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Author Topic: My New Cravings  (Read 1788 times)

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Offline sexybbwgalTopic starter

My New Cravings
« on: March 01, 2012, 10:40:17 pm »
*At the end of all the RP Ideas, are rules, wants, turn ons, etc. Read all the way through*

Please note, I am currently looking for new Role Play partners. I am picky when choosing. I have a process now, since it seems some of my role play partners have vanished.

1. I will look at your current posting history.
2. I will not tolerate chat speak.
3. I will not tolerate excessive bad grammar.
4. If you are a female asking for RP, you need to be versatile.
Response times are as follows:
A. Monday through Friday: one to two post if you are one from 6pm to 10pm CST.
B. Saturday through Sunday: three to six or more post if you are on throughout the day.
I will not expect every post to be a book. But I do expect it to be worth my while. One paragraph (5 sentences or more) or more will be sufficient.
The following RPs are up for grabs:
A. The Refugee:
1. Please note this story is meant for M/F but can be changed to F/F.
2. I am willing to play either part, the buyer or the refugee

Skylar Owens lived in a war encampment her entire life. She has been beaten, starved, and completely battered. The rules of the encampment are as follows:
1. When called upon, you are to do what is told.
2. No food unless you work.
3. After you turn 16, you will to to work in the encampment to earn money for your family.
4. Once you are 25 years old, you are sold to the highest bidder and taken away from the encampment. If you are not with a soldier of the encampment.
5. If you are over the age of 60, you are put into a home and left to die of old age or hunger, whichever comes first.
Skylar’s birthday is just around the corner and no soldier has taken claim of her. She is happy with this. It means she will be leaving the encampment. She really did not want to be claimed by a soldier who would use her for sex and then send her out to his buddies so she could be a whore. No, she wanted to sold. She didn’t know where she would be sold to, or who it would be that bought her, but anything had to be better than where she was, right? The night of her birthday, the auction starts. Just so happens, the encampment rulers, made the auction a birthday wish to her, without even knowing they had. Men, women, companies alike were in the audience for the auction.
In a fine dress of gold, her hair down in curls, no make up to enhance her natural beauty, not that she knew what that was, she was brought up on the stage. The announcer told her to look right, then left. Turn around and then stand facing the crowd. She tried not to look or choose who she wanted to buy her. But in her hopes, she hoped for the little woman with four children who seemed to be overruling her. Or maybe the old kind elderly lady who could barely stand would do. She thought that would be a nice way to live her life, a house maid. The auction started. At first, the price was low, but the elderly lady bid 300 pounds. Everyone stayed quiet until a man walked through the crowd and bellowed out. “10,000.” The man smiled, winking at her. She didn’t know him. Should she know him?
Everyone grumbled, the auction ended, she was the last "piece of property” to be sold. The heavy chains that held her to her place on the stage were left until the man paid the auctioneer. As if it were the guards queue, the money exchanged hands, the guard threw the chains off and she took a deep breath. Before she knew it, she was thrown to the ground with a hard thud. She whimpered out in pain as her body was already so fragile. Underweight, malnourished, you could see every bone, every bruise, every cut that had been endured. She blushed as she looked up at the man. He looked down at her and picked her up gently.

B. Kimmi Sokato
1. This RP is meant for M/F or M/F/F or M/M/F
2. I can play either part. Kimmi or the father.
For years, Kimmi had heard about her father. How he had been this amazing man and that the only reason he had left, was because he was a crime boss. He did not want to endanger his family and thus, he left. But Kimmi was no sure about this. Her mother had never mentioned him once she became a teenager and now, she wanted to meet him so badly. At 17, her mother told her that her anger issues had been a trait of her father’s and that he was truly a bad man. This did not deter Kimmi from wanting to see him.
Now, 19 years old, she wants to meet him. Against her mother’s better wishes, Kimmi books a flight to Beijing and starts her search to find him. It wasn’t hard, all she had to do was utter his name and people either looked at her with fear in their eyes and hightailed it away from her; or, they pointed to the tallest tower in the city. Little does Kimmi realize, her father already knows she is in town and has plans for her. A pretty face, a smart brain, and a body to die for, he could use her to his advantage in many different situations.
Looking only for his love and approval, Kimmi doesn’t realize just how bad of a man, she has gotten herself tangled up with.

C. Anna Kitzcha
1. Please note, this RP can be opened to many different variations…. M/F, F/F, Vampire/Female, Alien/Female, Etc. Etc.
2. I can play either role in this RP.
Twelve long years in the KGB and she was tired. She had two options:
A. Take a one way ticket to the US and never step foot into Russia again or
B. Die at the age of 30.
It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize, Anna was not going to die at the young age of 30. No siree. She wanted to live a long life. Even have a child, if that was meant to be. To be honest, she didn’t even want to think about ever stepping foot into Russia again. Thus, she flocked her wings, packed her bags, and jumped ship to America. Needless to say, she had information that could give the US an advantage, if she was willing to talk. Her information came at a price. And that price, was her full annexation into America with a green card, a new life, and everything else that came with it. Even paying the dreaded taxes. She turned Narc, got her green card, and now, she was resting her heels up in the beautiful Virgin Islands for a month. It was earned, she needed it. Indulging in her needs for once was not the crime of the century. Leaving a hit listed man in Russia alive, was.
The last thing she expected was her past to come searching for her. She had one minor moment of clarity. Of charity, and it was coming back to bite her in the butt. Needless to say, she may no longer be a spy, but that didn’t make her stupid. She could tell someone had been following her, tailing her, and scoping her out. She chose to ignore it, chalking it up to being a bit paranoid. But when she got into her little private cabin, and the place had been ransacked, she knew it was time to pull out her guns and start fighting. When she realizes it, is her old target, she had to catch up with them, explain why she didn’t kill them, and maybe, just maybe, then they would leave her alone. She could at least hope for that, right?
They were out for revenge. Their family had been murdered by the KGB and at this moment, they didn’t care one iota about why she was here, enjoying herself. No, they wanted justice, and if the government would not see to it, they would do it themselves. Only two problems they can see making their plan not happen.
1. They are not a killing machine like Anna was, and
2. They didn’t expect Anna to be beautiful, single, hot, and so innocent looking.

D. Bombshell aka Miko Takori
1. This RP is meant for: M/F or Transgender/F or half/human-half/animal with F
2. I can play either part.
As the veteran of a long running porn series, Miko believes she knows what kink is. Hell, she actually taught the newbie girls some of the more kinkier stuff the show ran. But she was ready to get out, and honestly have a relationship. Did she want to give up on sex? No, she thrived on sex. She needed sex, that was the one reason she was a porn star. Although, now she wanted it to just be with one special someone.
Her new career was in order, she had gone through school while doing the porn series and she had everything settled. She owned her own home, her own car, no debt, and all she had to do was pay her monthly bills. Now she just wondered if she would ever find the man to love her for her and not what her skill set could do. She does however, sign up for a dating website and finds a man who acts like he doesn’t recognize her. She is intrigued and decides to meet him. As she starts to fall in love, he begins to test her. And not just any test, but a taboo test. He does not return her love until he has gained full trust that she will do what he wants her to do.

E. Talon Rodell
1. This RP can be played many different ways. M/F, M/M, M/T, V/V (vampire/vampire), V/any other type of mystical creature.
2. I can play any part, whether it’s Talon or it’s the character opposite of him.
3. This will not be a soft RP. Just forewarning.
*****Please for the love of all that is good, DO NOT come at me with sparkling vampire fantasies and vampires that do not understand the meaning of their nature.I like dark, deep vampires. They are mysterious, cruel, vicious creatures. Leave them that way!***** 
The year is 1512, Talon had just finished his last ride with the Vikings. It was not every day, one got to celebrate a victory in war. But being a General, he would celebrate. Only, his celebration came to an end when the person of his dreams came to him, stripped and gave themself to him. He plunged in to their body, happy. They plunged into him, sucking his life dry of existence. They laughed as he died in front of her eyes.Talon had the last laugh though, he stabbed them in the heart with his sword before he beheaded them.
He was forever changed, a vampire. Bloodsucking creature of the night. He embraced this, he was already a killer. It was no lie that he had a reputation of having empathy toward all, and decimated all in front of him on the battle field. Thus being a vampire, meant nothing to him but an easier way to kill his oppressors. He roamed the earth, leaving destruction in his wake. It was not hard to know what he was, it took him a hundred years just before he could actually regain himself. To become humane again.
In the here and now, 500 years or more (this could be present day or futuristic), Talon has been underground for almost 100 years. The changes have been made to the Earth. Fancy new things have popped up and Talon has no idea what anything is. While not a new born pup, he still feels like the outsider of the crowd. That is until he starts killing his first prey. With his sucking of their blood, knowledge comes to him. He now found that the world of sex had changed as well. He had killed multiple types of humans to gain different knowledge on different levels.
He wanted in, to bring back his empire. He decided that first, he would find himself a few loyal people, to help him. Then he would search for a pet, or whatever came his way.

F. Modern Day Rapunzel
1. This is not a fairy tale happy romance. I don’t believe in fairy tales so please don’t think.
2. I expect this to have plot, twist, turns, and anger, meanness, and softness.
3. This RP may be played as: M/F, F/F, Mythical Creature/F
4. This could be futuristic.
She sat in her little cottage, wondering where her parents went. Why she was so alone. Yet no answers were to be found. Trying to find her way back to the town she came from, she was lost. Growing up alone, she found ways to feed to herself, cloth herself, fend for herself. It was not an easy life. With no social manners, no social interactions, no education, and no refinement, she was rough around the edged. But a lot of people seemed to be coming around lately.
Little did she know, a big business development was going on just down the road from her. After all, she had no television, no electricity, only running water, a wood burning stove, and what had been left in the house. Luckily, it made for some convenience, but not a lot. As the main builder of the business project came to her house, she freaked out, telling them to go away. But the developer would not go away, they kept coming back. Finally, she reluctantly let them in. Considering she only had a seventh grade education, she did try to understand them. They wanted to buy out her land and develop the property. It wasn’t really hers, but no one had claimed it in over ten years.
She took the money, it was a significant amount, but she had no idea what to do with it. Now in the builders care until she got a license, a home, and everything else to put her up to speed, she was at their disposal. Where could it lead? Could it lead anywhere?

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Offline sexybbwgalTopic starter

Re: Back
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2012, 09:19:23 pm »
Adding something new...
The Fantasy...
She... (name to come soon enough)... did not believe in fantasies. It was the real world or nothing. But that changes once she reads a book about faeries, vampires, and every othe rmystical creature. Finding the demon of lust to be intriguing, she thinks about what he would do to her. It isn't too long that she dreams about him. Little did she know, that when one dreams of the demon of lust, he comes to life. Waking up the next morning, the demon himself is in her kitchen. She blinks, stutters, and then runs, afraid. He simplly appears in front of her, holding her to him. Thinking the man is nuts, she doesn't believe he is the demon, until he shows her exactly what he can do.
This can go anyway.... anywhere.. and I'm open to any idea or thoughts

Offline Behemoth

Re: Back
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2012, 10:48:47 pm »
Hi there. Some nice ideas you have and several which i'd like to discuss further. PM coming your way :-)

Offline sexybbwgalTopic starter

Re: Back
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2012, 11:06:59 pm »
Two Rp's I am looking for....
Adventure.... m/f ... m/m ... f/f
Something that must be understood, I love sex.. But I woudl like to have a very heavy story rp and I am looking for adventure. It does not matter what the story is.. but it has to be good.. and it can be anything, I just need some adventure..
EXTREME.... m/f ... m/m ... f/f
I am looking for something extreme.... it can be any kind of extreme but has to have a good story to it also. So if you have any kind of extreme plot or thought, bring it to me.

Offline sexybbwgalTopic starter

Re: My New Cravings
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2012, 11:19:43 pm »
updated and more added to let everyone know my current cravings.

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Re: My New Cravings
« Reply #5 on: March 13, 2012, 12:42:36 am »
Hey sexybbwgal, I am Matt and I love all of your ideas and pictures for your roleplays. But one has got me really interested and that is the first idea of yours which is the teacher and the black mailing scenario behind it. I would love for you to play that character and I will be either another student of yours, or maybe the principal, or a parent of one of your students. Please get back to me, so we can discuss.

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Re: My New Cravings
« Reply #6 on: March 17, 2012, 06:34:00 pm »
posted a new craving.

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Re: My New Cravings
« Reply #7 on: April 07, 2012, 11:55:11 pm »
added 3 plots and updated rules and other things.

Offline Chrystal

Re: My New Cravings
« Reply #8 on: April 09, 2012, 12:51:22 pm »
Hey there.

Just out of interest, are there any of your F/F plots you are craving more than others?