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September 27, 2021, 01:52:40 pm

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Author Topic: Female Wolf Seeking Male to fill in role(s). *Doms Requested*  (Read 999 times)

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Plot: Eight years ago the government came across evidence that werewolves, also known as 'non-humans', exist. Since then they have been steadily tracking each and every one of them down for the 'public's safety'. Registering them into the system, 'tagging' them with numbered/lettered tattoos so they could be easily identified, and in some cases sent to experimental secret labs to be made into lab rats so the government could figure them out. There they would be put through horribly painful tests, experiments and anything else that could give the scientists the information they needed. Publicly their goal was to find a way to either rid the globe of them or a way to control them. Their real goal, to find a way to make the perfect solider through them before the next country did. 

For eight years all wolves were on the run, hiding their families and loved ones where ever they could. Sadly their efforts would go in vain as the government gained the upper hand. Being able to blend in as regular humans it was nearly impossible to track and locate the 'non-humans' at first. Then they set laws in place that said all citizens had to carry three forms of identification at all times; Passports, I.D's, and forms from lab doctors showing them to be human. Putting into place random check points at boarders along major highways was their first real break at catching the 'non-humans'. Then more laws were passed that said all Hotels, Motels, Apartment Complexes, Rental Car Companies, and all Hiring Businesses were to request and document all applicants three forms of I.D. Any applicants that seemed suspicious were to be reported the authorities immediately. Giving little room for the 'non-humans' to run.

Steadily as the years passed their restrictions and laws grew stricter, drawing the noose around all wolves necks a little tighter with every passing day. It was nearly impossible for any of them to find safe shelter or even have money for food. When the local police were given the rights to random house checks most were forced to live in local woods, abandoned houses and buildings. Leaving them to steal whatever they needed and hide where ever they could. As the fifth year drew to a close a group from a small town in Texas made headlines. A group of deer hunters tracked down three wolves hiding in a cabin in the woods, strung them up and killed them. From then on Hunters started coming out of the woodworks, making one of the last save havens the wolves had into a battle field. After that some wolves turned double agent to keep themselves out of labs and away from hunters.

At the beginning of the next year Ameilla's family was murder in their hideout by hunters while she was out. Her father John, her mother Beatrice, and her two brothers Adam and Neil.

Almost two years later she's managed to stay hidden and for the most part in one piece. Wondering from state to state she keeps to the local woodlands; stealing from homes and cars she passes to keep alive. Doing whatever she can to survive, no matter what the future holds for her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Seeking: Male To Play One Of Two Roles

1 : [Unknowing Accomplice] - {Name} is a well established and wealthy man in society, born with a silver spoon in his mouth so to speak. After his parents death {name} took over his fathers business {business name}. In the public's eye he is a quiet millionaire that rarely raises a brow except with the amounts he gives to charities every year. But behind closed doors he's a completely different man, or more wolf. Since the war against non-humans began, {name} has been taking in "strays" and giving them a safe haven until he can arrange for a better home. In some cases they stay to live under him as their "alpha". Having enough money he can keep a lid on his extra activities and keep the authorities from finding out. Word has gotten to him that a stray female is near by and the "dog catchers" are closing in. He's only got so much time to get to her and bring her home, that's even if she'll come.

2 : [Unlikely Partnership] - Its been a year and half since {name} has seen the outside of his cement cell in a lab in Maine. Captured by Hunters he was taken in for a reward and handed over the hell he now lives in. Unknowingly {name} receives a new room-mate, Ameilla, who becomes a pain in his ass from the start. She wont sit down and shut up like she is supposed to and they both end up paying for it. What they dont realize is they will need to work together because the scientists have more in mind for them then they first thought. 

- - - - - - - - - -

1: Must be Dominate or Switch with Dom lean.
2: Must be able to remember information provided and use it correctly.
3: Must not fill my characters actions/responses in your post unless asked.
4: Able to provide detailed posts.
5: Not be a grammar Nazi.
6: Have few limits.
7: Player - 18+; Character - 23+
8: Must be interested in a detailed erotica RP not a quick fix.
9: Must read page linked in Homepage tab on profile.

What Can Be Expected:
1: Aggressive play.
2: Adventure, Romance, Humor.
3: Light Gore, Biting, Scratching, Roughhousing, Light Bloodplay, Light Master/Slave, Bondage, Marking, {maybe} Force, Fear, {maybe} pregnancy, Pain, Abuse.

Everything will be discussed before hand. Any questions, feel free to ask.