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June 26, 2022, 10:39:35 pm

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Author Topic: Contemporary Chaos—The modern world in strife [M seeking F; Group Possibility]  (Read 874 times)

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Hello, folks. Excuse any possible discrepancies. Since being approved, this is my first request—and, truth be told, my first attempt at RPing in a long while. My RPing origins are that of a FreeForm RP website, so this isn't so much a structured plot as it is a general setting which, hopefully, evolves into something wonderful.


Consider the world, it's cities and technology, as it is now—and introduce into it a factor of hellish, perhaps dark chaos. Not quite apocalyptic, yet not quite mundane. Imagine the outskirts of a city, where the sky's color is just off enough to make a person feel uncomfortable. There's no obvious destruction, no blatant neglect of basic maintenance, though nonetheless the thickness of air presses upon one's mind in a fashion similar to any observable disruption. Though cars and pedestrians scatter the city streets, there's far less of a crowd, less bustle, less noise, replaced only by more street fights and a higher rate of crime. Saftey is a commodity.

Everyone knows something happened, and everyone vaguely knows what it was—or at least its effects. Among the common populace, there is talk of unearthly creatures. There are stories of a man seven feet high, clad in a leather smock and welding mask, who steals people away while they dream. There are rumors of dreams themselves which silently tear a person from their home, leaving not a trace. A recent article reports a man who died sprinting down the stairs of his duplex and collapsing at the door, clenching within his hand his own heart. There was a cleanly bored hole in his chest, and no blood. And yet, while these things are now commonplace, there are still those who toy with life, with their very reality.

There are those who wander ever deeper into the innards of the city. Herein might be considered, for all intents and purposes, apocalyptic. Another person is a rare sight, another friendly person is an even rarer one. Strange, strange creatures have been encountered here, though there's not enough courage to study them with any scientific proficiency. Those who remain, those who even wander, do so for their own reasons—they might be crazy, lost, or perfectly sane and looking for adventure.


Anyone who decides to RP with me, feel free to play whatever type of character you'd like (as long as it fits reasonably in terms of time-period). You can be tough, cold. You can be weak, needy. You can be deceiving. You have complete freedom over your choice of character. Our characters will get to know one another without any necessity for pre-determined roles.  Similarly, the world is as much yours to mold as it is mine. This being a relatively free RP, if you want to create a monster, add some type of power, control NPCs, crumble a building, feel more than free. We can steer away from the city. We can explore completely new ideas, new landscapes; it is an RP wherein characters interact with the world and one another. There is no limit to how they do so.
If you decide you're interested post here or shoot a PM my way. If I get enough interest, I may open it up to a group-RP. I typically prefer playing a single character to any given setting. (This means males are free to express interest as well, though I'm afraid I won't be engaging in any erotic role play with other males; if you find another male or female in the RP with whom you'd like to, feel free).

[If you so choose, feel free to PM me what you enjoy sexually prior to any RP, and I'll try my best to accomodate you.  ;) Anything you have in mind, sexually or not, I do as well.]