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Author Topic: A human and a dwarf walk out of a bar...(Recruiting for a tale of epic fantasy.)  (Read 3230 times)

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Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

Hello and welcome.

Are you interested in a high fantasy game with the potential for epic proportions?

Do you enjoy original settings and character driven stories?

What about the freedom to explore your character arch?

If you've said yes to the above questions, then I may just have the game for you.

A Bard's Tale is the story of an adventure through the darkest most perilous swamp, in search of the ultimate treasure. The ability to control and shape the reality that is. To bend what has been. Assuming of course that you can find the entrance to the realm that will make that possible, and survive that place when you do. Or so the legends say. What more than that this tale shall be, is up to you... After all, the Bard only tells the tale, it's the hero's exploits that create it...

Offline AndyZ

Is this related to the video game A Bard's Tale?  Or just using the same name?

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

It's not related to the video game.

Offline AndyZ

kk, I'll think on it and see if inspiration strikes.  Will probably go with some kind of mage.

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

Alright, once you have a basic concept, we can work on working him into the world.

Offline Shariden

Always thought about trying one of these, and I've kept my plate empty recently.

I usually default to a human thief or elvish archer archetype, though I've no qualms playing something else in the interest of party balance.

Offline Maverick Hunter Cake

Are you using a system or is this free form? I have a few characters in mind, but I would like to see if this is free form or a system.

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

Always thought about trying one of these, and I've kept my plate empty recently.

I usually default to a human thief or elvish archer archetype, though I've no qualms playing something else in the interest of party balance.

We have a dueling instructor and a berserker type. A rougely or archer type would be good.
Are you using a system or is this free form? I have a few characters in mind, but I would like to see if this is free form or a system.

It's completely free form. No class system or anything like that and races are pretty much only limited by mythology. It's a divergent from Earth type world. Not in that it's Earth based, but in that the creatures were from Earth originally. I have a little bit of Mythos and what not up in the original Interest Thread, but that was getting a little long and there was a lot there to process initially. Watch this space for more of the character creation necessary information.

Offline Maverick Hunter Cake

I shall! This looking to be very promising.

Is it alright if I play a warrior type? It seems you have a few already, but I have a very specific idea in mind.

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

Another fighter type would be fine.

Offline Maverick Hunter Cake

Another fighter type would be fine.

Great, my idea is a commoner-turned-warrior who is out looking for a particular thing or a particular person. Is that okay?

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

Great, my idea is a commoner-turned-warrior who is out looking for a particular thing or a particular person. Is that okay?

It's fine. I'm working on getting the necessary world information up here right now.


A Bit of History:

Quote from: Our World's Creation: A Mythology
It is said that once long ago, we were all denizens of a different world. A place far removed from here where humans came to hate all other races, and to rule them. In a desperate bid to save all our kinds, The Lady made this world, our home come into existence. Sakura, she called it, after her favorite flower, and she gave us fair and safe passage here through Faerie. Our human friends, those that had no wish to live in a world without magic or wonder she brought with us. After our evacuation was complete, Faerie's tie to that old world was severed, and so we thought that all was safe. But what we didn't know then, was that Faerie and The Fell were linked. That in bringing one, we would also bring the other to our new home, and the Demons of The Fell were not happy.

Their worlds, as it was told, mirrored the world to which it was tied, and in the change over, the landscape began to differ. So a war began, between the Fae and the Fell. A battle over land, such a petty thing now, in hindsight. They met in battle, in their dimension, over what is now Todesfalle. And for centuries, battle was joined. Blood was spilled, and nightmares reigned. The air was thick with the scent of suffering as Elves, the Fae foot soldiers were slaughtered, and slaughtered the Greater Demon's Imps as well. Many thousands of lives were lost, populations decimated. All on that one spot. This, some conjecture is how Todesfalle came to be as it is today within our realm. Through perversion by taint of it's alter-self.

What is certain, and has been recorded in the histories is that the time came that both sides were tired of the warfare. The Lady, saddened that the people that she had come to see as her own die, sent emissaries. Some called them her children, others, her Seconds, to ensure a peaceful, and fair negotiation. Little is known about those negotiations outsides of the halls of the High Court, and few who were there still live to speak of it, but they progressed, and there was peace. Until one day, something happened. It's not recorded what, and a skirmish again began. A new Accord was quickly met, and there was peace again, but it was much more tentative. Poised to break at the slightest  wind of contention. So it has been for the past years. I fear for all our safety. If this war begins anew, I have no doubt that it will spill out into this, the Mortal Realm, and those of that us are much more fragile will pay the price.

This is the most recent history to be written. The Fae and Fell have been poised on the point of war for a few decades now. No one knows why. No denizen of the mortal realm knows the true tale of what happened at those Accords so long ago. What bargains were made, what promises were broken that lead to the recent skirmishes. These things aren't really important to our tale. It's just a bit of history that anyone could know. :) Use it how you will. Also note that this is important, because older Elven characters, should they happen to come about, would likely have served in that war in some capacity. Just a little food for thought, because of course you can't create your character without a world in which to place them.

The World:
Some Common Races
Atlantean Races:
I would like to preface this by saying this is far from an exhaustive list, and if you wish to get imaginative and use something else from folklore, or a more original idea, then I'm open to discussion. Also, humans are far from the most common race in the world. Except in select places, Alexandria and Brighton most especially, they make up less than 1/6 of the population. Some places don't have human inhabitants at all. Let's have some racial diversity okay?

Humans: Need little explanation. A versatile and adaptable race, but with little in the way of natural magical aptitude. It is unknown for more than a rudimentary learned skill to be found in that arena without a family history of it often leading back to an ancestor of a different race.

Elves: A magical race in and of themselves, elves are rather reclusive from most human society. The closest relatives to the High Fae, who are rarely found outside of Faerie, Elves are a long lived race. Strong magical gifts have been known to manifest in those of this race with little to no family inclination, but never without some kind of price. Minor gifts are held by most members of this race, though they are often overlooked as inconsequential in preference to hobbies, and other, more tangible and useful talents. It has been rumored that some of the older families hold in their bloodlines such extraordinary talents as telepathy and telekinesis, though these are rare attributes and take much discipline to master and use at command.

Dwarfs: Short, stout, and often gruff, Dwarfs are masters of their crafts. While many find their passion in working deep, sturdy mines, just as often they find happiness as craftsmen of many sorts. I magical gifts are present, they're usually linked to the working of the land, mines, or metal and stone. You'll find few who are comfortable at sea, or in human cities although smaller settlements don't engender the same disinclination.

Small Folk: Sylph, Nixie, Gnome, many others share this distinction as well. No one is entirely sure when, but sometime between Creation, and modern day, they formed an Accord. By doing so, they came to view each other as kin. While many will gladly find friends among, and places within the society of the larger races, they share information and skills most readily with those that share their small size. In most every city you will find a network of Small Folk.
Sylph: Small woodland Fae, bearing gossamer wings and natures often mischievous and occasionally malicious, these creatures are rarely seen outside of Eden. They are considered pests by humankind, and various other of the larger races and have been known to be terminated on sight.
Nixie: These small water Fae are much more sedate than their woodland counterparts. They live in many lakes, rivers, and streams all over the whole of Atlantis. They nurture their homes, and so a Nixie's waterway will always be clean and plentiful. Because of this they are seen as beneficial and  in most places it is a crime to do them harm.
Gnomes: Where the Dwarfs are master craftsmen, Gnomes are masters of tinkering. Gnomish inventions are plentiful, and often sought after, but only by the adventurous sort who don't much care if they blow up in their faces. Prone towards and interest in science and nature, you're more likely to find a Gnomish scholar than any king of warrior.
Halflings: Looking much like small humans, Halflings are as varied as their larger counterparts and extremely nimble of fingers. They're most commonly found in large cities picking pockets and heading up branches of the Small Folk's network.

Ogre: A large, civilized, race of Goblinoid, these peoples are found most commonly in the southern mountainous regions of the Continent, though they have been known to trek far and wide. Looking a good deal like their smaller, more barbaric kin, they are often seen as monsters in lands that are not used to their existence. Even still, as a race, they are generally gentle and soft spoken, despite they're gravelly, intimidating voices.  Many have no temper to speak of, and will only raise a hand in defense of themselves, their family, or their land. The most peaceful people on the continent, they are farmers, and lands keepers by trade.

Nymphs: A race purely of females, Nymphs are untamed and wild. Creatures of the wilds. They are said to be the most beautiful of maidens, but rarely leave Eden and their Glades.

Selkies: Not to be confused with Kelpies, Selkies are oceanic shape shifters. It is said that at will they can alternate between the form of a seal, and a human. There is some conjecture about if this race has males, but due to their secretive nature, little is truly known. A shy race, easily able to hide their existence when on land, they are sought after as body slaves as all it takes to control them is to steal their pelt. That is easier said then done however, it must be tricked from them, and it will earn you the enmity of the entire race to do so.

Kelpies: A malevolent shape shifting race, Kelpies trick those of lesser cognitive ability into riding them into lakes and streams and drown them to eat. On land their most common appearance is that of a beautiful steed and it is considered bad luck to leave your horse unattended by the waterside in case a Kelpie happens to be in residence and takes it's place.

Merfolk: Half humanoid, half fish. There's little to say about these peoples other than that they are territorial and can be prone to violence. It is said that some can walk the land as a human for a time, so long as they are able to keep themselves dampened on a regular basis, but none have tried in human remembrance.

Siren: Perhaps having the worst reputation of all the Fae creatures, Siren don't mean any harm, usually, they're just not very bright. Having lovely singing voices, and a wish to be heard and adored, they use them on any who get remotely within reach. Unfortunately, those that hear, and are not of a strong enough will, lose all sense to the song, and do everything they can to reach it. As Siren love to sun themselves on the rocky outcroppings of the seaside cliffs in which they live, this usually leads to disaster. As such, they are quickly driven off when they try to take up a home near an established trade route, or any form of civilization.

The Continent
The Nations:

Eden: Home of the eldest and most reclusive fey. It's capitol, if this “country” could be said to have one is Ceres, the citadel on the highest peak of all the Ceresian Mountains. This citadel is their link to Faerie. There is no known official government in this region, though it is believed that the High Queen of Faerie holds sway here as well. Outsiders are not privy to a great deal of information on this place, and are generally unwelcome. Fae who walk freely within are regarded with distrust outside of it, and never speak of their time there.

Io: Butting up on the Southern most spit of the Cerisian mountains, Io is home to a thriving craft community. It's major exports are jewelry and weapons in metals such as Mithral and Adamant. Many of these things are magical in nature, and all are considered to be of exceptional quality. As such, they are vastly expensive. Io is governed by a small group of wealthy merchants, and the foremost artisans. While this creates a highly capitalistic society, hard work and talent are valued, and schooling in crafts and trades are free to those of poor family who show a particular affinity for one of them. For those who are lazy or untalented however, this is not the place to be. Since many are still there, and money is plentiful however, this has created a counter government of sorts, run by the seamy underbelly. Thieves and cut throats, selling protection and assurance that one will not become the victim of theft or murder. Of course, some don't always stay bought. All of this combines to create a country in which much is a facade and safety is never assured.

Alexandria: The melting pot of Atlantis, Alexandria's capital city, Alexia, is home to a vast library. Magics are treasured here, and knowledge is considered most sacred. A home of scholars and the largest University on the entire continent. People come from far and wide to learn and research. Alexandria is governed by an aging king. His nephew, the Duke of Mist Haven, his only heir. While the king himself is just and fair, the Duke is not, and as such the countries future looks grim unless another heir becomes apparent. This is where our story begins. In a land that is generally idyllic, but hovering on the precipice of  disaster. All of this is without considering the substantial threat posed by this being the only kingdom to directly border Todesfalle without the buffer of The Divide. Because of this encroaching threat, the Dysanara's, one of the oldest Elven families known to history hold a dukedom along the countries southern most border. Because of this they are given powers of vote, and council. It is said that they took up this sentinel position because they felt responsible for the existence of Todesfalle.

Todesfalle: A mixture of wild, jungle like forest and darkest swamp, or so it is said. No one really knowns anything about this most dire of places, though much is rumored.

Navar: Butting up against The Divide, Navar is perhaps the only truly barbaric kingdom in all of Atlantis. The creatures of The Divide, Trolls, Giants, Goblins, and many others make every day a fight just to survive as they encroach on most all sides but one.

Perth: A rich farming country, this is the main home of the Ogre, and where they find the most peace, untroubled by their beastly appearances.  This country thrives on it's exports of foods by way of ship, and has many large merchant fleets docked in it's harbors. Ruled by the people, this is the only true democracy on all the continent. Any who wishes to have as say has it, though they're not always listened to, and any who can gain enough support can raise to the highest echelons of government.

Yvan: Just as surrounded by The Divide as Navar, the people of Yvan have learned to cope with the this by flocking to large, well defended cities, and strong Garrisons. Because of the constant threats that raids of Divide monsters can create, it is required by law that all able bodied persons male and female spend at least the first two years of their adult lives serving in the Garrison, thought specific duties vary based on character and abilities. Yvan is governed by the City Lords, the strongest warriors in any given city. This title usually carries on through a family line, though is anyone is truly unhappy with the governance that they receive and do not wish to move away, they are welcome to challenge the head of the family to a duel to the death. If they win, they gain control of the city, and fealty of the Garrison that is stationed within. These challenges are rare, but in the case that they happen and are won, it is customary to keep the family of the fallen Lord as advisors, and favored friends. As much to dissuade thoughts of vengeance as for the council they may be able to provide.

Mikhal: A desert kingdom, this is a home of wandering nomadic people with tribe like governance amongst themselves, but no over arching government to speak of.

Morhan: A plains nation, Morhan is home to nomads and farmers. The best horses in the world are said to come from this place, and the best horse trainers. Agriculture is the chief occupation of those that live in this fertile country, and it counts it's wealthy in corn, wheat, and livestock. Barter is the name of the economy here, and useful skills are valued above book knowledge. Settlements are loosely scattered, and no formal government exists.

Ygdral: A land of Knights and Damsels , Ygdral is governed by strength of arms, and words of the wise. Warriors are born and bred here, and mercenaries are it's chiefest export. Simply for the love of fighting, and the strength of mind and body that come from disciplined practice, weapons are placed in the hands of children from the moment they are old enough to hold them, and they are trained to use them. Between the zealots of Brighton, and the creatures of The Divide, martial skill is necessary in their everyday lives, though they do not discount the importance, and usefulness of magical aptitude in those who display it. Many settlements will pool funds to send their most talented magical, and scientific minds to the University of Alexandria so that their learning may come back and enrich all. By no means is this land idyllic however, and those of intellect are objects of envy and even jealousy by many.

Brighton: Structure is the name of the game here, and women, considered the weaker of body, and soul are subjugated into protected roles as wives and daughters. Few women stray outside of this of expectation, and those who do not have only the recourse of fleeing the country. Magic is considered taboo here, and any found practicing it will face death by fire. Brighton is governed by a church that any from outside of this country would find sacrilegious, repudiating the existence of The Lady of her Consort, they believe that this world is not the first, and that they were stolen from a place of virtue in which a single God ruled all, and any kind of deviation was cause to suspect witchcraft. This deviation can be as small as being nonhuman. This is the only country on the continent where humans outnumber the other races, simply by the expedient that other races are killed on sight.

The Islands:

The Isles: The starting point for all of the hazardous, long, and rare journeys to the other parts of the world. This is a collection of fisher folk, and home to a large number of Selkies and Merfolk.

Siren's Haven: The accepted habitat of Siren. Seafaring folk known to avoid these islands and as such Siren, and oceanic Fae who choose to be reclusive find this to be a haven where they will not be disturbed by humans or any who seek to do them harm.

Dak A resort island, Dak is home to many wonders and just as many ways to blow all of your money at once.  Many performers call this place home, and have no issue supplementing their incomes with what quick fingers can steal from the unsupecting.

Isles of the Small Folk: A haven for those of the Small Folk who wish to be away from the prying eyes of the larger races. No one else is welcome on these islands, and little is known about what happens on them.

The Greater Deities

The Lady:The worlds creator, there are several different myths surrounding her, the most common, and widely held, that she was not always a deity, but at one time, just like one of them. She's also been said to be rather meddlesome, though encountering someone who's ever actually seen her (or claimed to have) is very rare. She is described as having hair made of red gold, eyes that are never the same color from one second to the next, and never without a white tiger. As such, they are considered sacred, and killing one is anathema to most peoples save in the case of the animal going mad.

The Cat: The Lady's consort, he's a creature of chaos, and never is there a story of The Lady without him making some appearance. His looks are never the same from tale to tale, and one is left with the impression that there are either several of him, or he's a shapechanger.

The Three:They are the Fates. The two sisters spin and weave the lives of mortals as the dictates of their mother's book tell them to do so. They create the law that it is said all others, including the gods must follow. While it is possible to bend the fates that are decreed, there will always be a consequence somewhere, and to unhinge them too far could cause the collapse of all that is.

Character Creation:

Points to Ponder During Character Creation:
What are they, and aren't they good at?
What do they fear, and what can't they live without?
What limiters do they have?
What makes them tick?
Do they use weapons, magic, words?
How do they handle conflict?
What do they look like? Is there something that makes them physically distinctive?
How old are they, not only in years, but mentally.
What is it that they want? Why do they seek the power of the Shadow, or is it fame that they're after?
What's gotten them to this point in their life?

Please note that the points to ponder are just that. Questions to get you thinking about your character and the sorts of things that will be important to this roleplay and the story that it's meant to create. It's important to understand that while I've given some general guidelines for a few of the more common races of Atlantis, this is free form, and those are to give you general guidelines so that you can feel more comfortable going outside of the realms of human. Your characters are real people in a fantasy world and so there are no classes in the sense of a system game. Their skill sets and professions can be as creative or as mundane as you would like, what matters is that they're balanced. If you have a mage that can slay a person with a look at 100 yards, for example, they're not going to be able to use a sword with any real proficiency. They wouldn't need to. Powerful magic requires specialization into magic, and a great deal of concentration and energy to use it, just as extraordinary skill with weapons requires a focus on them.

A note on multiple characters: If you think that you can handle more than one character, you're welcome to submit more than one. They will be judged and accepted or not separately. It's my preference that if you choose to play more than one character, you don't do so from the very beginning, and only do so if you have successfully done so before. This only applies to actual characters, not NPC's.

Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[center][b][u]Basic Information:[/u][/b][/center]
[center][i][size=8pt]Please answer as your character unless otherwise indicated.[/size][/i][/center]
[floatleft][img]Your image goes here or in a spoiler[/img][/floatleft]
[b]I am called,[/b]
[b]I am[/b] How old they are physically?
[b]I would identify myself as[/b]What race do they consider themselves to be?
[b]I earn my keep by[/b]This is where they're profession goes.
[b]I consider myself to be[/b] Gender association goes here. If this is different than their apparent gender, explanation may be in order.

[b]Others think I look[/b] How old do they appear?
[b]My hair is[/b]
[b]My eyes are[/b]
[b]Height and Weight:[/b] Answer this one with numbers
[b]If I were describing myself in a story I would say...[/b] Physique, tattoos, general clothing and hair wear choices if not covered elsewhere, skin tone, scars, anything else that comes to mind. If they would describe themselves as other than they look, please note this.

[b]I behave as if[/b] How old do they act?
[b]My favorite things are[/b]
[b]The things that I can't stand are[/b]
[b]Nothing scares me like[/b]
[b]When it comes to interacting with others I:[/b]
[b]I believe that:[/b]Moral values go here.

[b]Weapons and Armor:[/b] If you're a mage with battle abilities, this is where you tell us about them as well. Answer this in the 3rd person.
[b]I never leave home without:[/b] Items of personal value belong here.
[b]When it comes to money I'm:[/b] Money shouldn't be all that important to the game, but are they wealthy, poor? These can effect the rest of the character as well.

[center][b][u]Other Important Stuff:[/u][/b][/center]
[b]When I'm scared I:[/b]
[b]The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is:[/b]
[b]I'm lonely when:[/b]
[b]It hurts when:[/b]
[b]The things you need to know about my past are:[/b] Go ahead and keep this fairly vague, while I usually like super detailed histories, and try to write them myself. I think we should focus more on the present and future. By all means note down traumatic events and the like, I'd just like to look more at how they've shaped the person that you're playing now, as opposed to simply what happened. Hope that made sense.
[b]I wish to go to the Shadow because:[/b] Sorry, I forgot to put this in when I first made the sheet everyone. It was five something in the morning, and I'd gotten very little sleep, please forgive me.

That is by no means a fully exhaustive list of what you can include. If there's something else that you can think of that you want to add for your character by all means do so. Also, don't feel like you have to fill out everything, though it would be appreciated.

A note on character pictures, I by no means require photo realistic, it can be hard to find in photograph what you're looking for, but I require that if you're even going to have an image, which I do not require:
It be realistic in appearance. I would prefer nothing cartoony or anime, unless the animation is mostly realistic.
It be floated on the right or left side, or if that fails for whatever reason, put in a spoiler. Also, large images being put in a spoiler would be appreciated.
It be in addition to a physical description, and not take the place of one.
If there are any other questions or comments please, let me know. :-)

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Offline Maverick Hunter Cake

Here's my character:

Basic Information:

Ah am called, Fenneil Barkon, but ya'll can call me "Fenn" fer short.
Ah am 28 years old. Ah can start to feel ol' father time's effects on me. But I ain't old yet.
Ah would identify mahself as a human bein'. T'aint anythin' special about what ah am, unlike other folk.
Ah earn mah keep by reparin' and makin' weapons, armor, tools, anythin' with metal. Ah'm a blacksmith, even if Ah go travelin' too.
Ah consider mahself to be a man. It's what ah am.

Others think ah look like Ah'm a year older then ah am. Kinda annoyin' sometimes.
Mah hair is the color of a gold coin, Ah suppose. That's what other folk say it looks like. It's also a bit wavy, and short.
Mah eyes are a lime green color. They look the same color as the fruit, Ah swear.
Height and Weight: 5'9(height), 170 pounds
If Ah were describing mahself in a story Ah would say...Ah'm a slightly muscular and very pale man. Ah ain't no string bean! Ah wear a green and black striped with the stripes goin' up and down. Mah right ear is pierced with a single earring. Ah wear shirts that are a lil' too big fer me and cuff em' up at the elbows and wear a pair of large brown gloves. On mah left elbow there's wrappin' to keep a nasty old burn scar outta sight. Can't be scarin' anyone now, can Ah? I wear a brown, old belt round mah waist, where I keep mah blades sheathed. Ah wear an old pair of tough cloth pants that are gray in color. There's a big hole in the right knee of em', so Ah cover it up with an ol' red checkered bandanna. There's also a few holes at the very fringes of the pants, right underneath a wavy, white line design on both legs of the pants. Ah wear a pair of ol', beaten up brown boots with steel on the toe tips...mainly so Ah don't hurt mahself when I am forging.

I behave as if Ah am a little younger, like 25. No need to get all grumpy if Ah ain't old yet.
My favorite things are sweet foods, adventure stories, mead(ale), dogs are mah favorite animal, the color green
The things that I can't stand are seein' someone hurting someone else because of differences and injustice, bitter foods and medicine
Nothin' scares me like seein' mah friends get hurt badly, spiders, ghost stories and the creatures who are in em'
When it comes to interacting with others I: Ah treat them kindly, Ah ain't a mean spirited person.
Ah believe that: If there's trouble an' you can stand up for fer yerself and everyone else, then ya gotta do what's right.  Ya should also be ready to fight for what you love...

Weapons and Armor: Fenn has a slightly rusty chest piece of armor, covering the upper torso. His arms and shoulders are not covered. There is a brown leather strap that runs down from his right shoulder to his lower left side. There is a very small hole in the upper left part. It very close to his armpit. He uses a small, slightly chipped but otherwise still good shortsword and a longsword in about roughly the same condition. These were his father's blades, and their sheaths are attached to a belt worn around Fenn's waist.

I never leave home without: Mah trusty hammer, never know when it can be mighty useful outside the forge. As well as supplies and such for a long trip, but that's somethin' everyone traveling should know.
When it comes to money ah'm: Not a rich man. I make enough to support mahself an' keep a simple, small home.

Other Important Stuff:
When I'm scared Ah: tend to stutter, it gets bad if Ah'm scared out of mah damn mind. Ah also tend to get a little kluzty, from the nerves and all.
The thing Ah want most but would never tell anyone about is: Someone who loves me. Ain't the most manly thing to want.
I'm lonely when: Ah am by mahself, mainly at night....Mah mind tends to wander on what and who I don't have in my life.
It hurts when: Others shun me for bein' a poorer man, like ah'm just an bug. Same thing goes for me bein' human too, like Ah would hurt somebody for bein' different. Ah know what it's like for someone to hurt me for bein' different.
The things you need to know about my past are: Mah daddy was killed by a band of elf thieves when Ah was younger, when we were movin' to the village Ah lived in for a good time. We were travelin' with another family we were friends with, who were also elves. The bandits wanted to kill the humans but let the elf family go. The elf family refused to leave us dead in those damn bandits' hands. The adults managed to fight em' off, but mah daddy...he....he got hurt badly....too badly to survive and get help, along with a lady from the elf family...They both died, workin' together to keep their families and friends safe...That's where I learned that you gotta fight to keep what ya love safe, also why Ah won't and can't stand hurting someone else for bein' different....Besides that, mah life ain't really too much different then other kids in the same place...

But Ah got one more story to tell that a little more...recent...The reason Ah'm travelin' now is because mah town has been wiped clean off the earth...I managed to escape the same fate by bein' out of town to get more supplies...When Ah got back, all the homes had been destroyed, with not a single. trace. to what caused it....or where anybody was...Ah want to find out what happened.

I wish to go to the Shadow because: Ah want to know what the hell attacked mah home and who had the guts to make off or kill all those who were in it. Ah want to bring the attackers to justice, and the Shadow might be where they are hiding.

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To avoid confusion on the part of those happening into the thread, the reason you won't see approved or not in this thread is because I handle approvals via PM. Not sure if that was up in the character creation info. :D

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This seems really cool for an original setting, if I was not full up I would join myself. I do wish you luck with recruiting though.

Offline AndyZ

Still trying to find a picture and failing horribly.  What all is there right now?  Is a mage still open?

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

There's certainly still room for a mage, and if you can't find a picture, a written description will do just fine.

Offline AndyZ

That'll make it so much easier.  I'll give you the basics of what I'm looking at and see if this is okay.  I'm not awake enough to give the full stuff right now but at least it'll give you an idea what I'm thinking.

Lynnaria, Half-Elf Wizard

Lynnaria developed the human desire for wanderlust and the desire for adventure, and the elven aptitude for magic, but the mix and match of genetics doesn't provide a perfect mix.  Although she's physically in her early 20s, she isn't quite mature mentally, and her focus easily wavers and leaves her bored as she remains mentally as childlike as an elf of her age.

She likes to wear extravagant silk robes common to wizards, but she was actually dismissed from the elven academy of magic due to her unwillingness to learn patience or wait a few decades in order to learn from them.  After all, she'd likely be an old woman by the time that they thought she was ready.

What are they, and aren't they good at?
She's spectacular at quick and random bursts of magic, but anything which requires dedication and focus can burn her out.  She's not even that knowledgeable about her own limits, and has run dry of energy more than once in a crucial moment.

What do they fear, and what can't they live without?
She secretly fears not measuring up.  She needs to believe that she's awesome and powerful enough not to need proper teaching.  She can no longer live without her magic, as she tends to overuse it even for simple things like keeping warm or cleaning her robes.

What limiters do they have?
I'm not sure what this means.

Oh crap, there's an actual character sheet set up...well, does this concept look alright?  I can fill that out later.

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

*giggles softly*

I see no issue with that basic premise. Waking up before filling out the character sheet may be a good idea. :D

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Offline AndyZ

Basic Information:
Please answer as your character unless otherwise indicated.
I am called, Lynnaria
I am 19.
I would identify myself as half-elf.
I earn my keep by magic.
I consider myself to be female.

Others think I look between 17 and 19.
My hair is frost white.
My eyes are sapphire blue.
Height and Weight: 5'6", 135 lb.
If I were describing myself in a story I would say... that I wear some awesome silken robes denoting my status as a wizard.  If I had any magical jewelry, I'd wear that too, but I'm still trying to snag some.  I never get any scars because I always heal them up, and tattoos are dumb.

I behave as if I'm 18!"  This question obviously infuriates her, but after a few seconds, she pauses, muttering, " elf years..."
My favorite things are being able to do whatever I want because I'm a wizard.
The things that I can't stand are people who are rude and obnoxious.  Last week there was this total moron who started laughing after my light spell made a thousand lightning bugs, so I turned him into a toad.  Yeah, so what if it didn't work and he just ended up with a bunch of warts?  You want some warts too?  Shut up.
Nothing scares me like growing old.  Elves aren't supposed to grow old but I'm not supposed to be growing as fast as I am.  Maybe I can find a youth spell that will keep me young forever.  Then I'll be able to live even longer than elves, and they'll beg me to teach it to them, but I'll be all, nuh uh, you were mean to me when I wanted to learn magic from you.  They'll be so sorry.
When it comes to interacting with others I: am always nice and perfect.  Unless people are mean, but then they have it coming.
I believe that: good is good and evil is evil, and you help good people and stop evil ones.  I don't really get why that's so hard for some people.

Weapons and Armor: During battle, she surrounds herself in a glowing blue field, part of which breaks off into a blade of pure energy.  Wounds don't actually hurt her but do tire her out, and it's entirely possible for her to collapse under repeated minor blows.
I never leave home without: me.  They didn't let me keep any of the awesome stuff I was supposed to have!  Maybe I can get some new stuff, like a pair of boots where you click the heels together and you can teleport anywhere you want!  That'd be so cool!
When it comes to money I'm: usually able to turn something into something else, like when I made a rock into a glass swan.  Yeah, so what if I wanted crystal?  They don't know that.  Crystal is hard!  Don't even get me started on gold.  If they'd let me stay at the academy I'd be able to do gold by now.

Other Important Stuff:
When I'm scared I: tend to freak out sometimes.  One time I ended up burning down the house where there was a monster in it, or at least thought it was a monster.  He shouldn't have put that mask on and started screaming things.  Besides, I healed him afterwards and he said that it was his fault anyway.
The thing I want most but would never tell anyone about is: to be a full elf.  I don't like being half of one thing and half of another, and it makes people always be so mean to me about it.  Nobody ever thinks it's cool and it only ever comes up when people want to be rude about it.
I'm lonely when: nobody wants to talk to me or marvel at my amazing powers.  Aren't I so cool?  Why don't people pay attention to me more?
It hurts when: people don't accept me for me.  Most people either want me to be human or elf, but I'm not.
The things you need to know about my past are: that I got kicked out of the academy because I wasn't willing to go through all the stuff like the other elves.  I'd be old and gray by the time I actually got to do some real magic!  Why don't they get that?
I wish to go to the Shadow because: I want to get more magical power.

As an OOC note, one thing that I worry about with this character is that there's a fine line between quirky and obnoxious.  I don't always have full control over my characters after I create them, and she may be over the line.  I'm hoping that this intro inspires snickers and not head shaking, but if she seems bad, I should probably not play her.

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I'm piqued.

If you allow anti-hero types of characters.

Been wishing to play my Necromancer for some time now.

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

Sorry it's taken a couple days to get back to you.

As for anti-hero's they're certainly welcome.

My only hesitation is with a necromancer. I haven't accounted for necromantic magic in any incarnation of this world. It's not something I've ever worked out the workings of as I've never assumed it to exist. The vast majority of the people's in the world are of a magical nature. When they meet their end, they're dead, they don't come back. I would imagine that it's possible to bring human's back from the dead... Certainly things like draining people's life energies could be accepted, and inflicting wounds. There would have to be some kind of cost though, even if it's just in the character tiring.

Hmm... Let me ponder this a bit. I know I approved a wraith, but he was alive when he was cursed... There's certainly enough potential here to warrant throwing up a character sheet. If anything needs to be worked out, we can work from there. I'm always willing to expand on my world as needed for a good character. ;D

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It is alright, I know how life can get hectic at times.

As for necromancers, the way I always played them out was that their magic came with sacrifice/exchange/require necessary tools/etc. Blood, bones, dust, so on, so forth. Morbid stuff, I assure you. Though the bringing back from the dead wouldn't be miracle resurrection magic base, no, they would be mindless zombies, skeletons, or something of that nature; ready to serve and die again(although I usually limit minion base... things...)

Offline PhoenixrisenTopic starter

I realized it would be the mindless zombie kind of bringing things back from the dead, and that's what I'm not so sure about. I'm not sure how undead would work in my world beyond demonic possession in which case you're not really undead... I realize it's just the reanimation of dead flesh, and it's not the gore that bothers me. Some gore can always be fun. It's just the working out of how it would happen. I'm thinking it would kind of have to be more puppet like, in which case, there really only could be a few at a time because they would require concentration to control. Almost like a kind of telekinesis.

The creator of the world wasn't overly fond of necromancy. (In story) She had all sorts of issues with it, and so I don't see it being possible in the usual sense, but having come up with a way to animate objects, and having a marked preference towards doing so with dead things would be perfectly fine. It could even open up the opportunities to be useful because necromancy in any game I run wouldn't have the stereotypical legions rising up from their graves. It's just a little too unrealistic for me. They would already have to be on the surface.

Hopefully you find these thoughts helpful and not limiting. I do want to work with you, and find ways to make you're character, and your ideas work in my world. :D

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Hmmm, but that is how I also play my necro. Everything has to be in available supply. I use undead control with his blood, since I believe any other blood as a supplement would make the undead harder to control/berserk; and one can only bleed so much. (Yes, I do play my necros morbid) Though undead running amuck could be amusing as well, my character would probably find dry humor in that.

Any who, did you wanted sheet PM or posted here?