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Author Topic: Can You Play With Me?  (Read 1281 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

Can You Play With Me?
« on: February 29, 2008, 12:52:40 AM »
In Real Life, I am quite vanilla.  On the other side of the Looking Glass... I get to stretch.  I get to be everything and anything.  I enjoy healthy doses of fantasy.  In fact, there was a video I watched long ago when I was very young.  A scifi twist to soft core porn.  This is a list of what Ive played so far and sexually diviant theames I like to explore.

1)Paradise Lost.
I always remembered loving Wonder Woman when I was young.  I wanted WW even before I understood what one does with a woman.  This is a tawdry fifties style cartoon... it has plot twists and story planned.  WW is captured by Nazis off the coast of her home island.  Lots of fun... extreme S&M... witty riporte with a femenist icon.  A sort of ultimate showdown with an evil empire and a strong woman who weathers it all... and later gets to kick a lot of but.  Its supposed to feel like an adult comic book that could have been printed back in WWII... some kind of underground, adult comic.

2)Dante's Inferno (Worlds Apart)
In the wake of a fallen galactic empire, a tech peddler trying to redeem his own soul falls in with a willing sexual slave.  Trying to help her, he ends up falling to a trap set for him by enemies hes made in his past.  Now his companion and another prisoner must brave a sordid gangster casino/bar as 'naked enertainment'.  The fun is the grueling servitude, though, in time inevitable rescue will justify everything they go through.  This is a continuation of a storyline started on RPOL.  I do plan on arranging a flashback which will relist all the posts that came before.  A slick tale of revenge and exploitation set among the endless stars of a gritty, action packed almost 'Alien'-esque universe.

3)The Black Nova's Prize
A hentai tale of an alien pirate who has just claimed a 'human pet'.  In this world, humans once dominated but then fell out of galactic favor.  A seedy world of humanphiles has grown up in the shadows of this cosmic petting zoo of hundreds of different alien races.  Almost Star Wars-like.  High technology and space oprah... and the ultimate humiliation of compleat sexual slavery to an alien race.  Being treated less then human... for being a human woman.  Such harsh situations can be fun... sorry, have gone through fazes where nothing is as exciting as Japanese cartoon porn.

4)Spawn of Darkness
This one is just getting off.  Its supposed to be a cross between a fusion of Le Blue Girl, Tomb Raider, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  hehe... yeah I know.  Crossing the concepts of vampires and dragons, I have an ultimate enemy.... cursed to live in darkness.  Their fiery breath taken from them and now used as an enemy against them.  Thier females all slain, now they can only reproduce with the descendents of the cursegivers.  The story centers on one such descendent.  A beautiful woman with exceptional intellegence and physical ability.  This is a story of her abuses... and just how much scalley, bloodsucking but she kicks because of it.  More fun with extreme twisted scifi situations.  Notice a trend.

If being creative and extreme sounds compelling... and exploring dark desires and compulsions not allowed in the niceties of modern life... send me a line.  Maybe we can find something together that would be interesting to play out.  Thanks for your reading all of this... I know its a healthy entry.  Let me know what you think.  I am always seeking another muse.

Newer storylines added on started by other players.

1)Darkest Passions.
This is a tale of realistic vampires recruiting someone to drink from.  If vampires are real.. they are like these.  A select group that uses the energy of others... freely given energy from domination and sadomasochism.  They are slightly better then us mentally and physically... being as they are a step up the evolutionary ladder and using the excess energy for these effects.  This process is sealed by the drinking of droplets of the doners blood.  Called Black Swans... they are troubled gothic souls who enjoy being drunk from... once they experience the process, which is arduous.

2)Queen of Twilight
In a magically fae and fel relm, a limitless magical land linked to a queen's very sexuality.  A gateway exists within the monarch... sealing this by making her pregnant can make someone a king over this chaotic relm of elemental glamour and wild magic.  Enchanted beings, both on the side of Light and Darkness, now comb the lands searching for her... trying to take or protect her.  (An interesting counteridea of the 'Spawn of Darkness' storyline.)

As can be gleaned from all of these ideas that I am flexible and up for a good story.

Offline DreadD

Re: Can You Play With Me?
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2008, 12:58:02 AM »
Hrm, it seems my tastes run a bit less hardcore than yours, but I must enquire, what direction did you expect the Queen of the Twilight storyline to run?  What position do you expect your writing partner to play in that one?

Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

Re: Can You Play With Me?
« Reply #2 on: February 29, 2008, 01:16:23 AM »
Out of all of these, the only idea that is still moving is 'Darkest Desires.' and 'The Black Nova's Prize.'  Once hooked on a storyline I can be an avid, enthusiastic, and creative poster.  I can play anything.  Doomed characters, evil sadists, surrendering submissives, almost anything.  I cant do man on man sceans... for some reason.

I read all the Harlequinn romance novels in my akward teenage years.  Ive covered all the true love and have a wonderful girlfriend and a great 'real life'.  In my imagination, though, no rules apply.  I can be a female android, an incubus, a middle eastern sorcerer with an efreeti slave.

I believe myself to be a quality post and so want someone of talent to exchange with.  I dont like limits much... and enjoy emotionally charged sceans.  Because of too much aggressive authority in my childhood (check your psychology textbooks, its true), I adore BDSM.  Dominating a woman, wounding her for my pleasure, all with creativity and a good story really hooks me, although I can take either side in these proceedings.  (Cant be a male submissive... at least since reading Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty stories.  Kept going right for thier ass.  What they did to male slaves was... (shudders).  Carrots and silver balls up thier arses... come on.)

Some creative freethrows.  1)A fruedian style psychologist with deep seated compulsions of his own and almost magical hypnotic powers with his subjects begins taking advantage of his power.  2)I would love to do the dragon/vampire storyline, #4 on the first list.  I lost AmberMK, and she was the perfect girl for such twisted, off species coupling storylines.  Dont think anyone will be able to be that cool with me... but if someone is a friend or shares some of AmberMKs tastes, Id love to give it a run.  3)I kind of liked the idea of a seduced incest storyline of some kind, but off the trailer park coldesac (how the heck do you spell that).  Maybe high society... or the 'Naughty Uncle' storyline had some interesting gleanings.  4)Aliens, traditional greys, are trying to understand and desperately mate with a human female.  'Mars Needs Women.'  But women are four times stronger then then, without exoskeletal memory fiber clothing, and the men use telepathic powers to try and understand and push female hotbuttons... perhaps while not understanding them.  Like enacting a 'hot teacher' spanking scean.

Just some thoughts.  Send me a note and let me know your reactions if you would like to try something.  Thanks for your concideration.  Peace.
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Offline DreadD

Re: Can You Play With Me?
« Reply #3 on: February 29, 2008, 01:31:03 AM »
Let's see, honestly, I'm somewhat mediocre at writing anything dominant that is not a female, and I prefer my pairings straight.  I have some SM limits, I am unfond of pain, honestly, but a little bondage will not offend.  The first story seems interesting, I, as it is presented, do not believe I would have difficulties writing the female for it, and I think I could enjoy it.  The third also caught my interest.  A wealthy well off brother/sister being seduced by the other seems a functional basis, and I am flexible which gender I could play there.

Any preferances from that lead in?