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Author Topic: Dark's Delusions (MxM, seeking Dominant M)  (Read 535 times)

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Dark's Delusions (MxM, seeking Dominant M)
« on: March 05, 2012, 10:44:27 pm »
I'm looking to do MxM roleplays only. My O/Os, as well as my character list and other plotlines can be found here:

Note: Most of these I'd like to have EX, BON & NC-H

My characters are all Ukes, so (like the title says!) I'm looking for some sexy semes.
The plots listed below are ideas I'd like to try, but not the only things I'd like to do- if you have any MxM plots that you want to do, please message me! There's not much (if anything) that I won't try!

Bonds of Love... or Lust (Kidnapping RPs (2))
1. Rich Uke is being stalked by an obsessed man who's convinved he's in love with the Uke. The man is a business partner of the Uke's father who has often seen bruises and such on the Uke from his father's abuse. He decides that kidnapping the Uke is the only way for them to properly be together, and locks the Uke up in his basement. The Uke gradually becomes completely dependant on the kidnapper and they begin a sexual relationship, trying to stop the police from finding the Uke. Many psychological problems with the Uke and Seme can be explored in this one~

2. Rich Uke is kidnapped for ransom. The kidnapper forces the Uke to service him to begin with, then begins to learn more about his home life and feels some regret or pity. Debts come in, and the Uke's father refuses to pay the ransom, leaving the kidnapper with one Uke, tons of debts and no money. Instead of selling the Uke as a sex slave, he continues to force him every day after/before work, and the Uke becomes more and more compliant, looking forward to these interactions. The seme starts to realize his feelings for the Uke, but they still have the police to avoid.

Academic Lust (3)
1. The Uke is a young college teacher in his first or second teaching year. On the first day of class he is targetted by a student and the student slowly pushes the teacher into a relationship, though they both know the consquences if caught will be severe. The teacher breaks it off when the student's grades start to drop and he is in danger of being kicked out, but the student has no intention of letting the teacher go.

2. Both the Uke and Seme are teachers at a college. The uke is a newer or less confident teacher, where the seme is naturally good with his students and well liked. As the uke begins to struggle with teaching his classes the seme steps in to help, liking the uke's hard work and how he tries to stay optimistic. However, the uke starts to feel even worse about his situation, being so close to the teacher that everyone seems to like. Can the uke keep things together while struggling with his feelings for the other teacher? And can the seme ever make the uke his?

3. The uke is a college student, the seme his teacher. The uke starts doing badly in his classes because of an abusive brother. He is in danger of failing when the teacher of his worst class offers tutoring at his house several days a week. The uke has a past that he doesn't want to talk about, but it keeps rising up into his life. And now a perverted teacher? But the release that doing these things with the teacher is nice... so despite the risks, he'll continue doing this until his confused feelings turn to love. But how does his teacher feel about him? And what exactly is the Uke not telling him?

Wait Every Night- and Smile.
The Uke was in love with his roommate in college. Normally, it would have been thought to be futile, but his roommate was gay too, and they dated for a couple years. Every day, the Uke would sit by the window and wait for his boyfriend to come home so he could wave to him from the window and see his seme's smile. But his seme wouldn't let anyone know about their relationship. He had other girls, that he introduced at parties as his girlfriend in front of the Uke, who just would smile and turn away. Smile. Just keep smiling, no matter how much things hurt. He knew that his boyfriend cheated. But that was okay, as long as he still came back and said that he loved him.
Eventually, they planned a trip together. But the Seme cancelled at the last minute, saying the Uke could go ahead, he meet up with him. But he didn't. The Uke waited the entire week before going back home, convinced that work must have piled up for his boyfriend. But when he got home, it wasn't his roommate lover that greeted him at the door...

So, the Uke's old boyfriend moves out without telling him first. The new roommate is the seme's friend, and starts to like the Uke. But the Uke still waits every day at the window, in the same spot on the couch, waiting for someone else to come home...
Eventually, they start going out. The new boyfriend starts to question himself about whether he likes the Uke for himself, or just wanted him because he looked so sad every day beneath the plastered smile. At the same time, he wonders whether the Uke actually likes him, or is just trying to fill the gap the old boyfriend left.

Race to the Finish
Street racing. The single most important thing in both the Uke and Seme's life- they've been competing as friendly rivals for years, each trying to best the other but never having a direct race. They both have feelings that they aren't willing to admit to the other. They both get drunk one night and almost have sex, but are interupted. The Uke decides to stop racing, wanting to run away from his feelings. But there is a problem- the Uke is in debt, like most people in his rundown neighbourhood- and his only family, his younger brother, is in danger of being taken for the debts he has ammassed. He is forced to bet what he has left on one last race, betting himself as well. He races against a representative of the man he owes his debts... and the friend he wants to get away from. If he loses to the former, he will lose everything and be forced into a life of sexual servitude- but what happens if his friend wins?

The Lies We Hide
There is a slow sweep of murders sweeping the city. Lost among the other crimes and sometimes passed off as accidental, they are in fact the work of a serial killer in his mid twenties- determined to rid the world of the impure, disgusting people he sees around him, that litter the world with their greed and self-absorption. Ont he outside, he is a normal citizen- pays taxes, goes to college, has a part time job... and he is content with leading this double life, confident he won't get caught. But he has a problem coming, in the form of a new roommate- what will he do with this younger student who has come into his dorm and poses such a risk to his secret murders?

The serial killer is the seme, the new roommate the uke.

Stand With Your Sword... or Swab the Deck
A stowaway on an airship, sailing through space with large solar sales in the manner of ships of old. Well, with the addition of two engines on the back. And with every ship comes stoaways... including a young man who has run away from his home in search of some sort of meaning for his life which, up until now, has been spent in a poor family trying to help his twin sister run a restaurant.
The captain of the ship is only a few years older, considered to be the star of the academy, one of the youngest captains ever appointed. He has no patience for stowaways, and usually has them hauled off the ship to the nearest jail on whatever planet is closest. When the stowaway is discovered a few weeks away from any civilized planet, he is forced to work on the deck while they travel to the nearest planet so he can be taken off the ship and be sentenced. But he is a hard worker, and when pirates attack the ship, the stowaway and the captain find themselves fighting back to back. Can the captain really let this man be thrown into the stockade? And how much would the stowaway agree to do to keep out of jail after the Captain realizes how he feels?

Some steamy scenes when the captain tests how much he can get the stowaway to do to not be put in jail. As you can probably tell, the captain is seme, the stowaway uke.
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Re: Dark's Delusions (seeking dom M for MxM.[BON, NC-H, EX])
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2012, 10:18:53 pm »
Added a new plot, as well as added some detail about what I'm interested in.

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Re: Dark's Delusions (seeking dom M for MxM.[BON, NC-H, EX])
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2012, 11:07:05 pm »
Added three more plots: Race to the Finish, The Lies We Hide, and Stand With Your Sword... or Swab the Deck