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June 29, 2022, 04:31:04 pm

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Author Topic: (M for F) Looking to start nuanced harem-building story, transform/BE elements  (Read 891 times)

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I am very interested in starting a harem-building story here. I've run several before, and had a lot of fun at them, and am looking for a creative and good female writing partner. I'm leaving the premises loose because I want input from my partner so we can come up with something that both of us like.

- Story focuses on the progress of my character and your characters, not as he acquires new members of his harem but as they adapt to their lives and face the consequences of their actions
- Both of us share GMing roles, throwing different hooks at each other and developing secondary characters
- Good firm characterization and writing, two or three posts per week minimum.

My character is a powerful (but not all powerful) user of magic, perhaps possessing a lot of raw power in his blood but not much in the way of experienced or training. Having discovered his abilities, he not only has to contend with others who see his power as a threat or something to use for his own purposes, he also sets out enact revenge on those women who have wronged him, or to possess those he desires. I want this character to have limits and flaws: power objects, arrogance, misplaced pride, insecurities, that can disrupt and play against him, to keep him from always winning or always being able to do the right thing.

I prefer modern day settings, with magic being a well-kept secret. But I could do a Victorian setting, or perhaps modern day without magic but just Sufficiently Advanced Technology (nanites, etc.).

The harem members, as part of their capturing and service, will undergo transformations to suit my character's whims - ugliness will become beauty, breast/butt/whatever expansion, adding of tattoos and piercings, changes to the body to increase sexual pleasure (removing the hood from the clitoris, making various body parts more sensitive). I don't want grotesque transformations, but I would be open to more -creative- ones (e.g. making your cleavage as sensitive as your clitoris to make titfucking incredibly pleasurable)

Harem characters might include:
- The "mean girl" who gets her comeuppance and transformed from being in charge and independent into a servant slut
- The crush who submits to being part of his harem in order to both have him and try to keep him a good person
- The 'good friend' who just wanted to be friends but now is forced to be something different
- Another sorceress who challenges him for his power, thinking he is too young and inexperienced to oppose him, but is surprised by his power
- A woman looking for a new life in a new town finds happiness in slavery after a bunch of heartbreak

I'd prefer characters that have various levels of loyalty - some are devoted to their 'master', others resent him but can't help themselves, others are a bit of both, some find just as much as pleasure in their position as he does.

I would be open to more than one female writer on this, but I'd want them to arrange that ahead of time