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Started by Denivar, February 23, 2012, 11:42:46 PM

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I don't normally enjoy canon role plays, but I'm a huge fan of Song of Ice and Fire and a certain passing comment in one of the books struck me as nice inspiration for a role play.

With Daenerys Targaryen's powerful husband, Khal Drogo dying, her future became very unclear. Would she be taken to Vaes Dothrak, and live her life as a Dothraki crone? Would she simply be killed? Would she try to escape?

One possibility was raised: she might be enslaved and taken to one of the free cities, Lys perhaps, where a wealthy merchant would doubtless buy her and train her to be placed in a pleasure house. Many a wealthy citizen would pay handsomely to have his lusty desires satisfied by the last Targaryen.

While, of course, this didn't happen in the books, I think it seems a delicious (and deliciously evil) premise for a role play. I don't usually indulge in canon role plays, so I'd rather state that it's "loosely inspired" by this concept and then make up our own ancient/fantasy world where the same kind of thing happens -- the last princess in a long and powerful dynasty is sold off as a slave. She must survive in a treacherous city, with all kinds of humiliations and cruelties inflicted on her.

The premise does, of course, lend itself to all kinds of depravity, however I think with the right partner it can go beyond this. How will the princess survive in this harsh and cruel world? Perhaps she can find someone to own and love her who will spirit her away from the cruel situation she is in?

I'd be interested in a partner who is comfortable with both long and short posts, depending on where the role play is at, but who enjoys a very literate style of play. A big fan of Song of Ice and Fire would be preferred. (If you like the sound of this role play but haven't read SoIaF then see my other role play ideas linked from my signature -- many of them are somewhat similar). I often like to chat with my partners outside of role play, so someone who is laid back and friendly would be ideal.

Please PM if interested.
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