A brief intermission from life.(Female characters wanted)

Started by GanonDwarf, February 24, 2012, 10:04:50 PM

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I find myself in need of some brief intermission(s) from life. Rping is always a good way to do that. I'm afraid to say, but I am a bit rusty. Heck, I'd say I'm a lot rusty. So whoever wants to oil me up is welcome to.  ;)


So here are some ideas, and such.


1. The Virgin: The young college freshmen has been to focused on school and friends to have time for a girlfriend. He's also not that good of a flirt, but it just so happens his good friend finds him very attractive. So she decides to teach him a thing or two, will romance form or will drama?...Or both, it's up to fate.

2.Losing a bet: The most attractive girl in highschool has recently lost a bet. And now she has to go on a date with the lamest boy in school. And worse then that he's a dwarf. How will she survive. No way will she ever fall for a guy like him......right?


These are just pairings and other things that I find interesting.

Nerd/Popular Girl
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Girlfriend's best friend

Fandoms I enjoy

One Piece
Fairy Tail
Code Geass
Final Fantasy (7,9,dissida)

Thank you for your time.  Be sure to read my ons and offs.
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