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Author Topic: I am Photo  (Read 2668 times)

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I am Photo
« on: February 20, 2012, 03:24:58 am »
Photo's Official Request thread


This section is intended to spread ideas fast, the ideas that i want people to hear.

Initial D. Please refer to the fourth post in this thread, and help me out with this. It's time to go full speed and funky beat.

Final fantasy VII, (non-canon) "Nibelheim City":
This is a simple idea with a lot of potential. About 100 years after Meteor demolishes Midgar, there are almost one thousand people living in the 'town' of Nibelheim, it's not that different than every other city, Rocket Town has received a vast number of new citizens, Kalm, as well as Wutai, and New Mideel. The whole world's population seems to be expanding rapidly. New, village sized towns are popping up all over the world, New Corel is coming along greatly, even Fort Condor has expanded its walls. Cosmo Canyon is a rough place to live, but those brave enough to cross the river, typically find a lot of happiness around the candle, and Nanaki's protection.

Shinra is fading away, but they are making a final push for corporate sustainability at the Mt. Nibel reactor. Nibelheim is the only city in the world willing to run off of Mako power, and it will be the heart of this RP.

I mostly want this Nibelheim City RP to be a 'modern setting'. The world of FF7 will not be changed at all, aside from the population boom. Technology, is most important, and will not be changing at all from the type of gadgets and tools used in the RPG from '97. this will be almost a pure romance game, and big shocker, I'm hellbent on playing a female. This could be F/F, M/F, or F/M, as I am always willing to play the male, I just prefer not to.

Rock star and me: I have a fantasy about getting fucked silly by a rockstar. I mention this later in section two. This is about a regular girl (probably 19-22) played by me, and some one akin to Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa, or John Mayer. I would totally support an original rockstar, but i would ask for a LOT of writing if my partner took that venture on. Anyway, my character completely falls in love with an amazingly talented artist. His world is too big for her, drama ensues, she needs his 'love' all of the time.

inspiration, listen to these songs: "60 ft. Tall" - "Cut Like a Bufalo" - "Hang you by the Heavens". Every song is off of The Dead Weather's album Horehound. The dirty vibe of this music is the tone of the game that I'm looking for.

WESTA, WESTA, WESTA: Section three is pretty much devoted to her right now, I've wanted to make this happen since I first showed up to this sight. I just need some one to write it with. 

I'm nontraditional in a lot of ways, but the most notable of which is my willingness to write as either sex, and in turn my willingness to RP with anyone, story line and subject matter be damned. In another way, a less 'dissclaimery', and more 'relevanty' fashion, my real ideas are created solely on the aspects of characters. So within this request thread, there will be a number of characters that need some attention.

-please DO NOT POST here, I will respond to every PM, I promise.
-At first i will introduce my real world characters.
-Then I will divulge into a historical and fantasy/sci fi fiction category that includes much larger ideas than the simple characters below
-The third section of this includes everything else, old ideas, games in progress that have died, but still posted, things i refuse to give up on, non-traditional RP systems, whatever is more complext than the second section.
-As a note, my preferred style is play by post inside the forum, but I'm willing to adjust
-I'll write with any kind of person. But, the more capable you are at writing intellectual stories, using proper grammar, identifying motifs, foreshadowing, and so on, the better. I'm happier with experienced writers and Forum RPers.
-My on's and off's are in my signature, they are incredibly useful.

My Characters

Anaxamander "Anax" Morrow

Anax lives in world very much like our own. Except the town is entirely fictional: let's role with Crowns. In Crowns, there is an underground gang world, it finds itself as the county seat, so politicians reside there. Attourney's find home here, and the high school students seem to see through all the bullshit. It's a town where no body can hide. There's even a grafitti artist on the last few news reports, the acnhors are looking down on his actions, the artist has been exposing people and creating work that cannot be taken down.

Anax is a quiet, reserved college student. He's a poet, and doesn't let anyone around him see into that aspect of his life. He's witty and sharp, but deadly. The hopeless Romantic, held down to a T with pins in each limb. Anax has low self esteem, but he doesn't get weighed down by it. With limited experience, he knows that the first woman who really gives herself to him will never let him go. He's inteligent, sober, artistic, loving, emotionally in cha- Well, the poor kid's an emotional mess, but he likes to think that he's got it figured out.

He could be a few years out of highschool, a few years out of college, or even in highschool. I could see him paired with an older woman, but a younger woman makes sense too. If she is younger, she would embody innocense, since she's not going to have a chance to keep up with him intelectually. I don't think he's gay, but i could see him accidentally slipping himself inbetween two people, and falling in love with both of them... pretty far stretch, polyamory is not the idea behind this character.

Like Piper at the end of my list, this young man is meant to be an unblosomed character.

Assumed Reality
: Crowns, a fictional county seat town with a college. All the people who live here are supra-intelectuals... some kind of small town Iowa mixed with Paris thing.
Exterior Stipulations: the more fucked up your character is the better. This young man is a wonderful sink of emotions. He could make her happy

Avery Frances Anderson

Avery is a nineteen year old dancer. She's been through years of ballet classes and gymnastics. She considers herself to be hetero-sexual but the last few months of her life have been a bit confusing. She graduated high-school after only two years, having never attended any public educational forum prior, she was home-schooled, and sent into the world as a 14 year old junior. Her parents were decently wealthy, and as an only child she received mostly everything that her little heart desired. So at the age of 16, with a high school diploma and a 3.85 GPA, she was accepted into numerous schools all over the country. However, her father forbid her to leave home until she was eighteen. So, the young woman attended a community college and continued to dance at the studio she was trained in. It became frustrating for her, and she felt limited. The grace that displays on a daily basis has no comparison to the rest of her life. Most of the avenues she traveled were dull. Becoming depressed, she turned the proper age in July, but she still had two more quarters left before she could receive her AA and transfer to a larger school.

The time finally came, she packed up her bags and traveled from the Midwest to the big apple, New York City. There she would attend the Joffrey Ballet School, and Syracuse to finish her general courses. At University, she majors in English. An avid reader since she was a child, Avery fell into that way of thinking rather naturally. A bit was mentioned about her confusing few months. She has not many friends since moving to the city. Her dorm mate has offered her nothing except for leftover pizza and stale beer. Her fellow dancers have all become rivals, for her skill intimidates them greatly. Her professors find her to be exceedingly simple, and none of them have taken a real liking to her. Finally the women of the sorority that she's pledged to have forced her to fuck strange men (which in turn, forfeited her virginity), as well as engage sexually with other woman in the sorority. She's starting to feel that the world is a hostile place, and her passion for ballet is starting to dwindle. Only God knows that she needs a real lover in her life to put everything in perspective. It may come from an obvious place, or somewhere more risque and strange. She's re-evaluating reality, and she needs help in some kind of way

Assumed Reality(always debatable): New York City 2012
Exterior stipulations: This is a character that I've yet to fully discover, so another person that can test her limits is a must, the unanswerable question is thus: What kind of person is Avery? I don't know if she's a gold digger, a sex slave, a horror movie victim, a home wrecker, a lesbian, a dom, a sub, an incestual being. She can weave herself into a lot of little kinks

Veronica May Simmons

Veronica is an artist with a pension for the dramatic. She's spent nearly her whole life in Liverpool, England, and she has always felt at home there. Having her heart broken again an again, now dealing with the harsh reality of a faulty reproductive system. The young woman is being faced with the fact that she will never have children at the early age of twenty five. Her work has taken a turn for the worse and her otherwise flattering self portraits have turned into grotesque images of sexual confusion and death. The city that she has always loved is turning into a gravestone, and it's difficult for her to get up in the morning.

Working part time as a secretary for a bleak law firm downtown, she overlooks, and overhears cases about divorce, ownership disputes, and custody cases. Veronica is paid well, but she has a problem with bad spending habits, and since she has no real future to look forward to a lot of her money is going to drugs and alcohol (weed and some coke, we're not dealing with a meth head here).

Her background is almost too basic to mention, her father is likely of Scottish decent, and her mother is fully English. They each still live together in a little town just north of the City. She's always been a painter and she's hardly recieved any official training for it. Making some royalties and sales around the underground art clubs in the city, Veronica does well for herself and her flat is more than a girl could ever ask for, two bedrooms, a full service kitchen, a large bathroom, closet space, a functional washer and dryer. She gets along great with her friends and her co-workers. Her boss is an attractive little prick that always makes backhanded comments on his way in and out of the office. She is forced to suppress a laugh every time they use the intercom together.

Assumed Reality(always debatable): Liverpool 2012
Exterior stipulations: I'm an American, so doing this with a british person would be really fun for me. I would be forced to request my partner's patience if they just so happened to be from England (or god forbid, liverpool). However, If i played with a Canadian, or another American, I think the RP would be easier. Perhaps less fulfilling, but easier. Like Avery, this woman also needs a more satisfying way to have sex, and she can't do it alone

Chelsea Janice Denver

Chelsea was born in California, but her father never settled down enough for her to call anywhere home. Her mother abandoned both of them before Chelsea's first birthday. Steven, her father was well off, and his wife's abandonment didn't make a lot of sense. She traveled to Europe and requested that he and the baby just stay behind. She didn't love him anymore, and she hated her own child. Steven has always made over 200k a year, and his life has been lavish and strict. He's friendly, and gifted as a father. But his loneliness has gotten to him in the past. Chelsea watched a revolving door of woman that were closer to her age then her father's come through her houses. she lived in four states up and down the west coast including Idaho. Through Middle and High school ,she lived in over eight different towns and went to over ten different schools. Social situations were always awkward and she had trouble making friends as a child.

Steven forced her to take out student loans, he figured it would be a good exercise for her to tackle a serious responsibility like debt. God knows that he has enough money to bail her out if she ever needed it. Growing up without a mother and a playboy father, Chelsea's morals and her code of ethics are strange. She treats her life like a sequence of business transactions. She's never been in love. Her body is a tool, it is far from a temple. She is smart, intensely focused on her own personal growth, and a sickly independence that can only mean trouble in the near future.

Here's the catch, Chelsea has two lives, one of them is a kind college graduate, innocently hunting for a career. The other life is that of a prostitute. She has no pimp, and she manages herself. However, this night life is a dangerous one, and no matter how many precautions she takes, her dreams are slipping into nightmares with every day

After four years in Bellingham, Washington attending the Western Washington University, Chelsea is graduated with a degree in political science. she has no interest in further schooling, and is actively looking for internships all over the country. No one is hiring. Her debt is substantial, but she refuses to use her father's helping hand. Rent has been getting expensive though, and the value of the dollar keeps getting lower and lower. She has a part time job as a Barista at a coffee shop downtown near the college, but it doesn't pay all of the bills. About one month after graduation, Chelsea created an alter ego and advertised herself through the local papers and the internet as an escort name 'Elly Jane'. She charges $200 an hour, and $500 for a whole night. Using her one bedroom apartment as an office to keep her clients satisfied, Chelsea has been slow to lose her dignity and self worth so far.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Assumed Reality: A dark, film noire like version of 2012, set in Bellingham, Washington.
Exterior Stipulations: This could just be a one room RP with an ever changing list of male characters rolling in and dropping hundreds of dollars on Elly Jane, or it could be a love story. Chelsea is a straight, traditional style family bound American dreamer. Elly on the other hand is out of her mind, she's ready for alternative lifestyles. Both of them take stupid risks. Like all of my characters so far, this girl will fit into a number of completely different kinks and game styles.

Theophrastus Michael Gates

Theo, as his friends and family call him most of the time, was named after an ancient philosopher, and he took to the name with a fiery passion. His parents and two older brother's were all intellectuals, and gifted athletes. Theo was never an 'inside the box' thinker. Even as a child, he often confused his parents, and even scared them with a shocking obsession with death. In Middle school, he started his trips to psychiatrist offices and in-patient mental wards. Theo was never suicidal, but his family thought that he was. His father started to find morbid poetry on his desk when he was twelve, and too afraid of having a son kill himself. He over reacted, and put Theo on all kind of medications and preventative measures.

they over compensated. His medications actually caused depression, and this handsome young man attempted suicide twice in high-school. The intense philosophical questions that had always fascinated him were flat and cold on mood stabalizers. Rather than blaming the bullshit medicine, Theo started to believe what everyone had been telling him for years. 'Theo, your obsession with death is unhealthy, and one day your going to realize how dark the world that your creating is.' This tumoltuous high-school experience, full of ridicule , depressant friends and angry lovers, ended up putting his unfocused GPA and 2.2 Only community colleges were willing to accept him as a student, not a confidence booster.

He moved two towns north, and moved into a house of strangers with six bedrooms. Sub-leasing one room to himself, he started to make very smart friends very fast. After one year away from his old life and his family, Theophrastus weened himself off of his medications and rediscovered his philosophical passions. Now 24 years old with a lazy AA under his belt and an improved GPA of 3.1, Theo is majoring in this passion, studying Nietzsche, Jung, Erikson, Maslow, Plato, Anaxemenes, and many more. This genius has finally discovered his brilliance, and like a monk traveling the woods, he now seems to improve everyone's life that he comes in contact with.

The two photo's that illustrate Theo are not perfect. He is a bit of a punker and a bit of a nerd, so combine these two men together and you will acquire a strong image of Theophrastus.

Assumed Reality: 2012, any college town/city in the country
External stipulations: This man will likely inspire an odd, death/sex type game that puts emphasis on the phenomena that is life. Theo is one pinto bean away from being a crazy-fucking-taco. A woman that has been sheltered inside of an ideological bubble will get her mind blown open by this character. However, a philosophical equal would provide an interesting narrative as well.

Piper Alice Parker

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Piper has to change her sheets three times a week. For reasons that I'll get into shortly. The middle child of five, the oldest among girls in her family. Her parents are catholic, but they are very modern, and Piper has always been given the option to choose her faith. She picked Athiest, and her observant eyes seem to scan the fields of view around as if they were calculus equations. She's a seventeen year old high school student that participates in a running start program. In her senior year, she's earning fifteen college credits and never steps foot on to the campus of Clearpine High. Her 18th birthday and her graduation date are in the same week. the graduation is first, June 28th, her birthday on the 2nd of July.

Piper is a poet and a singer, she tried acting in the early years of high school but the experience was too nerve racking for her, and she was not capable of remembering her lines. Now, she considers herself a photographer, writer, and all around indie girl. She's an elitist when it comes to music and film, and with a deceptively impressive GPA (3.5) she doesn't give two fucks about her classes. The running start program is a cake walk, and she's happy to take a few steps ahead of her peers. In addition, the boys on campus have changed her entire life.

This brings us to Piper's selling point, her crystalline white sheets, and her comfy bed. For her entire childhood, Piper got along strictly with other girls, and boys annoyed her (to no extreme). When she started to mature, she realized that she was 100% lesbian. She came out immediately and her parents never got upset about it. The whole family started to treat her differently, but that only lasted a week. All of them quickly realized that her lifestyle failed to change at all. her girlfriends became nervous, but they too learned quickly that Piper was not actively on the market. She was too focused on other things, typically the arts.

Piper has had sex before, but it wasn't something that she hunted and found, rather it was an old friend of hers that was too curious about other women to resist Piper's kind attitude, and adorable little cheeks (the ones on her face). The two of them were fifteen, and just like the rest of Piper's sex life, it did not adjust her personality, or her stress at all. The two of them only had sex a few times, and ultimately decided that they were better friends. It hardly passed FREE of drama, but they kept it private, and their circle of friends even realized that it had happened.

Now, something terribly unexpected has happened. Piper has started to dream about men... a lot of men, faceless men, blonde men, strong men, and old men. Her thoughts never stray from the hard bodies that she'd overlooked for seventeen years. Like the allegory of the cave, Piper had obviously not realized how attractive she found ALL men. One morning, she'd suddenly woken up completely straight and incredibly horny. Imagine a lioness on the hunt in every single environment. Piper spends nearly half of her day buried inside of her sheets masturbating and reading about men. With a mysterious libido overtaking her entire body, she's woken up from sexual dreams covered in sweat and her own ejaculate, and she's nervous to tell anyone about this discovery.

So as Piper changes her sheets three times a week, sleeping in her father's house behind a locked bedroom door, naked with blinds closed, constantly touching herself and begging for a man to be sent down from heaven and onto her front porch. she's now realized that she was never a lesbian, she had never been horny for a second until February 6th, 2012. A piece of flavor text that i must incest on: PIPERS BLANKETS, and ALL OF HER SHEETS ARE WHITE. This is a metaphor for her innocence, and her sexual purity. So the hidden picture below her face is probably the most inspiring picture I have found to support this idea.

Assumed Reality: the world of a mature high school student, 2012
External Stipulations: This character is honestly about my fascination with young women. I like to write these things, women discovering their sexuality. In this case, it's an incredibly blunt theme. This girl thought she was a hip lesbian, as it turns out, she's just like every other girl, and she's anxious to lose her virginity.

Wesily Rita Davenport

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

There is more information on Wesily Rita Davenport in section number three.
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Re: I am Photo
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2012, 01:57:20 pm »
This post here will chronicle my updates as they occur

New Characters
Chelsea added on 02-20-12 (11:50 a.m.)
Theophrastus added on 02-20-12 (12:45 p.m.)
Piper added on 02-20-12 (4:00 p.m.)
Anax added on 3-24-12 (11:35 a.m.)
Westa added on 8-20-12 (10:17 a.m.)

Adjusted Characters
Avery adjusted, her college in New York and a couple typos are fixed 02-20-12 (12:02 p.m.)

Other cleaning up
Managed to sharpen all of my alternate threads that I use as mastheads and updates. My profile feels great 01-14-13 (10:17 PM)
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Re: I am Photo
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2012, 01:36:43 pm »
Section number Two

Other types of games (non realistic)

A segue. Have you ever read Carl Gustav Jung's book 'man and his symbols' ?... either way, i'd like to talk about something called the Anima/Animus. Here a basic layout of Carl Jung's Anima: Every person is both male and female, we have all of the 'parts'. Men have a feminine energy inside of them. This has been proven by science rather plainly, every man has both testosterone and estrogen. Every woman has both estrogen and testosterone. When the body balances those chemicals together well, there is a healthy woman/man. In our dreams and our reality, we are forced to identify with both our masculine identity and our feminine identity. If we do not, unique neurosis manifest.

I've come here to write. The writing process to me is how I learn about myself. I read a story that I wrote years ago and I realize how much I've grown up. Each chapter I write is a photograph of my consciousness in the moment that it was written. When I write about sex, I become a better lover, and in turn a better person. I want to dive deeply into my subconscious and come out with a bit of light I can shine on the world.

The Witch and the Mage: (F character needed, player's sex irrelevant)

A young woman (your character) and a young man (my character) are studying at some university. They can be anymore between the ages of 19-27. Either the same major or different majors, they have similar interests and consider each other as acquaintances. Sexually tension is apparent, but neither of them are in the position to make a serious move towards a serious relationship. While doing field research for their classes they stumble upon a very dark secret: The blatant existance of magic in an otherwise logical and scientific world. The discovery sends their lives into an obscure and twisted place. Reality begins to fold and morph with the knowledge of magic, alone. In any sense, their shared experience launches them into a passionate love affair. One of them dives into the world of magic and the other is awed by it. The possibilities are endless.

The biggest draw to this story for me is thus: the witch and the mage discover how to alter their gender. Making two characters able to perform the following (M x F - F x F - M x M - F x M) the last one is a reverse, not a repeat.

I expect this to be a lengthy rp with large posts and a lot of story. Not to mention upwards to seven completely different sex scenes

In the Country Peaches.

(light solo/ light group)

There are a few settings this story could work in. The swamps and creeks down south in Louisiana, Carolina, Georgia, florida etc – The cold rain forest of Washington, Oregon, and southern BC – The midwests flowing hills and long fields of farm – even the united kingdom would suffice.

This has a lot to do with people discovering sexuality having very little guidance and information. It would be best as a M/F but a F/F makes sense to me too.

I imagine two friends who've been getting to know each other for years. Probably meeting around the age of ten or twelve. For now, I'll name them Jack and Jill. Their chemistry will differ depending on who writes the story with me. The town they grow up in will be either Christian, small, or both. These are two intelligent, quick witted, and deep thinking individuals. Jack may not be all three, and Jill may not be all three either, but I'm looking for strong characters with a motivation and a personality.

The antagonist would probably be the parents or some jealous friend. Or, we can avoid the antagonist all together and have a true romantic story on our hands.

Very innocent people, Jack and Jill's high school experience was not all that turbulent and neither of them saw any reason they should date. their school work came to them easily and they strolled along their young lives in comfort. It allowed them to concern themselves with hobbies and passions. They are attractive, yet modest and relaxed. They are privileged (to some degree) and peaceful.

Jack and Jill are the type of people to spend an afternoon hiking through the woods and have a good time. They both know how to fish, and their imaginations are full. I can see Jill passing time by herself experimenting with nature and being awed by it's lack of limits. As the characters flesh themselves out, their passions and habits will appear and (hopefully) be appealing as I'm seeing them right now.

The sex ed in the schools that they grew up in would have been instructed by prudy, uptight, and ultimately ignorant adults. They would have preached abstinence and all that good stuff. As they graduate high school and transform into new people, they become curious about sex and each other's bodies.

the draw of this for me comes from the setting. The characters will be nice to know and fun to write. But, the vastness of their surroundings will supply a great backdrop for their leap into the wide world of sexuality. Admittedly, there will have to be a level of rebellion involved.

(this could also be a good group play. Perhaps four or five friends that all do this together. I would almost prefer this to make it more intense and dramatic. They would go into it together and expect very little problems, but the raw emotions that go along with sex would force them to begin fighting and cheating on each other.)

That Street Girl

(light human solo)

Jill is a street performer. She handles an old Takamine acoustic guitar that is far too big for her frame. She plays obscure Ani difranco songs, beautiful Damien Rice and Glen Hansard tracks, and various other well written pop songs. However, for the most part she plays originals. She's gorgeous, talented, and a brilliant song writer but her confidence is low. She has an overly modest presentation in all facets of her life that keep her from being the center of attention all the time. She likes to busk on the street because it doesn't put stress on the performer. It puts stress on the bystander. She rarely plays on stage.

Jill is about 24-26. She lives on her own in a cheap apartment up town. Her childhood is mysterious and probably traumatic. She has many friends that live in her apartment building with her, and others that she has connected with while living in the city.

Her love interest could be a close friend or a new fan. An older man would make sense for her, some one that can teach her to be more confident is a must. I'll leave most of this character to whomever decides to write it with me.

Give me your Black Mail

(NC human solo) blackmail, not rape.

So it's all gonna start with the characters, here's the bare minimum: Jill, cute girl next door type. Jack, a man very attracted to Jill. Stanley, a close character to Jill and Jack. Dan, an enigmatic character that can ruin Jill's life.

Jill and Stanley live together. Jack knows Stanley before he knows Jill. Dan is probably Jill's father, and Stanley is probably Jill's brother. But, he could also be her lover or even her husband. Jill will do something unforgivable, (solving problems like this are very easy for me.) She could get an abortion without every consulting her husband (which would cut Dan out of the story). She could lose a lot of money in a poor investment or bad habits.

Basically. Jack is going to blackmail Jill and use her like a prostitute.

IF!! Stanley's name is changed to Stacy, it opens this up: Dan is Jill's husband, and Stacy in Jack's wife. AND Jill and Stacy are friends. I'd like to keep it between these four characters. Jack and Jill will be the center of it all and will eventually grow extremely fond of each other, ripping the whole group apart. OR! bringing them all together into a wild group of swingers.

Basically, blackmail is hot.

Other ideas:

I've been thinking about a college girl becoming a gourmet chef. She would live with a few roomates, but ultimately I want to find out who this cute little chef girl is walking around my imagination.

I wrote a story a while back about a girl playing football in highschool. Her father taught her to be strong and her older brother is a football player. But ultimately, Jill is a very fragile person. She has muscle tone and strong limbs, but she is thin and girly. So she walks onto the team a couple weeks into the first part of the season (no games yet, just practices and conditioning). She is already very knowledgeable and trained (by her father). The coach doesn't want her on the team and the players give her a lot of shit, but after a few weeks she becomes so impressive, that she is given the starting Quarterback position. It's kind of a parody of the classic football movie. She is essentially the star quarterback at the school, except she's not a guy and she hates cheerleaders. The team is not very good, she ends up getting hurt and fighting through emotional trauma. One of the assistant coaches falls in love with her. (he's young, just out of college. She's at least seventeen. This story would probably work better at a small college with a poor football program. It would make the story more mature. I don't know about all ya'll, but I don't like writing about highschoolers anymore.)

I know a shit ton about football. I'm a fan, it is fare to say. I'll need a partner who can tell me how the wildcat formation works; what a punting situation is; how to react against a blitz; etc. I want to write with some one who knows the game as well as I do.

The Post Script stories:

-I'll do vampires. Copolla, Buffy, and Lost boys. Not twilight and true blood.
-I have a girl named Westa that anyone can love. She's athletic, smart, sexy, and mysterious. I dare you to try her out. She's the main character in my novel: “SKIRT”
-Did you know that projectionists still exist. Those guys that make movies work above the movie theater. Well, it's not very professional anymore and we can throw anyone up in those scary huge dark lonely rooms. It's a nice fantasy I've been dreaming of for a while.
-I wanna fuck a rockstar. (not a shitty ACDC, The Darkness, or Kid rock) Some one with real talent: This is essentially the opposite of “that street girl” It's an incredibly talented male musician finding my character and falling for her. It could be hardcore and full of bondage and drugs.
-an adventure story in modern day. If you have a playstation, this'll be easy for you to imagine. Tomb Raider meets Drake's fortune. If you don't play playstation, go check out wikipedia and figure it out. I want this, it would be a new kind of hot.
-secretary and a big time corporate boss. This is really classic for a really good reason. I could play either of these roles for sure.

The most F'ed up thing I've ever imagined:

I thought this up a long time ago... don't ask why. I saw a lot of pornography when I was a kid. I don't get it.

The Serial Harem

Four male friends some how gather the means to build a house in the middle of nowhere. I imagine they have stolen money through the internet, or their parents. Maybe they've got the know how to do some hardcore bank robbery. Whatever! These guys (only a few years apart, but any age would work.) The house they build (in the middle of nowhere) is actually a large prison cell designed to keep their captors comfortable. You probably guessed it. Their captors are girls. They will kidnap, and force these girls to be in a harem. This is definitely a group play. All four guys should be under control of a writer and about six girls will be held inside. I'll control one girl and one guy to regulate the story. 

Section Two.Two

I find that most of my writing does end up on this site, it's a bit of a practice field, having that been said, it's time for an experiment. This is gonna get weird. These two stories aren't that much different than everything else I write. However, This is my expert shit. Both of them require dedication and imagination. I do want long posts, and I want to be surprised. It's a lot to ask for, but i know that there are people out there with a hunger, waiting to get their glimmering fingers onto these golden apples.

      The Ideas

Hot Little Embers (M/F/III) Male player requesting M/F/T/Etc.
Writer 2- The Male Lead
Writer 3- The narrator/GM, the world around the lovers.

Synopsis: Christina went by another name, one that she had used ninety percent of the time for over seven years: Embers. Embers started calling herself that name when she turned eighteen and started stripping. Along a long road of odd-odd-jobs, theft, minor jail time, and the occasional use of drugs, Embers became a high-priced Escort in Las Vegas, Nevada. She doesn't work often, and she lives fairly well. However, on the night of February 6th, 2012, at around 9:52 P.M. Embers saw a familiar face in room 1421 of the Trump International. She had been hired by the love of her life, her high-school boyfriend.

-Christina Meredith "Embers" Klein -Twenty Five year old prostitute. I have some slack and sway here, but the synopsis is pretty clear on the setting.
-Male Lead - This part is entirely up to whoever chooses this scenario. Freedom is yours. Only two rules: They used to love each other, no incest.
-Narrator/GM - Trust me.

In Closing: These two characters aren't going to fall back into each others arms. There are going to be a lot of wild feelings. And I don't want to tell the male lead player what I can tell a GM. The third writer in this RP is here to filter the OOC stuff, and present the perfect story so that myself and the other writer can have the perfect IC exchange. The third writer would do more OOC work than IC work, and it is a rare chance to do something almost entirely selfless. I could really-really-really see this working in a lot of different RP's, and I want to start a small community of posters who are willing to prepare a story without ever really writing it. This is just my frontier idea. What makes it perfect for the model that I'm going with is due to the conflict between the intended lovers of the story.

Boston, Florence, and B.C. (M/F/F/IV) Male player requesting M/F/T/Etc.

Photo- Lacey
Writer 2- Male lead
Writer 3- Androgynous female lead
Writer 4- Narrator/ GM

Synopsis: Lacey, (Writer 2), and (Writer 3) all had a sexual/lovely/beautiful history. In love, for what felt like the eternal kind, the three of them became quite literally lost in the woods, and it was almost the perfect vacation. Even though Lacey has a broken arm, and a sprained ankle, it was summer, and she stilled seemed pleasant in her pain! one day, the three of them found themselves in an abandoned town, overgrown by hundreds of years of growth. It's a ghost town, and there are furious spirits inside.

Lacey Stewart - 23, perfect little blonde girl, a breathe of fresh air, kind, cute; not hot, but irresistable, girl next door in heaven deal.
Male lead - up to debate, and entirely adjustable, only one rule: smart
A-Female lead - just like the male lead, this girl is rather adjustable, but she has more rules: androgyny is crucial, and passionate (firecracker! fun! sexy?)
Narrator/GM - will likely be playing the part of OOC filter again, but controlling the weather, and the ghosts will be much more important.

In Closing: The three leads are all in love with each other well before the story starts. How they ended up lost in the woods is negotiable. How they fell in love is too, but it doesn't need focus, how they communicate is going to be the beautiful part of the game. It's a threesome that never ends. It's also a horror movie, so NPC's that are lost with us might not be a bad idea GM, and being tactful with evisceration and murder is muy importante! This story might not necessarily need a GM, but who would control the murderous ghosts if s/he didn't. It is what it is. Oh, and the title is irrelevant for a reason. It is also subject to change.
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Re: I am Photo
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Section Number Three

The Eighth Winter: It needs no introduction and I'm always looking for a new group of people who feel like taking on the armies of hell.

Falling for Westa: The Schoolday Escapades . That should get you started. This is the description of what I really want to do with this character though. I'm pretty much re-posting the first post that I put on this sight, it's just finally where it needs to be, at the end of my wanted thread.

My goal here is to create a character that closely resembles a human being. Now, to some degree, every writer does this, but there is a level of dedication. I've never taken myself to the level of dedication I plan on going to. When I dedicated myself to a character like this before, a strange thing happened. I begin to subconsciously act like the character. It never became dangerous. I never had a personality disorder of any kind; but it was never the less, interesting. I like to do this with female characters because I'm not a girl. Therefor I'm instantly tapped into the unknown (I will never be a woman, it's totally impossible to have the memories of seventeen year old girl, now that I'm twenty-one). To be able to write a story in a world so close to mine is convenient. through this method I have discovered a way to grow through meticulous self inspection; performed through something I love to do: write. (for reference, watch extensive interviews of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, I follow his creative theory) So, as a summary: I'm going to create a girl, and I will attempt to make her as real as possible, by making her as unique as possible (bare in mind: tricky tricky). With this new character, will come massive enjoyment for all of you... and me.

Wesily Rita Davenport had light hair, but she was not blond. Born to Gregory Davenport, a thirty two year old banker and esteemed gentlemen. He was known around his home town for nearly going professional in the Golf tours around the world in the early nineties. A loving man, but overall blind to the bigger picture. His wife was Delilah Cooper, married in 1983. Delilah was born to unmarried parents, hippy types, in 1961. Their daughter came into the world with fiery hazel eyes on November 1st, 1987 at 10:00 in the morning, New York City. (for all astrologers out there,thats: Sagittarius rising, Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, Libra mercury, Scorpio venus, Libra mars)

   Wesily was a very excitable child. She was energetic and difficult to calm down. This of course led to sports. Soccer, softball, tennis, and golf. In her early adolescence she was tall and thin. She made for a great athlete. After being regarded as the star player she entered high school with a very strong ego. She worked as a barista near her highschool. Westa wore her heart on her sleeve and talked freely to most everyone. She was boy crazy as soon as she had the assets to reel them in. She was known as a tease amongst the talkative circles of boys. Because she would never go as far as they wanted her to. The rumors had a few causes: they were true, she didn't have sex for a long time. Her first few boyfriends were frustrated young men.  She was also gorgeous, so the temptation of her warm body was right there all the time, and she loved to makeout. She was mostly scared of one man, her father.
   Then Atherton O'Connor came into her life. He was a family friend, she was given permission to go out with him. Their parents didn't doubt them for a second. Atherton was a respectable young man. He had already graduated high school, and his first year at university was rather spectacular.  Wesily was the honorable daughter of Mr. Davenport, arguably the most respected name in the state. Her grandfather was a politician. Her uncle was a judge. Her older brother was filling the Davenport name with dignity. So, when Westa went with Atherton to the country for a weekend, or what have you, everyone was under the impression that they would stay... pleasant.
   Atherton tried. He was respectful and kind. He was handsome and easy to like, but by that time, Wesily had a wild streak. She'd discovered rum, and cigarettes. There was a moment in Atherton's car the third time they went out, before anything had really happened. Wesily had to let him know who she really was. So she convinced him to buy her rum and cigarettes.
   Within a month, Wesily had seduced Atherton O'Connor. She had finally found a man that was worth her time. Her father wouldn't kill either of them, and no one was going to know either way. When trust is granted, lying becomes an opportunity. Her strong sexual nature flattened Atherton's assertive sense of style. She fucked that boy in more ways then one. She loved him, that was for certain. Eventually he got scared of her and ran away, but Wesily wasn't satisfied, now that she'd had a taste... she was an addict at heart, probably got it from her hippy side of the family. After Atherton, Wesily got new friends, she mixed with new crowds and everyone started calling her by a new name. Westa. WESily riTA, makes sense. She got her new friends to call her the nickname, soon teachers followed, then family. With the new name came the true identity. She was no longer Wesily, proper Ms. Davenport. She was Westa, the blacksheep.
   The last two years of highschool was hurricane season. She fell in love three more times, and got tossed around a little bit. The rum and cigarettes got mixed together with the sex and the friendships. By the time she turned eighteen, all the rules had disappeared and the world was a scary place to try and traverse. Her artistic passion comes through a few outlets but she is most happy when she has a camera in her hand. (photo)

I said earlier that i could rp her at any age, but to go any older than twenty five seems silly to me. I don't really know who she is passed that point. She attends college at USC away from her family, she's known for faking foreign accents in the bars all over the state.

Maybe I'll let you have one bite,


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Re: I am Photo
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If i put them here, it's because I find them sexy. I could write a lot of other canon's, but I don't see the need to, (i.e. Fight club, How I met Your Mother,)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: flat out, I will do anything within this universe if I have the write partner(s) to write with. Also, while I'm on the subject, I would do fairly well with Firefly, both Whedon, similar tones, so I mentioned them together.

Initial D: This is the only reason that I bumped this thread today, and it's the only reason I converted this section of my thread into a canon section. I am currently obsessed with this story (manga, anime). I would prefer to do Original characters, because the characters in the show are wonderfully done, and I would feel pressure trying to put their personalities to work, but if some one else wants to play keisuke, or takumi, I will not argue with them. I know that I want to write an original female street racer, but that's as far as I've gotten, I just need one more outlet that involves this universe, I'm getting tired of Forza, and Season five is only coming out in Japan right now.

If you know what the hell I'm talking about, if you know what why a rotary engine is better on an uphill that a twin cam 2 liter, if you understand the kind of tirewear that happens to a GTR at the end of a downhill, if you know who has the fastest car at Akina, I want to write with you. I think it would be neat to do original characters in this time period, a sort of sequel to the stories that all take place in the late 90's. This doesn't even have to be sexual. I want to attack some corners.


The Matrix: Original characters only, mostly because Keanu Reeves cannot be RPed
Star wars: I know it, I just don't like it
Star Trek: see Star Wars
Marvel/DC comics others: Avengers, spiderman, Green Lantern, Batman, etc. I know a lot about superheroes.
Disney universes: I was raised in the 90's: Original characters are alright, but usually not important in this case.

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Re: I am Photo
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added the canon section, and did my best to gather all Initial D fans to one place, my profile inbox.

um... I will answer any pm, if anything looks interesting to you, holler at me, and tell me what you think. I'm currently in need of something to write. (ignoring the second draft of my book)