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June 12, 2021, 04:36:10 pm

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Author Topic: Lusting after~  (Read 902 times)

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Lusting after~
« on: March 04, 2012, 06:56:26 am »
Hello and thank you for the kind reception I received upon joining Elliquiy! I must say everyone seems so nice here and it would be grand to get to know everyone better! I can't wait to get started so why don't I just mention a few ground rules before I get onto some of the scenes I would love to play with the lovely people here <3

- If you are interested in one of my plots or would like to suggest an original plot, please PM me!
- I am looking for long-term, plot-driven romance role-plays with a dash of adventure, drama, and fantasy.
- I am only looking for either m/f or f/f, I can play either of the genders.
- Please look up my Role-Play Preferences, if you are unsure or wish to inquire about a particular interest then feel free to ask.
- I like to consider myself quite flexible. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating/negotiating ideas for a well-developed plot.
- I average about 2-4 paragraphs a post but it entirely depends on my partner. If my partner only posts one or two paragraphs, that is likely what they will get in return. I require a minimum of at least one paragraph to work with. NO ONE-LINERS.
- I do require that my partner be able to type their posts with proper grammar and full sentence structure without the use of chat-speak. I can understand a few typos here or there (I know I make them too), but if it is too excessive then I just do not enjoy what I am reading and responding to. TH4R W1LL B3 NO SP34K1NG L1K3 D1S.
- I prefer to role-play by IM but I can also accept Email or PM.

Well that wasn't too hard right? Haha

Now onto some of the plots! (More will be added over time so please stay tuned! Or you may request an original plot instead!)

1. Of A Wolf And His Maiden TAKEN
(male werewolf and human female)
She had never truly felt like she belonged in the world of humans. Humans were vile creatures, overly-jealous and vicious. They tortured and killed their own kind for petty reasons. That is why she preferred animals. A dog showed its emotions, gave you love and affection without all the complicated matters humans possessed, that is why she liked them. She was the black sheep in school, teased constantly by her peers and cruelly played on with pranks. During a summer trip out to a far-off campsite in the wilderness, a few of her peers decided to take their pranks to the next step. Kidnapping the girl, they tied her up deep within the woods, stripped naked of any clothing with the intent that if she loved animals so much she could either be raped by them or torn apart by a bear. Bound and gagged, she could do nothing but wait for help, or be subject to mother nature until her death. What she didn't plan on was being stumbled upon by a massive creature resembling a wolf. It circled her, intelligent eyes wandering over the bare body of the young woman with particular interest. What was going to happen next was anyone's guess.

I could play either the male or the female. For this plot I would like it to go into the direction of the male taking interest in her and keeping her protected in his den. The unusual circumstances of their meeting would then blossom into a forbidden sort of love. Possible rape could be a factor in their first meeting. While you don't need to accept this but I would find it interesting if it was physically impossible for the werewolf to talk or communicate outside of body language and sounds, perhaps his neck had been torn badly enough to ruin his vocal cords in a previous fight. Open for negotiation.
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