaval in the family see's a teen girl lose her brother, for reasons she never knew. All she did know, was that an arguement had went down between her brother and parents, and he left when things got ecspecially bad. No one told her what it was about. Refused, actually.

When she is living on her own and free of the family, she has a job as a waitress or something similar, and a fellow worker seems to watch her, soon revealing herself as the older brother who had left. Yep, he got a sex change, and is now a woman, but has decided to keep the penis.

Freeform. The setting is up for debate. I could play either :)

Offline Dingo

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2008, 11:38:06 AM »
*jumps at the occasion*

That is if you don't mind this being (absolutely) non-romantic, but it can still be very sweet.

The idea I have when i read this is that he isn't her co-worker and that he doesn't even recognize her, allthough she may recognize him (eventually). He is a guest to the place she is working in, a wealthy guest, a warrior. And a long time has past.

His personality, while still a teenage boy was one of sweetness and caring, but now "sie" has become an utterly self-serving and domineering "bitch", who cares about little else but hirself and hir own well-being. Not recognizing her, or even remembering his life as a boy much, he falls into the genetic trap that is incest, and is attracted quite a lot to her, desiring her, and taking her.

Her personality should be very sweet and loving, and able to forgive nearly everything, and tolerate nearly everything. She will stay with him no matter what trying her best to make him as he she remembers him. Something very deep inside "hir" conciousness prevents "hir" from killing her, or even causing permanent harm.

Well this may be a little bit too much over the top for you, as it will likely have bondage, pain, noncon and everything else, but it fits almost nicely to an idea I was having before. (We can negotiate things that you will absolute refuse to do, but the rest is open for game.)

Offline SabbyTopic starter

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2008, 11:56:57 AM »
Hmmm... a lot of that doesn't really work for me. The rich customer is a role I've always despised, and the guy not recognizing his own sister, when his sister recognizes him through a sex change doesn't make a lot of sense.

Just saying...

But apart from those, what kind of workplace would you want? What positions would they have? Are you ok with the brother being slightly older?

Offline Dingo

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2008, 12:02:39 PM »
Okay, the brother doesn't recognize her because of what happened to him, he didn't "get" the sex-change, he was changed.

She can recognize him from perhaps a very distinguishing scar, and the rich guest wasn't actually meant as a "power" tool, but just part of his description.

I should have described that bit more clearly, he remembers hardly anything of his life before, living from day to day, and drinking a lot to forget the things he did, was made to do.

Otherwise, I think a small village inn (would make almost any travelling guest a "rich" guest), and I've got no problems with being older, slightly or 10 years. She would be a waitress in the inn.

Offline SabbyTopic starter

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2008, 12:22:30 PM »
That all sounds fine, but it would change the original plan too much. I know, I sound very fussy X_X

Basically, new girl starts working, little sis notices her watching her, starts noticing vertain things that intrigue her memory, but it just never clicks that this older, gorgeous woman is her brother. The brother, however, knows exactly who she is, and is borderline-stalking her because he misses her and wants to reveal what hes done.

Offline Dingo

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #5 on: March 05, 2008, 12:36:46 PM »
Mine was maybe a bit over the top, it actually bumps against my own limits, but your idea is too cutesy and fluffy.

I wish you a lot of luck in finding someone, I'm withdrawing from these negotiations.

Offline SabbyTopic starter

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #6 on: March 05, 2008, 12:38:38 PM »
Thats ok. You should have known this would be a sugar barrel of loviness anyway ;D

Offline Dingo

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #7 on: March 06, 2008, 04:12:08 AM »
I have been thinking about this a lot, and I think I can actually do this as the cutesy fluffy story that you want. Actually I want to do a cutesy fluffy story (okay, with a little bit of rough edges to it, but that's just me)

The story idea going with yours as a basis will be set in a fantasy world. (I have some real icky thought by a science futa transformation, dunno why, so he was changed by magic)

His change wasn't voluntary, and he's actually somewhat ashamed of it, but also knows the charms of his new form, and they are bountiful.

She is working as a cook in a small inn, working until she has enough money to buy her own. Her sister comes there for the job opening as a serving girl. And we turn things around. He recognizes her immediately, and while just being nice and friendly to her, his sister falls for him like a sack of bricks. But he's too ashamed to tell her, and then too much in love to tell her.

So, what do you think of that ? Cutesy fluffy, we can add wings, and just a little bit different from your story.

Offline SabbyTopic starter

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #8 on: March 06, 2008, 04:23:52 AM »
All those changes are fine with me :) I was kind of hoping that the brother-turned-sister-with-wang would have been a more at peace, comfortable person. You know how EVERY movie about a gay guy running to some filthy druggy town always returns totally fine and happy with themself? yeah, thats what I was going for.

But this is fine as well.

Offline Dingo

Re: Incest + Futa = Win!
« Reply #9 on: March 06, 2008, 04:35:13 AM »
Oh, but there you are mistaken, he does feel comfortable with what he is. He just doesn't feel very comfortable telling his sister, and when he does feel comfortable enough to tell her, he can't make himself because he just ended up in a relationship with his sister and he loves (and lusts) her too much to say it, and lose her (that bit he's not too too certain about)