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Author Topic: @nthony's All New Request Thread [M for F]  (Read 4328 times)

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@nthony's All New Request Thread [M for F]
« on: February 25, 2012, 08:02:14 am »
@nthony's All New Requests
Hello there,
Firstly may I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this thread, and allowing me to introduce you to a little part of my head I like to let loose in the safety of the elliquiy community.

A little about me.

A couple of paragraphs is all I ask for, something to get my teeth into. The more you post, the better my replies will generally be. I currently have commitments that only allow me to post twice a week maximum. I hope you understand.

If our play is leaving you cold, please tell me, I won't be offended if you wish to drop it, but let me know where we stand.
Ons and Off's

I will play male or female, if my character is male he is always heterosexual.

Descriptive text
Good dialogue - No text speak, realistic speech
Oral sex
Rough sex
Three or more-somes

Tentacles and furries


Maid x Employer
Teacher x Student
Father x Daughter
Gym Coach x Student
Business man x Secretary
Photographer x Model
Athlete x sports therapist
Artist x muse
Goth girl x Older gentleman
Nurse x Patient
Fashion designer x Model


While some of these are in the first person, content and prose is negotiable to the plot - these are merely representative of the overall feel of the story.

Paying the Rent

She's moved to the local University recently on a scholarship, but while she's waiting for the administration to all clear she needs somewhere to stay. Seeing an advert about low rent prices while she takes a drink and assesses her new location, she enquiries. The landlord seems very accommodating over the first few weeks rent, in fact he says that some arrangement can be agreed after an interview. Desperate for some accommodation, she gives the guy a call and sits an interview.

The landlord, could be...a porn producer, a glamour model agent, a pimp, OR maybe he just takes advantage of her for the rent money.

Ambar's Selfie

The girl at the grocery store has a weekend job. I know this as for years I liked to imagine that Ambar was flirting with me while scanning and packing my groceries. It started as small talk, a sweet smile, and placing a finger to her lips to hush me before accidently forgetting to scan a bottle of wine or a four-pack of beer. I started to take my wedding ring off when I shopped there, and made excuses to the wife to stop by there "I don't mind going!" I'd always say. She was far too young for me, but a guy can dream, right?

While running an errand to pick up some photo's I had developed was when I noticed her second weekend job. She worked there too. "To make ends meet!" she'd cheerily say, the figure hugging uniform flattering her torso splendidly. "I know your wife dropped these photos in." She smiled and winked, I immediately looked to my wedding band and blushed. "It's OK!" she whispered almost apologetically, a wry grin on her young lips. "There's something extra for you in the bag Sir." she smiled before turning to another customer in the queue behind me.

I expected a voucher or a coupon, but as I got to my car I couldn't help but take a look at the photo's from our recent holiday abroad. At the very back were two snaps I don't believe either my wife or I had taken. Glancing back at me from the glossy photo paper was Ambar, topless smiling into her bathroom mirror camera phone in hand just obscuring her one eye. The second photo a pert rump, knicker-less. Underneath scrawled in pink Sharpie marker was a simple message to me from Ambar.

The Groupie

The farewell tour. It was always going to be a big affair. Tour dates set out in diaries for the next two years. Every continent visited, with the exception of the Arctic and Antarctic. Special shows in the bands 'hometown' of Alberta, five nights running, a weeks residency almost. Joshua Heartwell was looking forward to being reunited on the road again. His band, Minerva, had split ten years ago. Ten years since he had taken to the stage with his guitar and sang until his vocal chords felt like they were tearing. The good ol' days. The days when he didn't remember the names of the girls on his arm, and frankly didn't care - as long as they were satisfying his needs. When he'd wake back on the tour bus in the afternoon after the show, to a glass of champagne or maybe a whisky. Hedonism.

Tickets had sold out almost as soon as they had been on sale, such was the appetite for seeing the band in action again. Standing a 6'1 Joshusa had kept himself in shape over the intervening years, even adding to his famous tattoo collection, by having a depiction of Heaven and Hell emblazoned across his muscular, broad back. Dark hair, always cut short, but now greying at the temples thanks to the ravages of time. His blue eyes sparkled as he looked in the mirror of the tour bus and applied a little make-up. He had time to kill before this evenings gig and he had money to burn in his pocket. What harm could there be to indulging in a little retail therapy and an mid afternoon beer? He pulled on his tight skinny jeans, complete with ripped knees, frayed seams and paint stains, threw on his leather jacket (no shirt) and exited the trailer to see what the latest record stores and bars had to offer in this latest town.

The Call Girl

A husband bored in his monotonous sex life with his wife decides to spice things up a little while away on a business trip. However, he's completely shocked when he finds out he knows the girl he calls to his hotel room.

Thoughts: She could be someone he works with, a celebrity with a high sex drive, a porn star. This could even be incestuous - perhaps it's his wife's young hot sister, or even there bored 18 year old daughter.

On the Farm

A specialist business expert is called into helping with a failing farm before the banks and his boss foreclose on the business.

He gets more than he bargains for however when he meets the petite farmers daughter, who persuades him to help her and her father the only way she knows how - with some good old country loving!

(This could be a simple farmhouse romance story, or be something more kinky by far with all the context of the farm implements/animals etc - message me to discuss to take further if interested we could work something up!)

Malazan Book of the Fallen

Reading this series at the moment by Steven Erikson, and it's completely ripe for lots of sexual fun between God's, Ascendants and Mortals. While I don't have anything specific in mind right now, I would be very happy to chat this one through over email or PM to see if there is some scope for a roleplay.
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Re: @nthony's All New Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2012, 05:24:06 pm »
I might be interested in "On the Farm," although my character would probably look more wholesome than the model you chose.