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Author Topic: Desires of a Mischievous Deity (M for F)  (Read 659 times)

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Desires of a Mischievous Deity (M for F)
« on: February 23, 2012, 05:22:25 pm »
These ideas are mainly used as a guideline and I am always happy to entertain ideas or suggestions from prospective partners.

Story Ideas:

Anthro x Anthro
Light, M/F

On a day like any other, my character is riding in the elevator on his way out from one of the upper floors of a high rise building an hour or so after normal business hours.  Somewhere along the way the car stops to pick up an additional passenger, but he is so focused on reading some last minute paperwork to look up at who had joined him in their descent.  Shortly after picking up the newest arrival, the elevator suffers a power failure that casts the space in complete darkness.  Stranded in close quarters with no definite timeline of getting out, the two engage in idle conversation in an attempt to pass the time.  At least that is until my character picks up the scent that his fellow passenger is in heat at which point sexual tension and baser desires tempts the two to look for other methods to pass the time, all while he (if not both of them) have no idea what the other looks like.

My character will be entirely clueless as to your character's species, so for a character description I'm only wanting it in terms of physical touch.  I find a thrill in getting to guess along the way and seeing if I get it right when the lights come back on.  If you're interested in playing things from a similar approach, I think it could be fun having both players being completely oblivious to what the other looks like.  Once the pair finish their romp and are finally freed from the confines of the elevator, will they pursue a relationship?  Will his seed find purchase in her fertile egg?  Only time will tell. ;)

A New Breed of Adversary
Human x Slime

An inexperienced, yet strong-willed adventurer finds himself in over his head as a gang of bandits force him to flee for his life as a brief skirmish leaves him disarmed from both weapon and gear.  Left with nothing but the clothes and light armor upon his body, he seeks refuge in a cave and is forced deeper into its recesses as the bandits move in.  More concerned with hiding than being wary of his footing, he accidentally falls into a fissure that sends him careening down a deep natural chute before spitting him out into an underground pond that softened his landing.  The large chasm, illuminated by a myriad of plant life that produces his own faint light, is home to yet another entity that had gone some time since it’s fed upon a human’s essence and eagerly awaits the opportunity.

Looking for somebody to play a female slime intending to “feed” on my character.  I suspect my character would be unwilling at first having never encountered such a creature and being entirely unaware of what was happening, but that will likely change once he realizes her nature.  Of course, it won't be long after she has taken her fill that his mind is able to return to the problem at hand in that he is trapped in a cavern deep within the earth.  His best hope for escaping back to the surface lies in the slime girl's familiarity with the subterranean world.  Though once he does find his way back to the surface, it is likely he will begin to view her as a companion in an otherwise cruel world, no matter how unusual the pairing may be, and would find it difficult parting with her.
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