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Author Topic: To Catch a Songbird (M/M, NC)  (Read 429 times)

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Online KhorazTopic starter

To Catch a Songbird (M/M, NC)
« on: February 18, 2012, 04:07:26 AM »

To a man who has always had anything and everything he wanted (you), the very idea that there could be something out of his reach wasn't even thought of. He had fame, intellect and a grand estate as the Lord of a bustling city; everyone wished to be like him and be counted among his close circle of friends... Life was indeed perfect, and nothing could seemingly upset the balance of power and wealth.

Summer-time comes to the city. A time of bustling trade and the influx of strangers from other towns; an important time of year for the Lord and the people of the thriving city. Among those who enter the grand gates is a solitary young man, clad in simple clothes and carrying only a large satchel over one shoulder which he holds with the greatest of care. In the tide of people, he is nothing noticeable and he settles in a small alcove within the market place, though he possesses no goods or store.

From the satchel he withdraws a small harp, roughly the size as his slender chest and he holds it carefully for a moment before his fingers begin to pluck the delicate strings and a melody like nothing heard before begins to echo through the bustling streets. People pause in what they're doing and turn to watch the minstrel at work, the tune somehow both eerie and beautiful; captivating all who hear it in its gentle embrace. The Lord is among those who hear the harp's song, and instantly he desires to hear more; the young man is summoned to the manor at once where he is instructed to play further.

For many hours he entertains the Lord until the Sun begins to set at which point he speaks of leaving, carefully putting the harp away once again. Guards bare the door however, and the Lord demands that he remain; such beautiful song must be heard only by the worthy, and the Lord demands that the minstrel remain in his home to entertain whenever the need arises...

I'd like to develop this further; from the Lord's desire for music, the desire for the minstrel's body comes into play and, not used to ever being told 'no', he simply takes what he wants. The minstrel is a free spirit, someone who needs to be in the world and as such he will try to escape. Perhaps he does and is angrily brought back?

This story could eventually become romantic, with the minstrel deciding to try and make the best of things... Or a more darker tone could be the Lord becoming steadily more obsessed, perhaps to the point of chaining the young man in his chambers for his personal use...

There are many directions this could take. I'm looking for Lord strong and firm in his beliefs; not accepting anything he doesn't wish and willing to simply take whatever he desires...

Please PM if interested!
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Online KhorazTopic starter

Re: To Catch a Songbird (M/M, NC)
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2012, 04:02:20 PM »
A bump with the added picture... Still looking for someone to play the King!