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Author Topic: BitterSweet Delights (sub seeking dominant M and F characters)  (Read 1198 times)

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Monstrous and Alien
Yes, I go there.  I love storylines where my character is paired with non-human creatures.  Alien abductions where my character is probed and examined, where medical kink features as well as bondage, sex, dominance and the frisson of fear.  Fantasy races where I play naïve princesses married to barbarian orcs, my plucky young adventurer is captured by satyrs, or the bold male warrior who finds himself defeated (in more than one way) by a powerful Minotaur.  Monsters with tentacles, claws and fangs who want to do more than just eat me.  The more alien and less human the better; I'm not interested in vampires, elves, or even werewolves and not at all in anthro/furries.   I like my monstrous partners to be different in mindset as well as body, have needs that are beyond human and make sexual, physical and mental demands on my characters that I must struggle to accept.

Both one-shots and long term storylines are welcome here.  I can play both men and women, of a variety of personalities.  I RP with men, women, liege - anyone who shares my interests and kinks.

Potential Kinks: large (to very large) insertions, unusual cocks, knotting, multiple penetration/partners, non-consensual, coercive or fully consensual, anal sex, impregnation, breeding, birthing, egg laying, BDSM, mild to moderate medical kink, cages, collars, training, ownership, mild physical transformation, horror and body horror (relating to pregnancy, mostly), as well as my very extensive list of 'usual' kinks, which can be found in my sig.  In all cases I am the receptive, submissive partner.  No snuff, vore, or sexually oriented gore – note on insertions: I ignore the fact that a very large partner could potentially do serious damage, it may hurt, ache, stretch but not rip, tear, puncture. 

With each storyline, I've listed a series of possible (not all are required, nor are we limited to just those) kinks and the sex of the character I'd like to play.

One Shots
Alien Abduction:  My character is taken by aliens who will do all sorts of terrible, awful, no good things to them.  Medical kink, being strapped down, forced orgasms, milking (prostate or lactation), invasive penetration, machine fucking and so on.  Men or women.
The Virgin: An age old ritual keeps the Kingdom fertile, wealthy, and pure, at the cost of the Royal Heir's virginity.  On the Spring Equinox, with great pomp and ceremony, the Virgin is brought to the edge of the Wild Wood, to travel into the shadows and meet the magnificent Unicorn.  A price is paid and the royal heirs never speak of their encounter.  This time though, the Virgin isn't one and my character, a friend/close servant, dresses in the sacrificial costume of veils and sparkling gems to take their place.  Virginity, consent, dominance, unicorn-sex (can also be ki-rin, dragon or other non-human shaped creature of myth), size difference, large/intense penetration, anal sex, magic, and ritual.  Woman preferred.
Midsummer Night: My innocent character lives in a small village in a rural area.  In the deep woods, the satyr folk live (or other fantasy creatures including griffons, centaurs etc) and my character and yours have decided, on the same warm summer night, to bathe in one of the lovely ponds.  Unsure, yet willing, my character yields to yours in a long, warm night of discovery and delights.  Innocence, anal sex, consent, light spanking, light BDSM, discovery, sweetness, romance.  Woman preferred.
Prowler: Something has been sneaking into bedrooms along the New England coast and leaving exhausted victims with hazy memories and nightmares behind.  My small town police officer is determined find the perp – and they do.  In a hotel room in a tiny town called Insmouth, my character spends a night of terrified passion.  Perhaps I do not remember, like everyone else, or perhaps my memories are intact so I know what inhuman, indescribable, cthuliod things happened.  Multiple penetration, tentacles, strange limbs/penis, multiple partners, breeding, non-consent and horror elements, bondage, degradation and so on. Men or women.
Minotaur's Lair: My brave warrior travels to the ancient ruins/labyrinth to seek the bullman out and defeat him.  Things don't go as planned and my character finds themselves at the mercy of the horny creature (ha!ha!).  Large cocks, inhuman cocks, size difference, held down, non-consent, rough sex, humiliation, BDSM, cages, bondage, imprisonment.  Men preferred.

Long Term Storylines
Lost in Space: My human character is lost in an alien universe via wormhole or whatever (think Farscape).  They are taken in by a very non-human companion who helps them survive, learn the ways of this place, and protects them.  Unbeknownst to me, the category of protection your character offered is as a sexual servant or submissive bond mate, or mistress/catamite etc.  Your character may not be pushing that aspect but are intrigued by my shape/softness/interesting orifices or whatever.  Perhaps to our mutual surprise we are seduced by each other. Sexual difference, extreme/large penetration, exploration (sexual and space-y), exhibition, weird behaviors and needs, strange romance, love across the divide, ritual sex/dress, piercing or markings, public sex/exhibitionism, nudity, sci-fi/space opera (again, think Farscape, Mass Effect, Traveller – for those who know it), adventure.  Man or woman. Someone who likes world-building (biology, science fiction, culture etc) is strongly encouraged to apply ;)
Land Bride: the Armies of Darkness lay waste to much of the world.  Out of desperation, former enemies are making last ditch alliances.  My character is the heir of a noble family and has sought out an alliance with your orc/troll/other seriously savage and bestial species; the alliance will be sealed with my marriage to you.  Our marriage will, according to custom, give you mastery over the lands of my people – and you will show that mastery by mastering me. BDSM, degradation, large cocks/inhuman cocks, breeding, exhibitionism, marking, branding piercing, costumes, multiple partners, collars, rough sex, spanking, cages, wartime. Woman preferred.
Xenomorphs Rule: Scientists are still foolishly trying to control/re-create/investigate the xenomorphs and they have a highly secure compound with several captive xenomorphs they experiment on (your character(ss)).  I am a newly arrived security guard and a perfect choice for the next phase of experimentation, in the guise of 'vaccines' I'm injected with modified xenomorph RNA.  In turn, I am changed – my sympathies strangely drift towards the imprisoned deadly beasts and I begin to hear the mysterious hive mind.  While I was being monitored, the scientists misjudged and I release your character(s) and you take control of the station, and me, in an orgy of blood and violence.  The RNA has made me a compatible 'queen' for your dominant warrior xenomorphs and we indulge our instincts to make more of our kind.  Alien sex! Large penetration, multiple partners, mental and physical dominance, breeding, egg laying, strong horror elements, possible body horror/transformation, weird behaviors and needs, orgies/gangbangs.  Man or woman.

Your ideas welcome! :D
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Re: BitterSweet Delights (sub seeking dominant M and F characters)
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2012, 12:37:07 PM »
In Development!
I do not need potential players to be the same sex/gender as their characters.  If you're a woman who wants to play a male dom character that's fine, or a man who wants to play a female one, that's all good.  Darker Options are just that - optional.

She Likes It That Way (seeking dominant male character(s))

Good girls are nice but bad girls are … better.  My character seems like a good girl and your character is a man who makes good girls … bad.  Your character kidnaps/bribes or simply advertises for women who want to be slut slaves.  You take them and shape them, train them like animals and use them (and your friends do too) until they're cock hungry, slutty, whorish bitches eager to be fucked and used by any man who wants to.  Then, you sell them at a tidy profit, not including the money you make off of video taping their training.

My character is a young woman who wants to be re-trained, broken down until she's nothing more than a bitch to be fucked and used and sold like an animal.  The quirk to this moderately common concept is that my character is willing.  She's agreed to a total power exchange or consensual non-consent or consensual slavery (or whatever you want to call it) – she's said yes and now you can do pretty much whatever you want.

RP: This is a fairly simple, extremely smutty, concept.  You, the player, would enjoy orchestrating all sorts of humiliating-to-degrading, intensely sexual scenarios involving multiple men, public sex and humiliation, BDSM, fucking-machines, orgasm training, mental and physical conditioning and generally treating my character like a sex toy and a commodity.  I, in turn, am willing to manage most any sort of kinks you can think of – if you can find it on, I'm probably willing to do it!  I am especially interested in leashes, public display and cages. And lots of sex.
Range of Kinks: training, caging, collars, bondage, gags, fucking machines, spanking, gang-bangs, public sex, sex-for-money, exhibitionism, intense/extreme/multiple penetration, sex toys, anal, public nudity, some piercing, humiliation, and so on …and on!  Branding or tattooing me as your property or as a bitch for sale is also very welcome.  I'm fine with girl-on-girl but would like plenty of male attention as well.
Not so interested for this RP: breeding, lactation, transformation, age-play, aliens, sci-fi.
No go: scat, vore/gore/tortureporn, snuff, non-consent, significant blood-play, or incest.

Some ideas to frame the concept – feel free to suggest your own!
Bitch in Training: You have a nice business breaking girls and selling them, something that my family – who are your friends – don't know.  I'm the daughter who's had a crush on you forever, and now I'm grown-up and want everything you've got to give.  I've discovered what you do and I'm not repulsed or horrified, I'm … fascinated.  I sneak onto your remote property/secret dungeon/cabin/other training area and present myself as your next bitch in training.  You decide to give me all that I've asked for and more – I'll be your best whore no matter what it takes.  You may decide to keep me when you're done or you may decide to sell me to some rich couple as a live-in sex toy.

Video Dreams:
You make a good living in posting and selling your training videos (as well as selling girls), in monitoring your porn site you discover that your grown-up stepdaughter has been watching your videos.  Even more, you discover that I've got a few of my own on-line – amateur but with potential.  With an exchange of IMs (I don't yet know who you are behind the screen), you invite me to a 'trial run' – once there, I discover who you are and we both discover that I want more than a temporary adventure.  When you've got me broken in, I'll be amazing.  Maybe you'll keep me as your own personal slut, in a dog run in the back yard.

The Good Wife: I'm newly married and as a wedding gift to my husband, I've decided to be slut trained by your character.  You'll teach me how to beg for cock, how to spread my legs like a good whore, how to do anything and everything my husband can imagine – for himself and all his friends, co-workers, or anyone he likes.  I never imagined my world could be so changed and I can't wait to become my husband's personal sex toy.  You'll be handing me off to my husband when you're done with me – but you (and your friends, and random strangers) will be having plenty of fun before that.
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Re: BitterSweet Delights (sub seeking dominant M and F characters)
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2012, 08:43:10 PM »
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Re: BitterSweet Delights (sub seeking dominant M and F characters)
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2012, 01:26:10 PM »
Brass, Glass and Ass - hiatus
Brass, Glass and Ass (seeking dominant male character) TAKEN
Steampunk adventure (plus, lots of sex)!
Our characters are two investigators/adventurers in Steampunk Victorian London.  We're both men - to start - but my character is captured by one of our enemies.  In order to destroy our partnership and end my adventures, and for revenge, the villain transforms me - against my will - into a woman.  A very beautiful, sexy woman - especially to your character.  This may finally force you to reveal your secret; you are a Dom, whose desire for the fairer sex involves paddling, cock worship, complete sexual submission, and more.  Once my character is transformed, they'll be essentially female and further adventures (sexual and otherwise) are basically het - with bonus awkwardness about her past life as a man.

Will that end our partnership or will it bring about a deeper connection?  Will my character accept the darkness of your passions - or does it spark a need within her she'd never before known?

RP: plenty of room for exciting victorian adventures here!  I'd love to have the thread involve more than just the sex, though that should figure strongly as well.
Range of Kinks: feminization (though this can happen off screen, unless you're into watching the process happen to my helpless character), BDSM, D/s, virginity, anal virginity, toys, corsets, chastity belts, discipline, spanking, etc.
Story Thread: Thousandth Man

All For You - dead
All For You (seeking male or female dominant character)  TAKEN
BDSM World!
In a world where BDSM/consensual slavery is accepted, my character was raised to be a free woman - her family didn't 'approve' of any of their children becoming slaves.  She's absorbed some of that viewpoint and has refused to acknowledge her true desire - to be a slave.  Your character is a man or woman comfortable with their dominance, a friend to me/my family and has watched my battle with my true nature for years.  When I finally exhaust myself, you take me to your home and begin to show me what I've been missing all this time.

RP: this story has less opportunity for non-kink/sex RP but we can discuss ways to include that if you like.
Range of Kinks: BDSM, D/s, bondage, collars, leashes, cages, training, orgasm control, orgasm training, cock worship, anal sex, mild body modification (piercing, tattoos etc), public display, public humiliation, public submission, pegging, etc.

A Man's Place - alas, dead
A Man's Place (seeking a dominant male or female character)
This is a sex reversal of All For You.
In this BDSM world, not only is slavery accepted but if you are 'diagnosed' as a sub/slave, you are required to be mastered.  It's a mostly accepted practice but there are always a few rebels.  My character is a man who managed to avoid being identified as the submissive he is but, after years, has finally been caught.  Now his old life is over and a new one begins.  Your character is a woman who is an experienced, liscenced dom, a sort of 'therapist' whose job it is to rehabilitate submissives like mine.  You'll be taking me in and teaching me my place - and how to enjoy it.  My character has been in hiding but he's tired now and not truly unwilling (ie: no violent resistance)

RP: There is a little bit of room to play here.  If your character can't break mine, I'll be going to the (evil institute) where subs considered too damaged to work with are institutionalized (perhaps someone gets impatient and steals me away from you and you have to rescue me).  My character or  yours might have family and friends who have opinions about this whole thing.  There may be press involvement as I've been so successful at avoiding capture and pretending not to be submissive.
Potential Kinks: oh, lots! anal sex, anal training, training, orgasm denial, control, prostate milking, cock cages, cages, leashes, collars, paddling, spanking, public spanking/sex/nudity/etc, mild medical kinks, begging, humiliation, BDSM, D/s, bondage, toys, pegging (please, yes!), anal sex, tit/pussy worship, cock worship, shoe/boot worship (no feet!  I'm not a bare foot person), worship in general, etc.

Darker Options - some, any, all
  • More medical kink.  My character's ability to hide so long is an unusual anomaly and so I'm required to go to (evil institution) so they can 'study' me - invasive exams, forced orgasms, enemas, sensory deprivation etc.
  • Body Modification.  Your character may chose to improve my looks, behavior etc by adding piercing, surgically making it impossible for me to talk, nipple, breast or cock expansion, cock miniaturization, even castration (we'll need to discuss these options).
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Re: BitterSweet Delights (sub seeking dominant M and F characters)
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2014, 03:58:37 PM »
Dust has been brushed off, ideas updated.