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Author Topic: Red Moon's Roleplay Repository (M lf F or sometimes M)  (Read 9307 times)

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Red Moon's Roleplay Repository (M lf F or sometimes M)
« on: February 25, 2012, 01:05:00 AM »
Stay a While, and Listen

Greetings, fellow Elliquians, and welcome to my Role Playing Request Thread. Here, I will be listing all of my rambling, incoherent shreds of half-plots that will hopefully serve to inspire some form engaging role play between us.

There are a few things you may wish to know about me. I am a male, and my main characters will likewise be male. I'm certainly not against playing female characters as "NPCs" or background cast members, but will generally never serve as the focus of my side of things.I pretty much always play more dominant roles, though I'm not always seeking someone who's totally a pushover. Typically, I RP over threads and PMs, though I'm fairly in to Discord as a medium lately, so I'd be thrilled to go that route. I like to think I'm fairly literate, and try to write detailed posts. The length of these posts will vary depending on a number of factors such as how inspired I am, how much I have to work with, how much energy/motivation I have at that moment, and probably moon cycles or something. My posting rates fluctuate depending on my work schedule and general motivation (often related), but I usually try to post every day or two. If I'm anticipating any significant delays, I'll be sure to let you know.

Please also understand that what follows is by no means a comprehensive list of what I'm looking for, but a few general ideas that happen to have popped in to my head at some point. I have interest in a variety of settings, characters and ideas, so if you've got some wickedly impressive RP idea of your own, feel free to share and we'll see if we can work something out.

Red Moon's Likes and Dislikes

You can find a lot of these linked in my signature, but, I'll reiterate here for simplicity.

I like:

Women - Obviously.
Effeminate Males - Traps, femboys, etc.
MFF/MFFF/Etc - Many women (or traps, femboys, etc)! Or at least more than one. I always enjoy a harem spin on any idea. A partner willing to play multiple characters will have my undying affection! Do not have to be at the same time, I should point out. Just the variety is nice.
Exotic Women - Exotic races in sci-fi or fantasy scenarios are great. Otherwise, just women from far off lands or cultures are always interesting.
Sexy Outfits - I always love a lady who knows how to dress to impress (or seduce).
Dominance - As stated, my characters are generally dominant. This does not mean you have to be submissive, but it probably does mean you're going to wind up submitting.
Rough Play - Rough sex, hair pulling, biting, scratching, etc. Grr.
Story - Smut is fine, but, if we're doing sex scene all the time, I'm going to get bored. The story is what keeps me coming back for more.
Creativity - Surprise me! Throw in some of your own ideas. You don't even need to tell me!

I dislike:

General bathroom stuff
General ickiness
Boring RPs

What I'd like From a Partner

So let's talk about you. Your actual gender does not actually matter to me. I do, however, generally prefer my partners to play female characters. I do make occasional exceptions to this, but, only for more effeminate males. I'm picky about spelling and grammar, and I expect my partners to reciprocate the amount of effort I put in to a posting. I like detail, description, and I like to develop the plot and the characters within it. Ideally, you will also like those things, because it gets very boring writing with a partner who's just responding to me, instead of incorporating their own ideas and pushing things forward along with me. Don't concern yourself with things like post length, as that will always depend on the scene. Let's just try keeping each other engaged, yes?

Ideally, I'd like a response or two a week, and I will do my best to reciprocate. Delays are understandable, so just let me know if you're running behind.

One final note! I like interesting PMs. I'm less likely to respond to something like "Hey, I like this idea", or worse, "Hey, I like all your ideas".

The Ideas

Currently Seeking

Wheel of Time
The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Mountains of Mist. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.

This day, the wind that blew across the little valley of Emond’s Field, and carried on to the north and the east, for it was not their story that began today. Far across the plains of Andor and towards the border with Carhein, clouds rolled along, and the cool wind with it, resulting finally in a chill that swept across the gleaming surface of the Ivory Tower, in the heart of Tar Valon. The shining construct seemed impossible by any modern standards, built in an age long forgotten by hands and minds far beyond any craftsmen that still lived, save the Ogier. Even in the cool autumn air, the grounds were bustling with activity. Novices in white scurried about between lessons and chores, Accepted in their rainbow-banded shawls spotted intermittently between them, and of course the occasional colored shawl of a full Aes Sedai walking with a great bubble of space and curtseys around her. On the grounds themselves, workmen busied themselves, petitioners came and went, and the clatter of swords and training weapons filled the yards.

The White Tower has always been a place where secrets gather, and perhaps as a result of this, it has always been a place of beginnings. The cold wind from the west passed over many, within the tower and abroad. Long journeys, great intrigue, adventure, love and lust, great changes and endless cycles… The Wheel weaves as it wills, and many of those threads begin at the tower.

A young Aes Sedai is sent forth on an errand of great secrecy and danger. With no Warder to protect her, she is paired with someone older and experienced to keep her safe – A warder who lost his Aes Sedai, looking for redemption, or honorable death.

Far from the tower, stranded and surrounded by danger, a member of the Red Ajah is forced to work with her most hated foe to survive – A man who can channel. Mutual hatred and mistrust will have to be put aside if either is to make it out alive… But will their feelings remain the same?

Dark forces stir both within the Tower and without – Ancient evils waking to haunt the world again. Beautiful nightmares like Lanfear and Graendal set forth to hunt, and gain power… But who knows how their stories may end this cycle?

Endings and beginnings abound, the Wheel spins endless threads, all for us to explore!

Some canon characters are loved, would be fun to do something opposite bad girls like Lanfear and Graendal.

Star Wars
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The clone wars have ended, and the galaxy is in turmoil. The once-great (debatable) republic has been overthrown, replaced by the enduring and almighty Empire. The remnants of the Jedi are being hunted to extinction by brutal inquisitors, and loyal remnants of the Republic have become nothing more than rebels.

It’s a dangerous time, but profitable for those on the fringes of the galaxy, or willing to operate outside the law. Bounty hunters, smugglers and assassins have plenty to keep them busy if they’re willing to get their hands dirty for coin. Criminal cartels and mercenary outfits hold great power in certain parts of space, and must be bargained or bartered with to pass safely.

Any number of adventures await here, from crime capers on the outer rim to vulnerable young padawans seeking safety from their hunters. Perhaps Jedi and Sith trapped together in a deadly conflict? Bounty hunter collecting slave girls as a reward?

Plenty of exotic aliens are loved here, but any sorts of characters are welcomed! No specific plot in mind here, but plenty of seedlings. Happy to chat ideas!

Weird West
At a glance:  A wild west adventure, that’s a little wilder than usual with the advent of corrupting magic, strange forces from beyond the mortal realms, Lovecraftian horror mixed with frontier dangers. Cults, cannibals, werewolves, demons and more!
The frontier was dangerous enough for those who lived on the boundaries of the civilized world. Struggling for food, dealing with wildlife, bandits, Indian raids and more left a pretty low life expectancy for the bold pioneers. Such a price was to be expected, bringing civilization to an untamed land. Unfortunately, the frontiersmen brought more than just civilization with them.

Strange and ancient things have always dwelt in the unseen corners of society. Forces both powerful and mysterious, influencing history and corrupting the minds of those they touch. The new world presents plenty of opportunity for creatures of legend, and those who wish to dabble in the unknown. Where better to hide, after all, than in a new land full of unknown possibilities? A place where entire towns can go missing overnight and just be written off as yet another mystery. Here, away from the scrutiny of oppressive tyrants and controlling governments, let alone nosy law enforcement, all manner of secret societies and supernatural beasts have begun to thrive… Often to the detriment of the population around them.

Mad inventors ply their trade, concocting all manner of deadly devices and outlandish experiments. Sorcerers and shamans call upon the black arts, twisting the world and the people around them. Strange beasts and twisted creatures corrupt the minds of the innocent, or terrorize the fringes of society. And that’s not even mentioning the bandits and worse. All manner of dark things are crawling from the shadows, and the world is changing rapidly. Residents of the new world are beset with nightmares on all sides. Legends come to life in the dark. Otherworldly creatures are gaining footholds in to the mortal realms. Will you stand against them?


Wild west adventure awaits! Trials and tribulations! Debauchery and depravity! Darkness and despair! Grit and a handful of bullets are all that stands between our heroes and the unknown. Strange cults take over towns, men and women go mad in the night, creatures of myth do more than just inspire strange tales, they drag men screaming in to the night. Secret societies practice foul magic on unsuspecting victims, conducting experiments that would drive witnesses mad. The barriers between worlds weaken, and the other side is starting to creep in.

Our adventure would follow a pair (or small group) of the brave and the bold, cast together by cruel fate as they hunt the unknown forces that have wronged them. Investigation, intrigue, exploration, and of course some good old fashioned gun fights. Saddle up!

My character here:
A surly outlaw with a price on his head. His wife and half his village missing, and him left standing in the center of it all. He told stories of men turning to monsters, of strange lights, of riders in strange clothes calling down a mist that warped the mind and the flesh, drove everyone mad. Changed them. Didn’t stop the Sheriff from the next town over from trying to lock him up, though.
After a daring escape, he’s on the run from the law… And looking for the ones responsible. He’s been drawn in to a whole, nightmarish world he never knew existed, and he’s going to need all the help he can get.
Your Character:

Perhaps you’re the law, come to serve justice to a criminal?
Maybe an outlaw yourself? A bad girl on the run?
Some other kind of amoral bounty hunter or gunslinger?
Maybe a woman of class and wealth, looking to finance an expedition or investigation?
A bit of nativeflavor is always much desired
You don’t need to be female… So long as you’re feminine.
Hell, you don’t even have to be human.

So let’s get in to it and have some fun, cowgirls. As always, greedy me, I’d never say no to a little posse. ;)

Last Train to Nowhere
It has recently become apparent to me that I enjoy trains, and post apocalyptic settings. So, after watching a bunch of stuff like Snowpiercer and Train to Busan, the anime Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and obsessively playing The Final Station, I’ve decided I need to obsess over it more by writing about it.

The world has been devastated by a virus, twisting the fallen in to horrific monsters. Communications, transportation, and all other modern conveniences have crumbled. In the wake of this disaster, survivors scramble to find a safe place to call home. With the few remaining settlements rapidly falling in to chaos, depravity and ruin, the roads and wilderness too dangerous to travel, and resources rapidly running out, a few intrepid survivors must band together to make a desperate last bid for salvation; Hop on the last train and hope.

Through some clever ingenuity, an individual or small group has managed to repair, steal, or otherwise acquire a functioning train. With a vast (possibly intercontinental, a la Snowpiercer) network of rails, and rumors of a safe place off over the horizon, the moving fortress becomes their last chance at reaching safety… But the journey won’t be an easy one, and who knows what might happen along the way?

Also willing to play this in a steampunk or fantasy setting, as seen in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

Some visual inspiration:

Digital Demons
At a glance: A twisted cyberpunk adventure. Neon lights in the constant rain, greed, corruption and depravity in a time of science and magic. Shadowrun, with some kinky twists.

In the distant future, technology has run rampant, and corruption along with it. Giant megacorps control the world, and governing bodies are a thing of the past. The divide between rich and poor has grown immense, and most people struggle to eke out a living in the dirty, overcrowded streets of the sprawling cities that dominate the globe. Crime is just a fact of daily life. Some people suffer with it, but nearly every participates… At least a little. Even if they won’t admit it. You do what you have to in order to survive. It’s easy, really… Because everything has a price.

Seems like ages ago that magic returned to the world, changed everything overnight. People woke up with visions and powers, babies born with pointed ears or brutish tusks. Elves, Orcs, whatever you want to call them. Weirder shit too. All sorts of weird monsters and strange people came crawling out of the woodwork. World went to shit, of course. Chaos everywhere. As usual, corporations were faster to adapt than governments. They fell behind. Then just fell apart. ‘Course, not many alive even remember that now. For most of us, this is just how it’s always been. Never know when some corporate security team is going to come kicking down doors because you’re asking too many questions. Never know when you’re going to get caught up in a deal gone wrong between the Triads and the Yakuza. Never know when somebody’s gonna pull a gun on you just because you looked at ‘em funny.

That’s just how it is. But you adapt, and if you’re smart, you profit. New world means new work, not just for the corporate wage slaves, but for the people who live in the shadows. Everything’s got a price now, and every corp on the planet is willing to screw over every other to get a few steps ahead. Can’t get their hands too dirty, of course, so there’s a shiny new market for those willing to do the dirty work for them. Corporate espionage and sabotage are pretty common. Or sometimes you need to do a bit of… Aggressive headhunting if somebody wants a new hire that isn’t quite cooperative. Sometimes you need to force a bit of corporate restructuring by blowing the head off an exec. All pays well. Dangerous as hell, of course, but if you’ve got the guts for it…

Lately, though, things have been different. There are weird jobs popping up on the net. Weird rumors, too. Monsters. Strange phenomena, weird occurences, and crews taking these kinds of jobs, or anyone nosy enough to stick their heads in just seem to go missing. Drives the prices up, at least. Makes a person wonder… What the hell’s happening out there, and why is it worth so much to find out?


Welcome to Digital Demons! A sci-fi, cyberpunk RP set in a Shadowrun-like universe where technology and magic collide. Fantastical races have returned to the world, and they’re more or less a fact of life now. Same with the monsters that dwell in the shadows. Most of them, anyway. Lately a lot of weird things have been going on, weird even for the world that everyone now inhabits. Whatever is going on, a lot of corps seem to be interested in either finding out what’s happening, or preventing everyone from finding out what’s happening. It’s looking pretty dangerous, but there’s certainly opportunity there…

This RP would follow a crew of Runners, or whatever we decide to call them in our Shadowrun-but-not-quite Universe. Mercenaries, guns for hire, whatever name you give them, they’re people with questionable morals and a can-do attitude. Hailing from all sorts of shady backgrounds, they’re the people you call when you need someone to get their hands dirty, and don’t want to do it yourself.

Between the crime, corruption, drugs, sex trade, all sorts of VR toys and tools, depravity is pretty commonplace. You can’t hide much anymore, and a lot of people don’t really bother trying. When the police work for hire, it becomes pretty hard to keep people from doing what they want. So, off we go in to a world of bright neon, tight leather, sex, guns and drugs.

My character here:
A veteran mercenary, hailing from the mean streets of who-cares-where. Mentally and physically scarred, cybernetically augmented, and armed with an eye for opportunity.

Your character here:
Ideally a little crew of females, but I’m always negotiable on the harem aspect.
Maybe a state-of-the-art android, stolen from a lab?
A fellow runner, looking for work, or maybe rescued from a bad situation?
A sex worker that gets caught up in a bad situation?
A deadly assassin, maybe working for a corporation?
Perhaps a mystic or shaman versed in the new arts?

Maybe a young tech genius or hacker savant?

Or anything else! Bad girls, gang members, corporate executives, rogue scientists, kidnapped corp employees held hostage and put to work! Plenty of choices! Exotic races adored. ;)

Some visual inspiration:

Rain and neon. The most cyberpunk combination.
Plenty of unique individuals can thrive in such a corrupt setting.
The watcheful eyes of the powers that be are everywhere… Forcing unsavory folk to lurk in the shadows.
Metal and flesh can be a sexy combination.
Sprawling cities dominate the globe, spilling out and eating up the countryside.

The Day the Moon Fell
It all started when a new star appeared in the sky, brighter and more prominent than the rest. Some interpreted it as a good omen, others as one of ill portent, but life went on regardless. Over the coming months, the star grew larger, and things on the world below started to go awry. Incidents of magical accidents became more frequent, it was more difficult to communicate with deities, the dead became restless, and dark powers grew more active. The energies that flowed through the world and allowed for magic of all kinds was becoming unstable and erratic. The symptoms only grew worse as the star grew large, approaching rapidly from the depths of space, until it was close enough to observe. It appeared to be a small moon, sinister in appearance, pitted and scarred, full of deep black crevices and glowing craters. As it drew nearer, panic began to spread. Would it come crashing down upon the world, obliterating all life? Efforts were made to stop it using magic, but such efforts proved useless, and the great rituals themselves unreliable. The gods, wherever they were, seemed unresponsive, allowing increasingly rare contact with the faithful to fuel their divine magic.

Finally, the moon came to a stop, directly in orbit above the world. Meteors and debris rained down, wreaking untold destruction, crippling major cities and trade routes, wiping some centers of civilization off of the map entirely. Creatures unheard of crawled from the craters to haunt the lands, the skies grew permanently darker, nature and magic twisting with some strange corruption. Even the evil gods vanished then, leaving only a strange new magic, chaotic and corrupting, and plenty of unpleasant horrors stalking the nights. The civilized races were crippled, but not destroyed. Small towns and cities, limited in communication, are still scattered across the land. People go about their lives, albeit in a much more perilous fashion now. Society has adapted, growing as dark and twisted as the world around them in some cases. The cathedrals and churches of old are now infested by strange cults who worship these unknowable forces from beyond the stars, some even surrendering to or welcoming their corrupting, chaotic influence. These churches are often dens of depravity, filled with cannibalism, ritual sacrifice, and twisted orgies. The gods of old, if they were still alive, would surely be horrified. Despite this, such organizations seem to be spared the wrath of these otherworldly invaders, and even small villages regularly sacrifice their own to monstrous creatures or dark powers in their regions to stay alive.

It's a grim, hopeless world, where every day is a struggle against corruption, and the corrupted. Depravity and despair are abound, and only the brave venture forth between the ruins of the old world... Or those who have already fallen to corruption.

  • A more traditional fantasy world gone wrong, your typical sword and sorcery setting after something awful happens, and the world is all but ruined.
  • Corruption is a strong element, as magic is now very dangerous. Mutations occur easily, leading to all sorts of strange physical traits.
  • Depravity is common as people turn to the powers of chaos, some needing protection and lacking alternatives, some just giving up.
  • The Gods are missing or dead, so divine powers are gone. Arcane power, driving the forces of magic, is severely corrupted, and dangerous to use.

  • My character here will likely be a fallen Paladin, led to bitterness and anger after his gods abandoned him, leaving him powerless. Now little more than a mercenary swordsman, he has to rely on his martial skills alone to survive.
  • Your character could be any kind of survivor, adventurer or something more mundane. Someone who has already been influenced by the forces of chaos, or someone who has managed to evade their corrupting touch?

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)


More ruins!

Cults and demons!

The powers of chaos are tempting...

Church service tends to be more lively now.

Though strange cults are now the norm.

Many have turned to the new powers to survive.

... Though some still stand against them.

The Stars Go Out
At a glance: A post-apocalyptic adventure in a galaxy-spanning sci-fi universe gone wrong. Hostile aliens, unknown evils, and Firefly-esque adventure!

Many years in the future, humanity has spread amongst the stars. It wasn’t easy, setting up colonies on remote worlds, finding new ways to harvest resources, and adapting to life as an intergalactic empire, but humanity always finds a way. Of course, the human race has never been known for showing a unified front, and even in the face of this new frontier, nearly everyone was quick to grab for any bit of power they could reach. This led to a strange array of powers across the galaxy; Old Earth governments, massive Megacorporations, and even coalitions of civilians and religious organizations trying to eke out a little spot of their own among the cosmos.

Despite periods of upheaval, the Human race thrived among the stars. Trade goods flowed, soldiers marched against each other, crime rose up in the shadows, and most people just lived their lives day to day in a strange new home. Just like it had been back on Earth. The new abundance of resources and the fight to control them led to an increase in greedy power grabs, which presented plenty of exciting new opportunities for smuggling, piracy, and even slavery. Space, it seemed, provided a perfect opportunity to return to the old ways of life. As before, it was also greed and hunger for power that led to the downfall of the galaxy.

Far off in some secret corner of the stars, on an unknown and carefully hidden planet, an unhinged faction of a massive corporation had made an incredible discovery: Remnants of ancient alien technology. Of course, they immediately began experimenting to see how they could take advantage of this artifact, more than happy to toy with powers they didn’t understand. In traditional fashion, this ended very badly.

An ancient and unknowable force was unleashed upon the universe, spreading and replicating from that far remote corner. It began with a massive energy pulse, knocking out a vast array of communications arrays, navigation beacons, interstellar gateways and more. Planets became isolated, panic set in, chaos started to spread. Interplanetary shipping became difficult, moving supplies and people around suddenly a dangerous proposition, and highly in demand. Pirates and raiders grew more common, radical groups seized power in the chaos, and that was only the beginning of the problems. The real trouble began when whole planets on the fringes began vanishing… Whole planetary populations swallowed up by some strange, creeping doom spreading across the galaxy…

A few whisper that some strange, alien force is changing people. Strange artifacts come crashing down from the sky, and then people start changing… It drives them mad, and then turns them in to monsters, sets them tearing each other apart. It doesn’t take long for the whole planet to fall to the rapidly growing horde of formerly-human beasts… And then this strange force moves on to the next world. Supposedly, even central planets are beginning to fall now, core worlds with billions of people on them. Of course, the governments of these worlds are quick to deny such claims, but with travel and communications so limited, who can say for sure?


This RP will see a small group of characters trying to keep ahead of a terrible disaster that’s spreading across the galaxy. Scavenging for supplies, looting dead worlds, picking up survivors, making a quick buck on smuggling or piracy, it’s all on the board. Perhaps they’ll even take it upon themselves to get to the bottom of this mess, and set things right.

Equal parts Dead Space and Firefly, this RP will be a low-tech Sci Fi setting, though there’s plenty of room for alien races if we wish to include them. Lots to mix in from any variety of settings!

My character here:

Not a nice person. A corsair, privateer, and mercenary. Captain of a run-down starship with a chip on his shoulder and an eye for opportunity. What’s that? You need a ride off of this dead world before the monsters tear down your door? Mm. Let’s see if we can work out a deal.

Your character here:

Could be anyone! A survivor from a planet being overrun, a military officer, government agent, rogue scientist, sultry alien, or anything you desire!

Some visual inspiration:

Taking on strange cargo can lead to messy problems…
Space is dangerous enough without monsters hungering for your flesh.
Secret research labs litter the galaxy… Do they contain the keys to survival, or only doom?
There isn’t much left out there to find, and just about anything can be valuable now… For those brave enough to go find it.
Dead worlds offer plenty of opportunity for the foolhardy.
Remaining pockets of society are on the brink of collapse. A perfect time for the strong to seize what they want.
Looting abandoned ships and stations can be a bad idea.
Some beasts hunger for more than just fresh meat.
The wise do what they need to in order to survive… But who knows? They might enjoy it.
Of course, there might be some friendly aliens out there.

Dark Sun
The world of Athas is a blasted wasteland, ruined by power-mad mages determined to reach the status of gods. Desert sands and jagged mountains are all that remain of the once vibrant world, scorched every day by the blazing crimson sun. Vicious beasts and giant insects prowl the wastes, along with bands of marauders, savages and cannibals, creeping around the outskirts of the civilized world… If it can be called that. Tyrannical sorcerer-kings, descendants of those who broke the world, rule over the cities with an iron fist. Slavery is commonplace, and all are subject to the whims of these mad despots and their unstoppable arcane powers. Corruption runs rampant among those in any position of power, greed and desperation motivating anyone with the will to survive. Life is brutal for those without wealth, but what choice does one have when the desert itself is as lethal as anything in it?

The ancient stone cities rising from the cracked and blasted ground are the only known sanctuaries left, and travel between them is perilous. Merchant caravans can make a fortune, if they are brave enough to journey between them, but such expeditions are lost to the wasteland as often as they are to it’s denizens. Water is more precious than gold, and metal even more so. Stone, obsidian and bone form most weapons, leather and chitin most armor, and most construction overall. Large beasts are hunted for their bones and pelts, with no wood to speak of available. Countless slaves work endlessly in mines and quarries, extracting stone and obsidian, desperately searching for valuable metals for their masters. These poor souls are worked to death under the blazing sun, and are easily replaced. Those who do not comply are dealt with swiftly and brutally, and those few who escape are claimed by the deserts…

Magic is a strange, reviled and dangerous power wielded only by a few, but psionics are more common, abilities like telepathy and telekinesis taking their place. Individuals with such gifts are highly regarded, while those who display hints of magical ability are either hunted and killed, or enslaved and made thralls of the sorcerer kings.

This is a world where only the strong survive, a brutal and cruel wasteland with little hope for anyone save the wealthy and powerful.

  • Based, of course, on the TSR setting Dark Sun. No knowledge of this setting is required.
  • Think Sword and Sorcery meets Mad Max.
  • Corruption, slavery and tyranny are accepted parts of daily life. Even most slaves think little of freedom.
  • There are no gods here. The sorcerer kings are worshipped, often by force, their powerful magics keeping their subjects in check.

  • I have a vague idea for a savage, uncompromising character raised in slavery, often used as a gladiator. A half-giant, he was prized for his physical prowess, enduring brutal conditions and working hard where other slaves failed and died. While he keeps quiet and endures his situation, he will not be content to remain a slave forever…
  • I wouldn’t mind playing opposite a female of some wealth and status. The daughter of my character’s owner? Someone from a wealthy family, a merchant or noble perhaps. She may be taken hostage and kidnapped during my character’s escape.
  • Alternately, your character could be a fellow slave, someone displaying latent magical abilities and needing to flee, a caravan guard, or just about anything!

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)

A savage world where mercy is rarely found.

A typical settlement.

Does glory await those who venture in to the wastes? Or only death?

Gladiator matches are a common form of entertainment.

Magic is dangerous, forbidden to all but the sorcerer kings.

Fury Road/Post Apocalypse
After just seeing Fury Road, I was inspired to go and play a ton of Fallout, and then come here to try and find some similarly-themed RP. Particularly, the idea of a wandering wasteland survivor taking in a harem of lovely, unspoiled breeding stock was delicious. So! No specific ideas, but, a couple of options:

- Wastelander kidnaps a bunch of wives/breeding stock from a warlord. They have no concept of the outside world, and are unwilling to leave or cooperate at first.
- Wives/Breeding stock are actively trying to escape, and happen upon a wastelander who will take them to safety... For a price
- Other stuff involving sexy wasteland chicks?

To spice things up, we could incorporate some Fallout angles with more mutants and beasties in the wasteland. Will develop this more over time!

The Frozen Wastes
Yet another in a long list of post-apocalyptic scenarios. Along the vein of Snowpiercer, The Colony and various other media, some disaster (global warming (thanks Al Gore), attempts to control the weather, or other influences) have caused the world to freeze over. Most of the planet is now an icy wasteland, and people must struggle to survive. There are rumored areas of the globe where it is still warm and green, but few have any hope that these rumors are true. The usual affairs of bandits, cannibals, and other mad groups will plague survivors as they journey around, scavenging from the bones of the old world, and just trying to get by. At least there's an excuse to keep each other warm at night!

Nazi Zombies/WW2 Zombie Apocalypse
Like many cliche settings combining our two favorite kinds of disposable cannon-fodder enemies, we're going to mix in some occult to a WW2 setting. Towards the end of the war, being pushed back towards Berlin on all fronts, the Nazi occult division unleashed a last resort weapon which caused the dead to rise as flesh eating monsters. Allied forces were crippled, and cities around the world fell as legions of undead monsters rose up to consume the living. Some possible ideas:

- A surviving Allied soldier in Germany meets a surviving German occult officer. The pair (and possibly others) must reluctantly cooperate to undo the disaster
- A group of survivors are trying to reach a rumored untouched area (possibly Australia, because presumably the Nazi zombies are afraid of all the spiders)
- Any other generic zombie apocalypse survival setup, but with NAZIS and OCCULT

Club Eternal
Many people throughout the ages have had a desire to change the world. It’s difficult to look out your window, or turn on your television and see nothing but violence, war, crime, political tensions, economic crises, hatred and cruelty, and think that the human race will survive. Sometimes, it’s difficult to think that the human race even should survive. While many dream of change for the better, few have the intelligence, the drive or the resources to actually make change happen. Of those people, even fewer get proper opportunities to implement their ideas, fighting for grant money, or perhaps never even given a proper education or job. Regardless of all circumstances, even once or twice in a generation when a true visionary comes along, someone with the drive and resources to change the world, those people are limited by the same factor that limits all humans: Time.

The world moves slowly, and people don’t react well to sudden, drastic changes. Even the most brilliant innovator is held back by those around him or her, tied up in red tape, forced to delay their work to accommodate people who don’t even understand them. Should they even see their dream to fruition, who is to say what will happen after? Will their vision persist, or will tides of hatred and misunderstanding see them undone? There is only so much one individual can do within the limited constraints of their lifespan, and after all, all men must die… Or must they?

Conspiracy theorists have long suggested that secret organizations exist, people trying to control the world and the people in it, shaping the destiny of mankind. The Illuminati, the Masons, or even wilder theories like lizard people have existed in popular culture for centuries. These theories always depict groups of powerful, wealthy, influential men and women, meeting in secret gatherings, toying with the lives of those beneath them… The truth, however, is even stranger. Even the Illuminati, should they exist, would be but men and women, limited by the same constraints of time that all humans suffer from. Those who hold real power, then, the ability to make real changes, must be able to see their visions survive through the ages. If real change must be implemented slowly, then those who seek change must be able to last through the ages… Which is where Club Eternal comes in.

This secretive organization has lived and operated in the shadows for hundreds of years, seeking to bring about the betterment and continued survival of the human race, through any means necessary. In addition to having wealth, power and influence, each member of this group also has something special; Immortality. It is, in fact, a requirement for entry, though all types of ageless beings are accepted. Vampire? Contract with a demon? Actually a demon? Cursed by a witch? Keep reincarnating yourself? Transferred your mind in to a cyborg body? If you meet any of these conditions or more, and have a desire to make the world a better place, you may find a home among the Club and its members.

Over the years, this organization has toppled regimes, changed the sway of government and public opinion, both started and ended wars, propagated or hidden technological advancement as necessary, spread medicine, or sometimes disease, assassinated, stolen, sabotaged, and taken every necessary step to see the human race through to a future where it survives. While their methods aren’t always agreeable, as immortals, these individuals play the long game. A few lives lost here and there, or even a few million lives lost, are seen as necessary steps on the path to the future. Now, when a new member discovers the Club and is brought in to the fold, how will they take these discoveries? Will they sign on to fight for the greater good? Try to change the ways of the immortals in charge? Or perhaps try to expose the Club and its members, to stop their apparent tyranny? Only time will tell, and time is something in no short supply.


So, this RP would take place in a world where various immortal creatures manipulate human society from the shadows. There are a lot of directions this could go in, but I see the most likely setup as being a young immortal just stumbling upon the club or one of their older, more established members. The older member takes on a bit of a mentor role, introduces the fledgling to this secret society and their rules, and perhaps together, they try and make a difference. Assassination, sabotage, espionage, political intrigue, seduction, manipulation… There’s plenty to do and explore here. This could also take place in a number of different time periods. Modern or near future are probably easiest, but I’m flexible there.

I’m pretty open on who either of us play, and where this story goes, so feel free to make suggestions! This might even work for a small group game.

Some visual inspiration:

Cyborg? Vampire? Both? Either way, a deadly assassin.
It’s not all lounging around and looking decadent, but, that’s part of it.
Immortality doesn’t always mean you don’t have to fear dangerous work.
Sometimes when someone is in your way, it’s best to make them submit, rather than remove them.
Club Eternal operates all across the world… With plenty of shady organizations.
When seduction doesn’t work, there are other options…

Bonus Round

No idea. Open to anything. Bring your own ideas even.
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The Maybe List

These ideas likely haven't been updated in a while, and aren't really on my mind at the moment. Feel free to ask if anything catches your eye, though.

Battle of the Gods
At a glance: An epic, high fantasy adventure about building power, gathering forces and strength, and challenging the gods. Plenty of depraved acts of worship and ritual along the way.
Many thousands of years ago, the heavens were at war. Only the gods themselves know what they were fighting about, but every mortal race has legends about the devastation that their conflict brought upon them. Storms, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other disasters were common while the gods fought to the bitter end. It was a miracle that the mortal races survived, but they persevered, and when the conflict finally came to an end, there was peace once more. The 'usurpers' in heaven had been destroyed, imprisoned, or exiled, and the remaining deities ruled over the mortal realms, drawing power from their worship. While they did grant power to their worshipers, and keep them safe from the evils of the world, there was something far more sinister at work, something which the mortals were not aware of.

In truth, the souls of those that died would not go to eternal peace and rest, but would instead be enslaved and consumed by the gods that they worship, sating their hunger, giving them more and more power. Of course, none of this was known to the mortal races, and they went about their lives in relative peace. The gods, however, were growing greedy. The energy from mortal worship was nothing compared to the energy gained from consuming their souls, so they began to unleash monsters, plagues and disasters upon the world, killing many, and forcing the rest to worship even harder, begging for protection. This cycle continued for hundreds of years, with all mortals living in fear.

In one quiet corner of civilization, however, a relic from the past has been brought to the surface… One of the old gods, the ones who fought for the rights of all souls to live in their ordained afterlife, was defeated and cast down, thought to be destroyed. In truth, he merely slumbered, trapped beneath the earth for countless centuries. When his petrified form was eventually discovered, worship from a small group of devotees believing his figure to be divine gave him a slow trickle of strength. Eventually, it was enough. The worshippers would be shocked to find out just how right they were as the former god burst free of his stone prison, with a hunger to restore his power, and take revenge. First, however, he would need to gather his strength…


So! This idea will take place over the course of an epic fantasy campaign. Unbeknownst to the mortals who worship them, the gods in the heavens have, for the most part, turned evil. They deceive the mortal races in to continuing to worship them, on promise of power and protection in life, and eternal rest and pleasure in the afterlife. Instead, however, they simply unleash monsters and create disasters to drive more worshippers to them, and then consume the souls of the slain for even more power, denying them the eternal peace promised. One of the old gods has returned, however, and is looking for some payback.

He’ll start weak, but worship from followers (and various other perverse rituals and intimacy) will bring him greater strength. It’s just a start, of course; Eventually, he’ll need a temple. Territory. Powerful followers, warriors and magicians. He’ll need magical artifacts, godly weapons that he left behind, and more. There’s plenty of room for globe-spanning fantasy adventure here as we build up our little army.

This RP is inspired by games like God of War, Asura’s Wrath (a criminally underrated favorite of mine), and maybe a bit of Fire Emblem. The actual setting will be a mish-mash of fantasy worlds and mythologies, so we can have deities and religions inspired by all kinds of sources.

No surprise for one of my ideas, it’s built a little bit with a harem angle in mind, but, we can probably work with however you’d like to play it.

My character here:

The former god of war. He’s ancient, angry, and significantly weakened. He’s been trapped for a long time, his powers are greatly diminished, he’s still recovering from some old injuries, and the mortal have long forgotten him, his name stricken from records. He’s got a long road to revenge ahead of him, and he’s willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

Your character here:

Another goddess, either a former ally that might have been imprisoned or maybe an enemy that needs to be defeated.

A priestess or other mystic, a current worshipper or perhaps someone in need of… Conversion

A divine or demonic servant of another could make a fine ally. Or slave.

Some inspirational images:

The ruins of the old temples are long buried… But together, we will seek them out once more.
These old, forgotten places still hold power… Power which we can use.
If, of course, you know the proper rituals…
Proper worship will bring great strength to both the old god, and his followers.
Which, of course, will require some very particular priestesses to oversee.
Of course, the more devoted followers, the better.

Vampires are jerks
I’ve been in the mood for vampire RP again! While my other vampire plot on here is more of a contemporary thing, this would be more focused in a fantasy, or at least historical environment. Like most of my RPs, I like to take inspiration from numerous sources, but I rarely like to commit to a single canon setting or characters. As such, knowledge of any source material I reference here isn’t actually necessary; though feel free to look in to them for inspiration if you wish!

First up, a fantasy-themed setting based on the Legacy of Kain series. In the land of Nosgoth, the balance of the world is sustained by magical artifacts known as the nine Pillars of Nosgoth. Seeking power, a vampire known as Kain destroyed the guardians of these pillars, resulting in the slow corruption of the land itself. Rather than ending his own life to put things right, he embraced his vampirism, and created an empire of the undead. Now, centuries later, the world is slowly tearing itself apart. Vampires are the dominant species in the world, human civilization has fallen in to decay, and the undead empire ruled by Kain has grown decadent and complacent. Surviving humans are often slaves, or at least prey, hunted for sport by vampire nobles who rule over various regions.

Most human cities are gone, replaced by sprawling warrens of undead and their servants. Vampire politics involve power struggles between clans, fighting for favor with Kain, territory, hunting rights, or ownership of groups of humans. Even within the vampire clans, however, there are further dissenting opinions. Rampant hunting and killing of humans has led to dwindling populations… And food supply. Not to mention, the earth itself is slowly tearing itself apart, with natural disasters increasing in frequency and severity due to Kain leeching power from the nine Pillars to sustain his iron grasp on the empire which he has forged. There are dark times ahead for the vampires, and even darker for the humans, unless something can be done to set things straight…

I see this RP going the way of a reluctant collaboration between some vampires who believe that Kain and his methods are destroying the earth, and human resistance fighters who are simply trying to survive. I’m willing to discuss either role, but I’m leaning a little more towards playing a human. Up for discussion, though!

Some visual inspiration:

Human kingdoms have been left to crumble…
While dark vampire cities spread both above and below the ground.
Vampires are fierce opponents, but humans are embracing new technology to fight back.
Despite their natural prowess, unwary vampires might find themselves at a disadvantage.

Second, an alternate, and not yet fully fleshed out idea, I’d enjoy playing something in the Old-Old World of Darkness, IE Dark Ages: Vampire. I enjoy the canon clans here, so I don’t think there’s any need to deviate from the setting too much, but I’m pretty flexible. Will add some more detail to the idea as I cook stuff up, but for now, it’s at least an option for those interested.

The Long Winter
We were warned that the winter would be a long one, that the night would be dark and bring horrors beyond imagining with it. Few were prepared when the long night set in and the cold winds began to blow. Too many had been concerned with petty politics, with wealth and status, with crowns and thrones. Once the snow began to fall, such desires seemed petty… And once the dead began to rise, they became nothing but foolish memories. From far to the north, ancient specters of death marched forth, bringing with them hordes of shambling corpses. Cities vanished overnight, villages turning to ghost towns. People fled to the south, but everyone who had seen the coming horrors knew that there was no escape. The wind seemed to howl without end, driving snow hammering down, burying the land beneath. Even if one were to survive the dead, stores of food were already wearing thin.

Old enemies became desperate allies, armies marched against the encroaching dead, trying to stem the tide. Any delay they may have caused, however, was overwhelmed by the fact that the dead soldiers only added to the enemy numbers. To the south, some still refused to believe what was coming, instead taking advantage of the chaos to secure positions of power, to amass gold or claim land, but it would all be for naught when the icy fingers of the walking dead were scratching at their doors. Society falls to chaos as danger creeps closer, the strong take advantage, taking what they please. Bands of survivors form raiding groups of bandits, and as food supplies begin to fall short, they may grow more dangerous than the encroaching dead.

  • Inspired, obviously, by ASOIAF, but does not have to take place in this world specifically.
  • Snowpiercer, without trains. Just the snow, really. Endless snow, and zombies.
  • Probably more like The Walking Dead, with swords, and a lot of snow.
  • Strong survival horror elements, as well as human politics and corruption in the face of disaster.
  • Magic can be present, but not overpowering.
  • A desperate adventure, to escape the coming horrors, or to stop them?

  • A warrior from the north, veteran of a catastrophic battle against the undead. Knows what is coming, and that there will be no stopping it. A man with questionable morals and the strength to survive, adapting to the new situation. Will not hesitate to take what he pleases.
  • Would adore playing opposite a pretty, perhaps naive or even stuck up female noble who needs to learn a lesson about how harsh the world is about to become.
  • A queen and a princess together might just hit every kink I've ever had. Just sayin'.

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)

Armies gather in the North… But will it be enough?

The land is cold and dark, bleak and empty.

The endless dead continue their inevitable march.

Even if their walls can keep the dead away, what will they do when the food runs out?

How long before society collapses, and the strong take advantage?

Adventures in Space

This could work in a number of different settings. Mass Effect, Star Wars, whatever really. Personally, I prefer sort of a generic, made up universe. That way we can just make things up without being restricted by technologies, aliens, etc. Keep in mind, this is only a very rough starting point for a scene. Lots of room here for plot development, exploration, action, evil aliens, and kinky fun!

A former military Captain has been dishonorably discharged for refusing to follow orders. What those orders were, exactly, is a classified subject, and not one the Captain himself is keen to think about. For several years after his misadventure, he took what work he could; fighting, stealing, smuggling, and whatever other dirty jobs needed to be taken care of. He scraped and scrounged and saved every credit he could, and finally, managed to afford his own ship. With a ship came freedom, and finally, he was able to set out to the stars again. Space travel was his true passion, and the main reason he had joined the military in the first place. Now, however, he was free to go where he willed, take what jobs he wanted, and do whatever he pleased. Of course, there are still bills to pay, so he takes what jobs he can get, as he had before, building a bit of a reputation for himself.

Working solo has it's pros and cons. You do get to keep all of your pay, but, sometimes things get a bit hairy with nobody to watch your back. It was one of those situations that the Captain found himself in now. He had arrived a Paradise Station, a massive casino and luxury resort orbiting Saturn. There were two sides to the station; the gleaming, flashy public side, where tourists, gamblers and businessmen made their homes, and then there was the rougher area - The slums of Paradise. Thousands of people worked on Paradise station, and most of them lived there. Few of them had money, so the city itself was rather run down and decrepit. What few people knew was that the entire station, city and casino, were operated by an organized crime syndicate. As such, it had become a perfect place for all manner of shady dealings. One of those shady deals was going on right then.

The Captain knew that something was wrong as soon as he entered the bar. There were a lot of patrons, but little noise. Those patrons were almost all men, too casually dressed, as if intentionally trying to blend in. They were seated all around the room, in positions that would give them the best view of the room. His current employer was seated in the middle of the room, and he wore a false smile, beckoning the Captain over. He had come to exchange some data discs that he had been hired to procure, and collect his payments. It seemed, however, that his employer didn't want him walking away from this deal alive...

My Character:

As described, a (probably) human male, now in possession of his own ship. He roams the galaxy, trying to make a living where he can, but, some days, you just need a little help. That's where you come in.

Your character:

Just about anything! Waitress that gets dragged in to a gunfight and has to flee with him? Tough mercenary for hire? Secret agent looking for a discreet way to travel? The possibilities are limitless! As you may notice in my Ons/Offs pages, sexy aliens are appreciated!

Mysteries Incorporated/SCP

This idea would be something X-Files ish, inspired by spending a few hours reading through the SCP archives. Essentially, a giant secret organization is tasked with collecting, studying, containing, and if absolutely necessary destroying, all of the strange and paranormal things in the world. This includes mysterious artifacts, haunted houses, unknown creatures, and people with mysterious powers. As with any large, secretive organization, there are many who question their motives and modes of operation. Are they as benign as they claim, or are they harboring some evil intent? Do they intend to save the world, or rule it from the shadows? Even ignoring all of this, day-to-day life is dangerous and exciting in the organization, with much adventure to be had.

My Character - I was thinking for this RP I would play some sort of doctor, scientist or agent working for the organization. He would be tasked with find, retrieving, exploring, studying etc various paranormal items.

Your Character - As always, feel free to use your own ideas. I was, however, thinking that you might play a female human with some sort of mysterious power, who has been brought in for study. While life for human subjects is not uncomfortable, and they are provided with everything they might need, their lives are restricted and they are essentially imprisoned, only allowed to leave under heavy restrictions, and with an escort depending on the magnitude of their abilities.

The RP - My character might begin studying or perhaps guarding yours. Over time, he begins to recognize the use of her abilities and perhaps develop some sympathy towards her situation. He obtains permission to have her accompany him on expeditions, and they essentially become partners, going on to have a variety of adventures tracking down the mysteries of the world.

Denizens of the Night

So, in keeping with... Well, a lot of other ads on this site, I'm interested in a Vampire RP. It could be one of a few different settings or pairings.

Variant 1 - World of Darkness

For those unfamiliar with the series of RPGs created by White Wolf, this is a modern setting where vampires, shapeshifters, mages and all manner of other creatures live in secret among society. Some of these creatures see the benefit of remaining hidden, allowing them to feed on, manipulate and otherwise control the human population from the shadows. Other factions believe that they would be better off making themselves public, and conquering the entire human species, ruling over them and using them as they please. Humanity, however, is not entirely defenseless, as they have a number of government agencies, and humans with strange and unnatural powers that allow them to hunt these creatures from the shadows.

My Character here: I'd be looking to play a Hunter, likely. A human that has come in to powers beyond his understanding. Suddenly introduced to a world full of horror, they face unspeakable horrors that they cannot comprehend. Their safe and secure little world shattered, they certainly have some issues to work out. Do they try and carry on with their lives, pretending it's all a dream? Do they take these new powers that they don't understand at all and try to hunt down the monsters? My character will be torn between the two, trying to cope with this new world.

Your Character: I am really in the mood for a sexy female vampire. It seems that most other scenes I do, I'm playing the aggressive and dominant party. While I do certainly enjoy being the dominant one, it would be nice to see an aggressive woman for a change! However, it's entirely up to you. Vampire, other supernatural creature, another Hunter, or just an everyday human! Lots of ways we can go here.

Variant 2 - Anita Blake/True Blood-ish world

Here, Vampires are out in the open, and a mostly accepted part of society. They probably only 'came in to the light' a few years ago, and society is still trying to figure out how to cope with them. For the sake of fitting in, most of these vampires are trying to live normal, non-threatening lives. A lot of them were even turned recently, the reveal of vampires giving many people a chance at real immortality. Who could resist?

My Character: Again, I'd like to play some sort of vampire hunter. In this case, it's more of a Vampire Executioner, really. Some Vampires don't want to conform to the rules of society, longing for the days where they were monsters, terrors of the night. They want to be able to use their powers, lord over the humans, hunt kill and feed as they choose. The government employs a number of highly-trained, and very skilled executioners to deal with these cases.

Your Character: Again again, I'd really like to play opposite a sexy female vampire. She could be one of the 'bad girls' that he's out to hunt, a newly turned vampire trying to make a 'living' that gets tangled up in his work, or maybe an elder vampire that's interested in him and his work, or looking to use him to wipe out rivals.

Variant 3 - Something historical, either fantasy or Victorian. In an interesting twist borrowed from the pages of the White Wolf books, we could even do something set in ancient Rome. According to the White Wolf setting, the Vampires had a massive empire in those times, and it could be interesting to explore.

My Character: For this scene, I suppose I could play a human or a vampire. His exact role would depend on the setting we chose.

Your Character: Once more, I'd love a female vampire! But, I'd take humans for this one too.

Artificial Romance
I'm dreaming of a distant cyberpunk future, along the vein of Syndicate, Blade Runner, Binary Domain, or Deus Ex. Robotics, cybernetics, nanomachines and more are prevalent in society. The gap between rich and poor has widened, first-world countries thriving and expanding, while third-world countries descend in to chaos, their governments collapsing. The wireless world is everywhere, and it's nearly impossible to find a place that doesn't have some sort of coverage (in civilized countries, at least), and with implants, people can browse the internet, shop, game, and communicate directly from their brains, Augmented Reality images overlaying everything (like Shadowrun, for those familiar).  This is a world where corporations hold as much, or possibly more power than governments. There is crime, of course, the lower classes feeling oppressed and ignored by the ruling bodies, often turn to less-than-legal means to make a living. Plenty of room here for action, intrigue, drama and conspiracy!

Robots are common, including humanoid models, but machines which mimic actual human appearance are new, rare, secret, and often illegal. Recently, a few corporations have managed to develop a few androids, almost completely indistinguishable from humans, equipped with advanced AI, used for a variety of purposes ranging from corporate espionage to assassination, to more mundane tasks. How secret these machines actually are will vary based on the exact story, but, they will be rarities.

There are a few possible ways the story could go here:

My primary idea is that my character is one of these advanced androids, one of the first. He's not quite perfect, as he was an early attempt, and will have some flaws that later generations will not possess, though he is still one of the most advanced pieces of electronics in the world. For the purposes of this RP, he would be (in the words of Data), "Fully functional". His relationship with your character will depend on what exactly you would like to play.

Maybe you'd like to be a scientist or engineer that helped design, create, or maintain him? Perhaps you're a corporate executive or VIP that he serves as bodyguard or escort? Maybe you're just a waitress or regular person who stumbles across him, perhaps broken down after a failed mission. You could, perhaps, even be another android. Limitless possibilities here!

Survival Horror

This idea could work in a couple of different settings. I'm really in the mood for something horror themed after the games I've been playing and movies I've been watching lately. So here are some variants!

Variant 1 - Similar in theme to Aliens, Dead Space, or Pandorum. A massive colony ship has been drifting for years, heading towards a new planet, away from earth, which could no longer sustain the human population. The trip will take centuries, and as such, the colonists (all civilians) are in stasis for many long years. The crew wakes in shifts to manage and monitor the ship. But something has gone wrong. The ship has come under attack, and systems are failing. Off course, lost, damaged, and with no help for miles, the enormous vessel is drifting aimlessly. With power and life support slowly failing, the stasis pods are slowly shutting down, trapping and killing their occupants. A lucky few, however, wake in time and manage to escape. Now, lost and alone in this massive vessel, with no sign of the crew and no idea what might be lurking in the dark corridors, they must fight to survive.

Characters here could be civilians or crew. Civilians would of course have a much harder time, having no idea what the layout of the ship is, or how any of the systems work. Will they try and save the others? Restore life support? Get the engines running and find out where they are? Can they even manage that? Maybe they'll just try and escape on their own! Lots of possibilities here.

Variant 2 - A cruise ship/island/both! Isolated far out in the ocean, a luxurious ocean liner has encountered a problem... What the problem is, is up for debate. A serial killer? Crazed cult? Monster of some sort? Vampires? Werewolves? ZOMBIES?! Personally, I'm a fan of the zombie idea, but, that's probably because I just finished watching The Walking Dead. It's open for discussion! Characters would be passengers on the ocean liner, stranded and with no way to communicate with the outside world, they'll have to stick together, and come up with a plan if they want to survive.

Variant 3 - A strange little isolated town in the mountains, surrounded by forest. They rarely get visitors, and these guests in particular have chosen a very inopportune time to arrive. They have come to town just in time for a local festival. Normally, this would be a great time to visit a quaint little village, but the town harbors a dark secret. Strange rituals are conducted in the dead of night, people disappear, and strange screams and cries echo from the mountains. Will the strangers be able to escape with their lives, or will they be sacrificed by the bizarre cult?


All ideas here are open for change, interpretation, and whatever! So let me know if you'd like to add, remove or change anything.

You know, everyone seems to think this is one of the worst movies ever made, and I just don't understand that. Sure it's not a good movie, but it's not that bad. I actually find it pretty enjoyable, and I've decided it could make a fun RP setting. It's like Fallout, with boats! Nautical adventures on a post apocalyptic wasteland await! Pirates! Raiders! Slavers! Other post-apocalypse tropes, but in boats!

A Devil on a Leash
This story, while not fully formed yet, would take place between a powerful demon/vampire/something supernatural, and somebody that has managed to capture and imprison it. Something akin to the Hellsing anime, where Alucard is bound to the service of the Hellsing family. The supernatural creature could be newly captured, or may have been imprisoned or in the service of the family for several generations. I'd be willing to play either the human, or the supernatural entity in this scene.

Mists of Akuma
At a glance: A dark, depraved fantasy adventure through feudal Japan gone wrong! Largely inspired by Nioh, Shadow of the Demon Lord, and its Japan supplement.

The Sengoku period marked a time of great strife and bloodshed for Japan, with warring states and households clashing across the land for control of the nation. Mighty armies march against each other while the helpless pray for salvation from any god or guardian spirit that might lend an ear. While prayer might bring the attention of the kami, and give them strength, the constant strife and bloodshed give strength to a different, more malevolent form of spirit… The malicious Oni, cruel demons that feed on human suffering… And human flesh.

As the warring factions grew more entrenched and more desperate, they turned to sorceries and ancient magics to help them defeat their foes, unleashing devastation black arts on the hapless soldiers and civilians alike. In doing so, the fabric of reality began to decay, and the strength of the spirits, monsters and supernatural entities that once dwelt in the hidden corners of the world grew in turn. As the war raged on, the situation in Japan became worse; With each life lost, the Oni grew stronger. With each spell cast, the influence of spirits and demons grew. While there were benevolent spirits in the world as well, the mass of negative emotions, terror, violence and bloodshed were granting far greater strength to the darker powers, and they grew more numerous by the day.

With each passing day, more horrific stories were whispered, beginning from the remote corners of civilization. A demon in the mountains, slaughtering a traveling merchant. A farm burned to the ground, the farmers found devoured. It didn’t stop there. Soon entire remote villages were simply vanishing, and dark shapes were seen stalking the shadows of even the most populous city… Soon, it seemed that nowhere was safe any longer. All of this came to a head the day the Demon Lord ripped his way in to the world.

It began with The Storm, a mighty wind, driving rain, crashing thunder. Dark clouds gathered and swirled over central Japan, and then, with a crash of thunder that shook the land, the very earth was rent apart as the Demon Lord clawed his way free of the shadows. Having fed on the blood, violence, hatred and fear for years, the monstrous Oni was finally able to break free of his ancient prison, and begin his bloody conquest of Japan… And then the world.

From the moment of the Demon Lord’s birth in to the world, Japan has been surrounded in violent storms, which rage across the islands of the great nation so frequently that the sun is now a rare sight. These storms prevent almost all ship traffic in to and out of the country, leaving Japan in a state of isolation… Until the demons began spilling out, invading other nations and starting to spread the corrupting influence of the demon lord across the world. Now, warriors of all types, hailing from all across the globe, are traveling towards the Island of Perpetual Storms to investigate the cause of all this, and put a stop to the madness for good. Most of them will never make it, their ships destroyed by the raging storms and violent demons, but perhaps those that do make ground, and those few brave souls remaining in Japan itself can band together with the help of the spirits that remain, and put a stop to the reign of the Demon Lord…

This RP will see a pair or party of “heroes” banding together for a nightmarish journey across feudal Japan. It will be an adventure fraught with corruption, depravity, violence and general badness. There aren’t many real heroes left, and Japan is now no place for the noble and virtuous… Instead, the strong survive, and only they have a chance to right what has gone wrong, defeating the Demon Lord and freeing the world from his grasp… Or perhaps they have something else in mind?

A delicious plot idea that I would absolutely adore would be subjugating and collection a little harem- Ahem, adventuring party, of demon or monster girls for the quest. Optional, though! All ideas are loved.

My character here:
Likely a Westerner pirate or brigand, come to the shores of Japan after the madness began, to see what profit and power can be gained… And to help put an end to the demons, of course. As in Nioh.

Other characters out there:
-   Warriors, pirates and more from all across the world
-   Soldiers, samurai, ninja, priests or more from the remnants of Japan
-   Monsters, Oni, demons and spirits of a less violent nature, keen to not see the world or human race totally destroyed
-   Anything else you can think of!
Some visual inspiration (NSFW Content Warning):

The Oni hunger for human flesh… In more ways than one.

Demonic corruption is driving even the wild beasts mad.

Are all Oni really that bad?

There are plenty of other monstrous beings and spirits around, not all of them evil.

And who wouldn’t love a whole party of monsters and spirits to defeat the demon lord with?

The warriors of Japan, human and otherwise, still stand strong.

At a glance: A mercenary adventure featuring action, adventure and depravity on the journey to renown and power in a distant future where battles are conducted using giant robots.

It is the 31st century, and mankind is once again at war. The battlefields of the future are dominated by huge, robotic war machines known as Battlemechs. Piloting these awesome weapons of war are men and women, the elite of the elite. They are known as… Mechwarriors.

In the far-flung future of the human race, mankind has spread across the galaxy. At the height of this golden age of technological development, cultural and economic revolution, colonization and exploration, the human race had come together in an organization known as the Star League. For a while, all was well… Until the seeds of discontent began to take root in the peaceful society. People grew lazy and decadent, and with great leaps in AI and automation, human knowledge decreased as people grew more and more dependent on automated systems that fewer and fewer people even understood. Finally, political bickering, infighting and backstabbing grew in to open confrontation, and then all-out war. The Star League fractured, and dissolved. Thus began the Succession Wars.

A number of great political houses grabbed for power, seizing territory and resources under great banners, and the galaxy has been engulfed in this ongoing conflict for centuries. During this time, mankind has fallen in to a dark age – science, engineering and research are at their lowest point in centuries, and most engineers can do little more than repair, modify or jury-rig existing technology, keeping it all running while automated factories that have become virtual black boxes churn out new materials for the ongoing war. Society has become near feudal, with households employing great knights in giant battlemechs to fight their enemies. Of course, plenty of folks out there can’t afford their own battlemechs and pilots, and turn to those who will fight for credits.

Enter the mercenary companies. There are plenty of them out there, roaming the galaxy and selling their services to the highest bidder, some gathering to form large companies of great renown. Not so our heroes. Just starting out, our cast of characters will grow over time, starting from a small band of scrappy wariors, techs, pilots and more, and perhaps growing in to a true force to be reckoned with. Let’s see how far their journey takes them!


Our RP here will start with a couple of mercenaries, or perhaps a lone pilot (my character) picking up his first recruit in battle. From there, we’ll grow our operations and fight for the highest bidder all across the galaxy! Action and adventure await. Exploration, pirates and raiders, political intrigue, and of course, giant robot battles will be aplenty. As well as lust, depravity and a healthy dose of kink.

Knowledge of Battletech canon isn’t necessary here, though I’m happy to answer questions and talk at length about it if you’re interested. For those who also aren’t fussy about canon, this could also take place in a universe with alien races, and giant alien beasts for our giant robots to do battle with. After all, what mechanized knight wouldn’t want to test his or her mettle fighting a dragon?

My character here:

A veteran mechwarrior, experienced pilot and commander. Disillusioned and jaded, he’s split off from the house he once fought for and struck out on his own. With a serviceable battlemech and a ship that’s taped together and running on fumes, it’s one man against the galaxy… Until he recruits some help, at least.

Your character:
-   A fellow mechwarrior, ready to do battle?
-   The ship will need plenty of crew. Mechanics, doctors, spies and operatives. We’ll also surely have room for soldiers, negotiators and more!

Some visual inspiration:

Warfare has evolved… giant battlemechs are the weapons of the future.

There’s plenty of time for unwinding after a tough battle. Or getting intimate in the cockpit.

Planning out the next battle…

There be Dragons
At a glance: A high-fantasy adventure centered around one of the last remaining dragons, in a world where they’ve been hunted to near extinction.

It is said that dragons were the first race to roam the world; Ancient and primeval beasts that legend said were tied to the very spirit of the world itself. They are ancient, powerful and wise, possessing great history, knowledge, and a command of magic that no mortal races could match. As the so-called lesser races began to emerge (some whisper they were even created by the first dragons), the ancient reptiles were quick to build empires, ruling over the mortals with their immense knowledge and power. They taught the lesser beings language. Architecture. Science. Even magic. So great was their arrogance that they never thought these tiny, short-lived beings could bring about their downfall.

In some lands, the dragon rules were worshipped like gods. In others, they were feared as tyrants, who treated their mortal charges like cattle, or slaves. For millennia, life continued like this, generations growing up in the shadow of those monstrous beings… But then things began to change. Dragons aren’t prone to quick adaptation like the mortals are, and quickly, quietly, in the shadows, they were growing restless. The mortal races began developing and growing on their own, outside the purview of their draconic masters, and they were growing restless… And rebellious. The arrogant old beasts never saw it coming, but the great storm of violence came, and the mortal masses rose up against their overlords. Soldiers marched against them, sorcerers conjured up incredible magic to strike them down, and most of all… They unleashed the dragon’s own kind against them.

For decades, secretive mortal groups had been stealing dragon eggs, experimenting on them, forcibly hatching them with magic. The resulting creatures were small, weak and feral, lesser dragons with little real intelligence. But they were numerous. And could be controlled. The mortals unleashed these creatures against the dragons, riding them to war, and slowly, the ancient and terrible beasts that had enslaved the mortal races for thousands of years began to fall. One by one, the great reptiles were hunted and slain, driven out of the mortal lands, so that the lesser races could finally be free to attain their own destiny. It was a glorious triumph, and one that ushered in a new age of golden prosperity and freedom… Or so the story goes.

Many years later, mortal empires are thriving across the globe, but of course, corruption, greed and more have grown with them. Wars and bitter politics are common, in some places mortals have simply replaced the dragon tyrants, lording over their subjects and treating them as slaves. Worse, however, there seem to be changes in the forces of magic, and in the world itself. Crops aren’t producing as much anymore. The ancient forests seem to be dying. Water is turning stale and bracken, and the forces of magic aren’t responding the way they used to… And they appear to be corrupting their wielders, in some cases driving them mad. Many suppress this information, or simply blame it on whatever neighboring kingdom they don’t happen to like… But in secret, a few whisper that perhaps the dragons served some purpose greater than what they originally appeared… That by slaying them, they were wounding the earth itself. Of course, such thoughts are quickly stamped out if voiced, often violently. After all… The dragons were only murderous, cruel overlords, were they not?


So! This RP will be centered about an ancient dragon, survivor of the old purge, and those that come looking for him. Things are going wrong in the world, and there are some hints out there that the old stories about evil dragons and brave knights might not be entirely accurate. Will it inspire a brave few to ignore the old stories and commands from on high, and seek out one of the last remaining beasts? Or perhaps some dutiful soldiers simply wish to hunt down the remaining survivors and earn the glory that would come with such a kill?
My Character Here:

Karthus is one of the few remaining dragons. He was once a Silver dragon, one of the kinder and more benevolent of the draconian races, but over countless millenia, thousands of battles, and numerous bloody encounters, his scales have been scarred, charred, worn and burnt black. Now this massive ebony beast is a legendary terror among the mortal races. Stories speak of the horrors he has wrought; entire villiages consumed, armies slaughtered, cities laid to waste... How true any of these rumors are is anyone's guess.

As a dragon, Karthus has a number of abilities and magical powers. He can, though he is loathe to, assume a more humanoid form. These days, however, he mostly just slumbers in a hidden mountain cavern, far from civilization.

Your Character:
Perhaps a bold dragon slayer, come to claim the beasts head? Or maybe a knight sent out on order of their monarch, to protect the people from this threat.

Maybe you took a different path, studying ancient secrets and hidden wisdom, and seek the dragons for knowledge.

Perhaps you are even the priestess of a secret cult, understanding the truth of the ancient beings, and wish to restore them.

Or, an evil overlord might try to capture a real dragon, to subjugate her rivals.

There are even a few other dragons out there… Maybe they wish to consolidate power, or repopulate?

Some visual inspiration:
Few venture up to the mountains where Karthus is rumored to make his lair.
Dragons love to collect… Karthus likes to collect more than just treasure.
There are bound to be some size issues…
It is said that much was lost along with the dragons.

Comic Book Vigilantes
At a glance: Action! Adventure! Morally questionable decisions! The life of a masked vigilante in the DC universe is a tough one. A comic book adventure set in the DC universe, likely with original characters.
Gotham City is a pretty miserable place to live. Crime is rampant, and even the host of bat-themed vigilantes living there can’t seem to keep up with the veritable hordes of muggers, rapists, Mafioso and super villains. With Batman mysteriously absent, things are even worse, and the city seems on the brink of total collapse. The remaining heroes are pushed to their limits, and sometimes, hard calls have to be made… Those who walk the thin grey line in between hero and villain suddenly aren’t quite so shunned, as they’re forced to take sides in what seems like a coming war. Both sides are gathering allies where and when they can, and the police and innocent people in the city can do nothing but try to hold on, and pray the right side wins.

While set in the DC universe, this RP will be heavily non-canon, and non-canon characters are welcome! Batman and much of the Justice League have vanished on a crucial mission to save the planet from some world-ending threat, leaving sidekicks and lesser-known heroes to deal with the villains and lesser criminals left behind. Sensing opportunity, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork, and everyone on the right side of the law has their work cut out for them trying to hold on. Our pair (or small cast) of characters will struggle to put away bad guys (or carry out crimes, depending on how the dice fall), manage their daily lives, and maybe try to find a bit of a human connection in between all the madness, in or out of costume. I’m looking for action, adventure, drama, depravity, and maybe a healthy dose of romance.

As usual, a small handful of female companions, perhaps on varying sides of the law, would be delicious!

My character here:

Definitely not a blatant fandom ripoff of something between Red Hood(NSFW) and The Punisher. One of those dangerous elements that walks the thin line, isn’t afraid to bring a gun to a fist fight, and has a long history of violence and bloodshed. He’s left more than a few bodies in his wake, but an encounter with a certain caped hero left him with a chance to make things right, before he had gone too far.

Lost overseas as a child, he grew up in conflict, adopted in to warfare and trained as a mercenary soldier by morally-questionable guns-for-hire. His eventual return to Gotham was facilitated by the mob, something which, of course, incurred a debt, one he would repay in blood as a deadly assassin. The criminal elements of the city pushed him too far, however, and he’s turned against them, putting them in the ground one at a time – Until he was convinced that there was a better way.

Now, with everything hanging together by a thread, he’s being tugged in both directions by people who could use the help of a skilled vigilante, or soldier.

Your character here (NSFW images):

-   A good girl, fighting crime and trying to win an ally?
-   A bad girl trying to find herself a partner-in-crime, bodyguard, or deadly assassin?
-   Someone in between, playing both sides? Or maybe just someone who understands, someone with a little darkness in her too.
Some visual inspiration (NSFW images):
-   With resources so strained, some extraordinary measures have to be taken to keep captured criminals in line.
-   Vigilantes have a hard life… Of course they need to blow off a little steam
-   When faced with such overwhelming odds, it helps to assemble a superhero team, and maybe help them bond
-   And maybe through all this, we’ll find time for a little romance.
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