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April 26, 2018, 08:32:13 AM

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Author Topic: Anachronistic Intercourse (AI) [*Interest]  (Read 1665 times)

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Offline plasmaroboTopic starter

Anachronistic Intercourse (AI) [*Interest]
« on: February 19, 2012, 10:59:43 PM »
Hello! Let me tell you a bit about me.
This is halfway new to me
I've not done anything like this here, but I've roleplayed (running and player) other places.
This time I want to do a bit of both.

My proposal.
This is an interest check for a sci-fi game:

Sometime in the far distant future, where mankind has lot track of their origins, and the dividing line between human and machine has begun to break down...
A ship drifts aimlessly in deep space. The once grand machine has been out here for years, certainly the people on it don't know how long. They are startlingly few now.

There was once a great population. The ship had a destination, but something went wrong that left it mostly lifeless in space. The human population accepting long ago that this would be their grave.
Yet somehow... life on the ship is in it's third generation. Ruled over by the godlike "AI" (Eye), they live out their own meek existence. The ship seems to barely have enough power for life sustaining functions, and without the good favor of AI... nothing seems to happen. The 'nights' on the ship get cold indeed. There are tales of those who give themselves to AI, and are never cold again... they are, however, changed.

The hulk of this ship who's name has been lost to time and memory simply floats... but on a small vessel nearly running out of fuel, a rather large dot has appeared on the edge of the radar.

A derelict ship has been adrift with a twisted AI ruling over the dwindling human population.
The humans have forgotten most of how the ships systems work, and exactly what the AI is. Of course, few of them are 'augmented' with cybernetics, but those who are summoned by the AI tend to have changes made, changes that seem to rewrite their very personalities.

Survival on the ship is difficult people are pressed close together. Relationships and drama and impassioned by the weight of the all-knowing system and the few it favors. Blood tends to run hot aboard the ship.
This would probably involve a few (4-7) characters. An interest and/or passion for sci-fi is definitely a must.
Characters would probably be any of a few groups, those chosen by AI to be 'augmented' in exchanged for their loyalty, and perhaps willing flesh for a more analog moment, those who are simply members of the crew and come from any manner of third-generation-space-fairers (the ship was a colony ship), or perhaps a few could even have just stumbled across the wreck.

The game would be heavy on plot and intrigue in a space opera setting. Technology works a lot like magic to these people, much of it they simply take for granted, as it's in the tight electronic fist of AI, as they are. Resources are limited, and some people are beginning to realize exactly what their 'god' is doing to them. Some just want to escape into the unknown, and some are afraid of what might be lurking behind the metal walls...

So, if this sounds interesting let me know and I'll flush this out a bit more. Comments and questions are appreciated!