The Office (Two Stories M/M and M/F)

Started by Jester, February 21, 2012, 09:57:55 AM

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Story 1 - Mutton Dressed as Lamb
(Seeking Mature Female for Young co-workers)

Middle aged, married, mother joins a young thriving company dominated by high profile young men. Imagine her delight when one of these men begins to pay her a lot of attention. He is half her age and can fuck hard and well compared to her soft and chubby husband.

However she has to do more to keep the young buck satisfied. She has to give into his whims and desires and slowly she degraded herself time and time again.....

Story 2 - Sucking up to the Boss
(Seeking sub heterosexual male for dominant heterosexual male boss)

Both heterosexual men but one is the boss and the other his employee. The boss is a bit mean and enjoys humiliating and dominating his staff. However with one sub employee he takes things too far....

I imagine the dominant boss making his member of staff suck cock, receive anal and generally pleasure his more dominant boss.... I also see the boss finding out his employee has a rather hot sweet and innocent wife he can also dominate.....


I wouldn't mind doing story one with ya, Jester. :-)

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Excellent. Now just looking for a sub male....

Bloody Rose

you found it ^^ I can play the other one with you if you want