Degrading the Mother (FSEEKING M )

Started by Passion Pants, March 05, 2012, 03:03:51 PM

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Passion Pants

She is a teacher in a high school and a repectfull wife and mother everyday she takes her kids to school drives to the station and takes the train into town to her job.She has been doing this for years but one day whilst travelling through a tunnel she feels a hand on her breast but she does not push it away shocking herself in the process.On the journey home it happens again and on the next day the same but each day it becomes a little more but each time once the tunnel ends she finds she does not know who it is could it be just one guy or more.

It has the effect of starting her looking forward to the journeys finding herself dressing more sexily for the train before changing for home or work even finding herself driving sexily for shopping or visiting bars she never would before.Then she starts getting messages on her phone telling her he is watching and what he wants her to do...who is he will she ever know how far will he take her and what must she do.

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If you have any ideas for role plays message me and we can discuss anything considered xx

Behind every great woman, is a guy looking at her ass


Hi there

I would be happy to do thsi game with you.

Please PM me.