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Author Topic: Not So Innocent Cravings  (Read 937 times)

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Offline VampireDarkAngelTopic starter

Not So Innocent Cravings
« on: March 05, 2012, 02:12:21 am »
Hello, VampireDarkAngel here and welcome to my attempt search one x one thread.

I am new to the site but familiar with Role Playing, at least in writing form. Will be honest, some of the material on 'E' isn't something I'm not familiar with, had a quiet life and small crowd of friends. But I'm open minded and will list what I'm currently interested in though some material doesn't do anything for me.

Now I will put my interests, On\Off\Maybe, Pairings, Themes and Etc below. Hopefully something will grab your attention.

On: -Passion -Teasing/Flirting/Seducing -Gentle to Rough Sex -Tasteful Sex -Deep Voice/Growl (from men) -Tattoos/Scars -Biting/Scratching/Nibbling -Licking/Sucking -Oral Sex (foreplay/teasing) -Romance (Real, not cheesy) -Lingerie/Easy access/Easy to Rip Clothing -Massage -Drawing Blood -Dominance -Forced/Rape/Blackmail/Kidnapping -Semi-public/Empty Parking lots, bathrooms, etc -Hair Tugging -Yearning/Begging -Toys/Masturbation -Brest Play -Vampires (No Twilight) -Switch -Virgins/Experienced -Risk of Pregnancy -Race/Class Taboo -Accidental/Forced Nudity -Smut

Maybe/Curious: -Incest -Furry -Futa -Master/Slave -Arriaged Marriage - Lesbian/Gay -Anal -Light Bondage -Light Chocking -Age Play (16+ and only ten years difference) -Adultery -Competition for Affection -Mild Abuse -Dirty Talk -Betrayal

Off: -Godmodding -Scat/Water spots -Brutal Rape -Extreme Rape -Extreme Rape -Extreme Violence/Torture -Public Humiliation -Mind Control -Prostitution (Modern) -Tentacles -Vomit -Death

Little Tid Bits
  • Can make three to seven paragraphs per post. Will try to mimic my partners post length.
  • I do try to have proper grammar and spelling in my posts but I tend to slip now and then. Thank goodness for Microsoft Word.
  • I can be dense at times, so apologize ahead of time if I don't seem to catch on to things.
  • I'm comfortable posting in 3rd person but can also 1st person
  • I mainly stick to female characters but I can also RP as male characters but probably be tad rusty.
  • Tend to use Anime pictures for characters but also have real life models on hand. Can describe as well, though will take a good paragraph.
  • I have a thing for villians, in the pairings section, you will see which ones I have an interest in. The crazier the better.
  • As much as I like to RP for hours and hours, my personal life keeps me away for a couple of hours to sometimes few days away from internet. And at times, daily stress tends to kill my creativity. As I like to call it, this is my life but I like to take time for myself to enjoy RPing with someone interesting.
  • I enjoy OoC chats, so don't be afraid to interact with me outside of the RP
  • Literate. At least I try my best to be.
  • Inspirations: Majority of my inspirations come from books, movies, games and anime/manga. So at times, I would base an RP off a game or manga/anime.
  • I enjoy Drama/Conflict. I think it gives a better chance of Character Development.
  • I like to use Strong/Cocky/Smart-Ass/Stubborn female leads but of course they also have their soft/sweet side. Though I tend to expand my comfort zones and try out different types of characters.

What I like in a RP/Themes
  • Details!
  • Plots
  • OoC
  • Drama
  • Humor
  • Character Development
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Life Situations
  • Romance
  • Emotional Connections
  • Rivalry
  • Friendship
  • Anguish
  • Complicated Relationships
  • Betrayal
  • Superhero
  • Dark Past
  • Insanity
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Tension
  • Tasteful Sex
  • Mystery
  • Love/Hate Relationship
  • Frustration
  • Smut
  • Martial Art
  • Suspense
  • Action
  • Supernatural
  • Medieval
  • Modern
  • Tending Wounds, Physical/Emotional
  • Love Triangles
  • Secret Affections
  • One Sided Love
  • Violence/Fighting
  • Swearing
  • Enslaved
  • Arriaged Marriage
  • Thriller
  • Vampires/Werewolves
  • Spy/Agents
  • University/College Life
  • Futuristic/Space/Sci-fi
  • Military/Army
  • Gladiator/Warriors/Guards/Knights
  • Master/Slave

Some Stuff About VampireDarkAngel
  • Anime
  • Games
  • Novels/Manga
  • Fairytales
  • Fantasy
  • Mythology
  • Medieval/Modern Settings

I'm currently 26, full time job that goes between mornings to evenings. Female and Aboriginal background. Enjoy outdoors, camping, motorcycles, classic muscle cars, art, gaming, being around water and a lot of other random crap. Like working with my hands, so I like to craft things along with build to repair house hold items. Independent. Have a good sense of humor and mind tends to roll around in the gutter, but been told I'm a lot of fun. Just don't get on my bad side, which is rare but has happened. A Family person since I have a large family on both my father and mother side. I'm a very Random person, so expect some craziness.

Anyways, you can call me Dark or Ezra, I go by both. Hope we have fun in the future if I have your attention.
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Offline Teke

Re: Searching for the One.... for One and One
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2012, 02:28:50 am »
Welcome to E, Ezra!  I must say, you have a pretty expansive list there.  The only thing that I might suggest, is that you add either a section on what kind of characters that you want to play/are looking for, or at least a link to your on/offs if you've made them to give people some idea of how well they match up with you.  You may either get more responses or at least better ones if you do.
Hope you find some fun!

Offline VampireDarkAngelTopic starter

Re: Not So Innocent Cravings
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2012, 12:36:55 pm »
Plots to be added soon.

Fera the Immortal

Ezra the Broken

Kale the Ice Queen

Rouge the Struggling

Kyria the Second Devil

Victoria the Whore Assassin

Zahra the Enslaved Gladiator

Offline VampireDarkAngelTopic starter

Re: Not So Innocent Cravings
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2012, 03:48:18 am »

-Vampire x Human
-Werewolf x Human
-Agent x Spy
-Agent x Target
-Assassin x Target/Witness
-Fighter x Rival
-Superhero x Supervillian
-Werewolf x Hunter
-Vampire x Hunter
-Assassin x Rival
-Assassin x Royalty/Nobel
-Shapeshifter x Human
-Bounty Hunter x Target
-Bounty Hunter x Rival
-Struggling Student x Top Grade Student
-Student x Delinquent/Slacker
-Bad Girl x Good Guy
-Demon/Monster x Human
-Witch x Wizard

-Mercenary x Target
-Black Knight x White Knight
-Outlaw x Officer
-Knight x Witch/Wizard
-Warlord x Captive
-Warlord x Warrior
-Knight x Peasant
-Thief x Priest/Priestess
-Thief x Royalty
-Gladiator x Slave
-Gladiator x Rival
-Hunter x Slave
-Nobel x Nobel
-Royalty x Royalty
-Stripper/Dancer x Bouncer
-Stripper x Customer
-Whore x Assassin
-Whore x Royalty
-Deity x Priestess
-Arraged Marriage
-Heir x Kidnapper
-Cage Fighter x Norm
-Cage Fighter x Rival
-Knight x Guard
-Knight/Guard x Prince/Princess
-Royalty x Servant/Peasant
-Lord x Slave/Servant
-Pirate x Captive

More to be decided/added

Manga/Game/Etc. Pairings

Games I'm Interested in:
-Harvest Moon
-Jak and Daxter
-Legend of Zelda
-Tomb Raider
-Street Fighter
-Soul Calibur

Jak (Jak & Daxter) x OC
Errol (Jak & Daxter) x OC
Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time) x OC
Ganondorf (Wind Waker) x OC
Groose (Skyward Sword) x OC
Ghirahim (Skyward Sword) x OC
Zell (FF8) x OC
Seifer (FF8) x OC
The Prince/The Dark Prince (Prince of Persia) x OC

Vash (Trigun) x OC
Knives (Trigun) x OC

Kadaj/Loz/Yazoo x OC

Anime/Manga I'm Interested in:
-Cowboy Bebop
-Dragon Ball Z
-Hajime No Ippo
-One Piece
-Skip Beat
-Unbalance x Unbalance
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Elfen Lied
-Ninja Girls
-Blue Seed
-Birdy the Mighty
-X/1999 (The Movie)
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Appleseed Ex Machina
-Escaflowne (The Movie)
-The Vision of Escaflowne
-Macross II: Lovers Again
-Tenchi Muyo
-Vampire Hunter D
-Gunsmith Cats
-Ninja Scrolls
-Outlaw Star
-Samurai 7

More to come....