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Author Topic: Looking to write - some thread ideas [NC, EX, BDSM. M/f, F/f]  (Read 941 times)

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Offline kazTopic starter

Looking to write - some thread ideas [NC, EX, BDSM. M/f, F/f]
« on: February 26, 2012, 11:48:43 AM »
When your caught being bad
Melody just cant seem to help taking things that aren't hers.  This little shoplifter has been caught one time too many and the judge decides it is now time for her to learn a lesson.  She is sent to a specialist prison to be corrected and punished for her crimes.

Caught Speeding
I have always loved driving fast.  They is just something about speed that makes me horny.  The road was clear today, a log, straight stretch, and I was able to put my foot down to the floor.  Just as I was hitting 100 mph I saw the flashing blue lights as a patrol car chased me.  "Oh shit" I thought, slowing down, and stopping.  Watching as the doors opened and the officers stepped out.  I had been caught speeding.....AGAIN...

Planet Domination
Kayla was an astronaut.  Smart, witty and sexy she was one of the top females in her field.  Until she crashed onto a planet she had been studying.  The planet was a place were men ruled and women were counted like cattle.  She knew she had to try and get off the planet before she was found.  But her crashed had been noticed.  Even as she ran towards the dense forest, a search party was being formed to see who had crashed from the skies...

Love for the Pop star.
Josie Cullen had always been an ardent fan of the band.  She had followed them when they shot to the top when she had been a teenager.  She had cried for days when they had split up, each pursuing solo careers.  She followed the lead singer.  She had often told herself she loved him, but it was nothing more than a school girl crush.  He had gone on doing films and making a name for himself.  He was 10 years older than her, but he looked so good. 

Now she was 32 and no one turned her head like a picture of HIM.  Then one day she saw something that made her squeal with delight.  The Band were reforming, doing a tour.  She couldn't believe it.  It was no surprise to any of her friends when she got tickets for every night of their last week.  She would follow them around, watching, remembering.  She still felt her heart flip when she saw HIM.  She couldn't believe it....she was going to see them..see him.  Maybe he would notice her, but that was a laugh, she was one face in thousands.....but she could dream.

The downfall of Sister Priscilla.
Sister Priscilla has always been devoted to the Church.  Raised by the church after her parents were killed, she was brought up to revere anything Holy.  When she was old enough she joined the cloister and gave her life to the Lord.  She is now 27 years old and knows nothing of the cravings and desires of men.  Sent to a Church to over see the flock she is suddenly faced with a man who has designs on her.  This man is the Father in charge, an older man with a deep, dark hunger and his next victim is the meek and mild Priscilla.

Ancient Egyptian Frolics
Nerruha is training to be a Handmaiden to the God Ra.  In his temple life is calm, and Nerruha studies hard.  But the God requires more than service, sometimes he requires acts of debauchery and lust.  And there no one better to take the innocence than the High Priest himself.

The Housekeeper
A woman applies for a job looking after the home of a rich but reclusive man.  There are secrets in his past and many things hidden in the recesses of such a large home. 

Ghostly goings ons
A young woman moves into a new home and soon discovers she isnt alone there.  A rampant ghost enjoys her body and begins to do the most unspeakable things to her.

Who am I?
A woman wakes from a coma and finds out she has no memory of the past few years of her life.  She doesnt know the man who claims he's her husband.  And does she really make 'those' sorts of films.

Master X
A husband and wife have been married for a number of years.  The wife has been reading online BDSM stories and chatting to an online Master for a while.  She would love to try what she has read, but is afraid her husband would never understand.  Unbeknownst to her he is actually a Dom, but he hasnt been seeing anyone since he got married. 

One day he is away on business and the wife ties herself into a rope bra and puts nipple clamps on her nipples.  She is reading a story about being under the power of a strong Master when he returns early and finds her.  He sees her and realizes there was his own sub in his life.  He now needs to train her to what he expects from his submissive and slave.

A life alone
A submissive has been slave to her Master for years.  He dies and she finds herself faced with life without him and the influence in her life.  Struggling to manage she finds things are harder than she thought and begins to search for a new Master.

Mummy dearest
Son comes home from being away and decides to make mommy his little sex slave.  BDSM, D/s, bondage, force M/f

A woman has some dark thoughts about animals, especially dogs and horses.  She contacts her friend who has a ranch and she know they arrange vacations with a difference.  M/f, F/f

A woman is sleeping in her bed at night when her house is broken into and she becomes the victim of a violent rapist.  Thing is she finds much to her horror that she actually liked being abused in such a way and craves the rapists return....which he does....frequently.

Mad Scientist
A woman has some sexual problems and sees an ad in a paper offering a large amount of money for under going a series of tests.  What she doesnt realize is she will become his slave.  Drugs, implants, NC

Robot Rape
In a future time all homes will have a service bot.  What would happen if that bot was programmed to rape.  This is a story about a bot who has a personality and desires to be served as he has served humans.  He captures his former mistress and turns her into his prisoner.

A couple of friends decide after a boring night and some beers that they want to have some fun.  She soon finds out his type of fun and hers are different. NC

Blind date
After weeks of online chatting you finally pluck up the courage to meet a man who claims he knows what you need....D/s, BDSM, NC

These are a few ideas.  if any grab you let me know.  I'm open to M/f, F/f.  M/s, D/s, BDSM , NC, EX
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Offline kazTopic starter

Re: Looking to write - some thread ideas [NC, EX, BDSM. M/f, F/f]
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2012, 01:57:00 PM »
Some ideas added.  Any interest please let me know :D

Offline kazTopic starter

Re: Looking to write - some thread ideas [NC, EX, BDSM. M/f, F/f]
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2012, 05:29:29 PM »
Doctor, I cant seem to cum..
A little bit tongue in cheek possibly - woman is having trouble reaching orgasm.  She contacts a world renown Doctor to see if s/he could possibly help her reach sexual fulfillment.

Snatch by the Little Green Men
Yes, alien abduction.  I fancy it, do you?  Can be pretty much anything, rape, force, drug, android...

Paying the price
Shes struggling to repay a loan.  So she is given an ultimatum, surrender herself for the Loan sharks use and he will forfeit the loan.  Except he is a man with exotic tastes.  She has no choice but to accept.

High Seas Adventure
Shes a high born lady heading to get married.  her ship is full of her dowry.  The ship is attacked by pirates.  She is taken by the Captain. Can be a story of pain and suffering or she becomes his lover and side kick. 

If you fancy any of these drop me a line or post here.