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May 26, 2018, 06:42:54 PM

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Author Topic: Quick cravings: looking for monsters and beasts (with pictures!). Also Naruto.  (Read 418 times)

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Offline ayaTopic starter

What they didn't cover in the tutorial..
        The future of gaming has arrived, and it is virtual reality. MMOs of the past bragged about the immense detail of the world, and its ability to draw you in, but not like this. Gamers, through advances in neurotechnology, were now able to fully experience their game worlds. Sight, sounds, touch.. it was no different from the real world. With an overwhelming 80% of the population subscribing to the newest RPG, 'Labyrinth', something just had to go wrong. A bug somehow found its way into the game, crippling all the servers. Players found themselves suddenly unable to log out, trapped inside the game. As chaos spread among the virtual world which had suddenly become reality for billions of people, a mysterious voice rang out all over the server..
        Based on a manga I read at some point, would be interesting to play it out. Looking to come up with a set of 'rules' with anyone interested, regarding the game world. I have a bunch of ideas about how the technology would kind of work, as well as rules about the RPG itself. Such as: normally, you are automatically logged out after a certain amount of time (to prevent people from living in the virtual world and starving); game machines have some sort of life support system built in for emergencies; if you die within the game (after the bug infection), you'll die in reality.
        Basically, the premise of the plot would be that gamers are trapped, and they have to defeat the final boss in the game to free everyone. Naturally, very few people would be willing to risk their lives, since the bosses are very challenging. (Think WoW raid content if you're familiar with it). I have lots more to talk about for this one, and I don't want to clutter this post up, so message me for the details!
        Looking for someone to play gamers opposite to mine, as well as NPC monsters and such. I'll be writing for the 'villain', if you will, as well as any other NPCs are needed.
Looking for 1-2 males maximum.
Pictures (NSFW; Extreme; Bestiality)

        This one is a lot less refined, basically just craving for any Naruto flavored RP with an Uchiha female character. Mainly looking for smut and to play out the pictures below, but if you want to work out a plot with me, that's great too. The pictures are of a female Itachi- we can go with that, if it can be explained somehow, or just write her as a Uchiha survivor that nobody knew about.
Pictures (NSFW)

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