Daelen's Roleplay ideas (M looking for F)

Started by Daelen, February 17, 2012, 04:30:27 PM

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So, I have been away from Elliquiy for some time, and I am just starting to get back into the swing of things. As such, I don't know how often I'll be able to post but I do want to get back into writing here on site. Here are my ideas, so far. I welcome responses and ideas of your own.

The VIP Room: This is one I approached before, but was right in the middle of some real life problems and while I didn't lose interest I lost the ability to keep posting on it. The idea is simple. A man, in a bad marriage, goes to a strip club to relieve some stress. He pays for a private dance in the VIP lounge and finds himself infatuated with the woman who danced for him. He tries to get her to do more... she might allow it, or she might tell him it is against the rules. For a longer story, against the rules would be easier. If she denies him, he slips her his card in hopes she will call him later, and that's when the real fun can begin.

The last idea is less a full story idea and more just a craving. I've been wanting to do a story opposite a catgirl. The details can be worked out if you're interested in this one. I'd prefer not playing a cat myself, but beyond that my character's race/species is up for discussion.

If any of these interest you, please contact me, and feel free to contact me with other ideas as well!
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