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Author Topic: Plot Bunnies (Seeking F)  (Read 867 times)

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Plot Bunnies (Seeking F)
« on: February 24, 2012, 02:38:12 PM »
A very varied listing of ideas, crossing all walks of life (aka kinks and taboos). Pictures just serve as inspiration. Names can also be changed.

The Stripper

Calie always knew there was something special about her brother. She was just never sure what it was - until her friends took her to a private club where Male Dancers catered to the mostly female clientele. Calie, of course, protested at first, but when the hunk came on stage she found her breath catching in her throat. He was a pure male specimen, all muscles but not overly so. He wore a mask - all the men did, to keep their identities secret - but was quickly naked. It was only then that Calie realized why he was a crowd favorite - he was hung like a horse! Her friends had told her rumors of course but it wasn't until witnessing first hand that she believed them. Things only got hotter when a very horny patron got on stage with him and a very public sex act was performed. Of course, she had been told about those as well. Calies panties were dripping by the time she came out from the show. And Calie kept coming back. She was starting to fall in love with the mortal god before her. It wasn't until she got up close, in a mass of girls, that she realized she knew him. He had a very specific tattoo in a very specific place - the masked man was her brother! What will Calie do now with her secret?

Cuckold 1

Sarah married young, to an older man, who just didn't satisfy her sexually. Sure, she lived comfortably, but she wanted more from life then just that. Her husband had trouble getting hard and keeping hard, so what was a girl to do? Sarah knew that the neighbor was about her age and very attractive. But married. But that didn't stop her in the least, inviting him over for a few drinks before making her move on him. He was very eager, very willing, and their relationship soon started. It was purely sexual for both of them and Sarah thought it was all over when the mans younger wife walked in on them. She was in for the first of two shocks however - the neighbors were Swingers and the wife soon joined in the fun.

The last shock, however, came when Sarahs husband came home early one night and caught Sarah riding the neighbors cock. Instead of throwing her out or berating her he seemed almost relieved by what he found. He even went to encourage her to continue doing so, to sleep with other men and tell him about it. It seemed that this was the only way for the older man to get hard and stay hard. He encouraged her to go out Swinging with the neighbors, to bring younger men home, even other women, to film it too...Sarah had certainly found the perfect man for her!

Cuckold 2 [Can be Step-relations]

Sarahs husband had a small dick. It barely did anything for her. And he was a bit of a sissy. Not only did her family not know why she married the man, she didn't either. They only had one child - a son who was now 16+ - and rarely even attempted sex lately. But Sarah had a craving. She accidentally watched her son get head from a girlfriend of his and watching the act only turned Sarah on. Somehow, Sarah and her Husbands son had inherited a huge dick from someone in the family. Sarah knew right then that she had to have her son.

Seducing him, she is rewarded by a cock that fills and stretches her like no other cock has ever before. At first, she tries to keep the new relationship secret but it gets to the point where she can't hold back anymore. Nothing turns her on more then forcing her husband to watch as his son fucks her in ways he never could.

The Submissive Wife

Drew and Sophie are happily married. Their sex life is great and they get along very well. They often throw parties and are very much in love. But Sophie has a craving, a desire, that she has never been brave enough to name before. Having grown up in a Catholic household, she had always been taught to be the submissive wife. And she is, to an extent, but wants to take things to the next level. She finally brings it up with Drew and he quickly agrees - everything about their life will change. Light bondage gets introduced, she willing goes along and loves everything - everything from the commands and rules he gives her. She obeys his every command with out hesitation.

One of Sophies friends has long had a crush on Drew and comes over one day and discovers the new life situation. She is turned on - both by the naked Sophie bound to the bed and the control Drew has over her. Sophie is forced to watch as Drew takes her friend right there in front of her but finally gets release when she is allowed to join in, the first threesome of their lives. From there, things take another turn into submissiveness. Sophie isn't allowed to wear clothes when his friends come over. She willingly services his friends too when he tells her to, knowing that it pleases him. Thats why she does it - knowing that everything she does pleases her husband, just like a good submissive wife should be.

The Socialite

Mark was a socialite. Wealthy and powerful, he was not a man to mess with. His oldest son was a teenager and had started to date a girl from school. She spent a lot of time in Marks luxurious house - she wasn't nearly as wealthy off and was very impressed by Marks son and all his wealth. Mark, however, was Divorced and Widowed - Divorced from Marks mother, and his second wife had died some years past. He had two young children from the second marriage. And he needed a babysitter. So he asked his sons girlfriend to spend the week looking after the two younger siblings - Marks Son was off at some tournament.

With his son gone and youngest in bed, Mark returns home and finds his sons girlfriend still awake, marveling at the huge tv-screen. He offers her a drink before giving her a more personal tour of the house, ending in his bedroom. There, she is unable to resist his charms or advances and is taken to bed by her boyfriends Father. She finds the man intoxicating, confidance and command rolling off his body. He was a mans man, the type of man who was respected, whose presence was always felt. And she was submissive to him right away. The following week saw her as nanny by day, submissive in training at night. The sex and control was amazing. But once her boyfriend comes home, how will they keep it a secret? How long will she remain his young mistress?

Mother Dearest

Sam was young and horny. He watched porn about as much as he watched TV or read comics or played video games. If he didn't jerk off more then three times in a day, something was wrong. Of course, being 16, he's never so much as even touched a girl or know what its like to be kissed or teased. All he knows is the love his right hand can give him. And then he finds it, an earth shattering porn site. Most of the porn is about 20 years old, but he has been on a vintage kick recently. And the most beautiful woman on the entire site? None other then his own mother. He is shocked and aroused at the same time but starts to click through the links. Mostly just shots of her teasing the camera, then revealing more and more, before getting more and more naked until she was completely naked. And then he found the hardcore pictures...and the hardcore videos. He was enamored. His mother was the best looking person he had seen in porn and she looked so into it.

Later, at dinner, he couldn't help but give her sideways looks. She was still good looking, still had a killer body. That night, he sneaks to her door, and watches her having sex in the flesh with his father. His father leaves early in the morning for a business trip for the next two weeks - during Sam's spring break - so it'll just be him and his mom. He falls asleep after jerking off to them having sex.

He awakes in the morning to his mother wearing a babydoll, straddling his lap as she leans over him. Apparently, she knows he's found her pornstar past and knows that he watched her last night. So she's decided its time to see if he inherited any of her skills, to see if he knows how to please a woman, and to see how long he can last against her administrations. Sam feels like he has died and gone to heaven.

Daughter and Her Friend

Andrew is a single dad, his wife died a few years ago, leaving just him and his daughter. She has quickly blossomed into a beautiful woman and he knows she isn't a virgin anymore. A few times he has caught himself wondering what it would be like to have her - she was a mirror image of her mother - but never lets himself get drunk enough to try. One night, however, he is awoken by the noises coming from her room. Enraged that she would sneak a boy in with out telling him, and wearing only his boxers. He slams open the door and marches into the room, only to be stunned into silence when he sees its another girl sharing his daughters bed. And not just any girl - his daughters best friend, and flritatous girl who quickly makes note of the tent of his boxers and invites him to join in on the fun.

Rise of a Star

At 18 years old, [you] is looking to make it big time in LA. Only, everyone and their grandmother are looking to make it big time. So [you] needs to go that extra mile - a nude photoshoot. Being willing to go naked will certainly get [you] into a movie - even in a minor role - and help build up your resume from there. However, [you] gets a thrill from being in the naked photoshoot and the photographer gives [you] a calling card if you want to get into a different kind of industry that pays more, quicker. This is the beginning for [you] - but to what lengths will she go make it into the big time world of the porn world?

Essentially looking to document the life of a rising porn star, from shady scenes on the Amateur circuit, to playing it big time with the big shots. Must be pretty open to EVERYTHING.

The Woman Next Door

Desiree is married to a Porn Label Producer. She's been around the porn scene for years though never actually part of it herself. And she knows a few things about making movies. Sure, she's done the nude photos online, and even has a few of her and her husband staring in their own private movie. But he is working on a Blockbuster Porn movie right now and Desiree is finding herself to be left alone more often then not. But all that is about to change. Her husband gets to bang other people, so why can't she?

Calling her amateur label "MILFS Underground", she decides to go after men. She starts by seducing her neighbors teen-age son. She'll have to have sex with him a few times before broaching the subject of filming it. The thrill she gets from doing so is unparalleled, so she broadens her horizons, reaching out to men of all ages, meeting them in all sorts of places. Her label soon takes off.
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Re: Plot Bunnies (Seeking F)
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