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December 02, 2021, 07:05:07 pm

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Author Topic: Feeling Extreme... M/M  (Read 582 times)

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Feeling Extreme... M/M
« on: February 23, 2012, 02:14:34 pm »
I'm not expecting a great deal of response from this thread, but I've been craving this for some time... So here we go.

Essentially I want to explore extreme pairings, ie; a human and something that is definitely not human. It could be an animal, a monster, some tentacle abomination... You get the idea. I have a few scenarios that need fleshing out to create pairings, so I'd love for anyone interested to send me a PM.

There is a village perched atop a great mountain that depends on the seasons to survive; it depends on the harvest in the Summer to be bountiful, for the travellers to be able to venture up the rocky roads to do vital trade and ensure that gold is always brought into the peaceful settlement. The Winters are always hard in such an isolated place, but by the good grace of the city Guardian, it is always ensured that the place is protected from the worst of the elements. Horrible storms would have long-since seen the end of the villagers were it not for the Guardian... But such protection must come at a high price.
The young generations are taught as they grow that they must do as they can to protect the village; that when the time comes they will stand before the great Guardian and if selected, will be taken to its lair. Whatever awaits them will ensure the village remains safe, and it is an honour to be chosen for the task...
One of the young boys is taken when the day arrives; spirited away on the fated day that he had long-since prepared himself for. He will serve the Guardian however he must, for the sake of his beloved village...

For this the Guardian could be anything you can think of; it could even be something more gentle. The story could develop into almost anything; romance, NC, possible breeding depending on what the Guardian turns out to be... Limitless.

Summoner Trials.
To be a Summoner is a dangerous and difficult road; one has to be born with the natural talent to become capable of commanding great beasts to do their bidding, and not all with the talent have the fortitude needed to complete their trials. A young boy named Loah has the talent, and trains himself for many months before he attempts his first summoning; a free call into the spirit world to whatever will heed him. What sort of being will he bring forth? What will happen when it comes?

I'd like to start from the moment of his summoning; whatever it is, whatever happens is entirely up to you. If you've played Final Fantasy 10, I'm picturing that kind of summoning...

Pretty Roses...
A young man has been hired as a maid of a grand estate; he earns a pleasant living and the Master he works for is extremely attractive and well-liked despite his somewhat cold demeanour. As the only maid of the manor, its his job to ensure everything is picture-perfect for guests who could arrive at any moment, and his delicate touch continues out into the gardens as well as in the house. There is a large maze of which the Master is proud of, and he insists that the maid trims it perfectly, right down to the maze's centre. Something is amiss however; when he turns a corner in the dark maze, only to look back... The corner has shifted. The plants move around him; trapping him slowly in its snare...

There will be more to come! Please PM for details!