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Author Topic: Chained girl must walk through post-apocalyptic New York City [NC or EX]  (Read 907 times)

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Offline AurelieCatenaTopic starter

From St-Patrick to Battery Park

In post-apocalyptic Manhattan, a strong girl (my character) is restrained and must walk for 7 km alone through the looter-infested ruined streets to reach safety.

Looking for
Extremely cruel sadists, males and females

New-York, 2018. The social unrest that has followed the Great World Krach has definitively wreaked havoc on the West world. With the collapse of the authority, the military and the police, the city has fallen into chaos. The only law respected by all and everybody is the Law of the Jungle. The urban jungle in the present case. Most peoples are surviving alone or in tiny groups, scavenging whatever they can find on the streets, barricading themselves into basements. There is no more electric power, no more fuel and thus no more cars. No firearms either as all the ammo was expended during the first two years of the urban battle. Everybody is now using all kinds of makeshift melee weapons made from bit and scraps.

Among this chaos, two groups have tried to organise themselves and collaborate to protect themselves against the anarchic looters. One group has barricaded itself in the Battery Park fort, at the tip of Manhattan. They are known as the "Batterists". The other group is occupying the remnants of St-Patrick's cathedral some 7 km to the north and are called the "Patricks". The two groups are fighting for dominance.

Kriss was one of the most skilled scouts of the Batterists. Fast and cunning, she was usually relying on stealth and speed to avoid danger, but she could also be a skilled warrior in case of need, using an old bicycle chain as whip to lash her opponents. She was accustomed to roam the streets, looking for canned food store and other useful goods, which her companions would then scavenger and bring back to the fort to be stored and processed.

The street looters knew her well and hated her because when she found a food source in their street, the Batterist's collectors soon came and emptied it to the last crumb. But she was always faster and smarter than them, and many of them were bearing the scars left by her bicycle chain. She was becoming bolder every day, scouting farther into the Patricks' territory.

One day, all her world crumbled to pieces. The Patricks had set up a trap for her, and she fell for it. She found herself blocked in a one-exit-only basement with 10 warriors soon rushing into it. She fought like a panther, wounded several of them but in the end the number overwhelmed her. She was knocked out, chained and brought to the cathedral.

There, after a short trial, she was condemned to be given back to the street. If she could make it back to the Battery she would be safe. But of course, they were not going to make it easy for her:
  • A heavy wooden yoke was padlocked around her neck and wrists
  • Her boots were removed, leaving her barefoot.
  • A bell was hooked at each end of her yoke.
  • A black canvas bag was placed over her head and bound her neck
  • (that's a minimum. Any other idea welcome)
Then she was released in the street... Her goal is to go all the way back from St-Patrick cathedral to the Battery Park fort. That's a 7.5-km walk, about 1h30 in normal conditions. But here, the conditions are far from normal...

What I'm looking for
This RP would start when Kriss is tried and condemned. I'm looking for cruel, imaginative sadists to play the role of Kriss' ennemies (Patricks and looters). This RP could either be a solo with a partner playing all the other roles, or a group game.

For the group game, I'm imagining that all interested sadists should apply for an encounter. Each encounter should about 3 or 4 posts each. Then the next sadist would come into play. If there has been no volunteer, the same sadist can play again with a new character.

Offline AurelieCatenaTopic starter

Re: Chained girl must walk through post-apocalyptic New York City [NC or EX]
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2012, 06:23:20 am »
At the moment, I am trying to gather enough sadists to make this a group game. Should you be interested to join it, please post your interest and ideas on this thread.