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Author Topic: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - 1 female character needed!!!  (Read 1987 times)

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Offline rhevTopic starter

This is going to be a VERY unusual game request.  One for the voyeurs out there.

Sizzle House is the world's first XXX rated pornographic reality TV show.  Several wanna be pornstars (and one european starlette) are all competing to win the competition.  But we need viewers.   People who will call in votes and say who they like on the show.

Basically what we need is for people to go to the in game thread

Read along as the action plays out, and if you like something that happens, send Rhev a private message.  Tell him what you liked that you read, and that's it!  Don't forget to add bookmark so you can come back to your favorite TV channel any time you want.  The more often you pm rhev (try to keep it to no more than once a day, but you can quote or mention as much as you like per PM) the more your favorite stars are going to do in the game.  So tune in, get turned on, and get off!

Then send your votes to Rhev's PM.

Oh, you're welcome to view our OOC thread as well if you'd like, which includes the show's rules and cast listing

Thanks to anyone who views our game!

(copied from my OOC thread)

The Premise

Some time in the near future the global economy collapsed into a new global depression.  That being said, life chugs along as it always has.  People still went to work, still had families, still went to movies, and more than ever before, watched TV.  In fact, the television industry is doing better than ever in many ways.  Digital cable, satellite, internet, direct beam, all these methods of getting  programming into the average person's house are faster than ever and offer thousands of channels of programing.  One premium television channel however has become the standout success story of the decade. 


Sizzle TV is owned by sizzle inc, a company that makes some of the most popular and high quality pornography that's being filmed today.  When the owner of Sizzle inc, Solomon King, started the premium pay channel the uproar was loud and vocal.    Mister King made a bold move, he allowed any broadcaster to broadcast his content for an insanly low price.  The stipulation was that the consumers would not be forced to pay extra for his channel.  Religious groups and moral rights activists were outraged that anyone could see the channel which broadcast hardcore pornography 24 / 7 with only a simple call to their television provider.   However the immense success of the channel as well as pay per view and original content programming allowed Sizzle inc to fight off any lawsuits and court battles.  Finally after a decade, Sizzle TV was a channel that was here to stay.  While percentage wise it was a small chunk of the multi hundred or even thousand channel market, it rivaled the old guard stations like HBO, NBC, FOX, and the other established channels.   STV became a publicly traded stock, independent of the parent company SINC (sizzle inc), and made Solomon King one of the richest men in the United States of America.

Today STV has five different channels, Sizzle classic, Sizzle TV, Sizzle TV2, Sizzle Home, and the newest channel, just launched this year, Sizzle reality.  This newest channel is launching with a one of a kind never before seen TV show.  "Sizzle house" is a new idea in reality TV programming.   A luxury apartment, with hundreds of cameras in the walls, ceilings, mirrors, and any imaginable angle you can think of, will record six contestants.  These six contestants are competing in a reality show format for the ultimate prize.  Not only will the top ranked contestant win one million dollars, but also a minimum ten picture deal with Sizzle inc as a porn star / starlet featured actor / actress and become the face of Sizzle inc until the next season of Sizzle house.

The six contestants will be locked in the apartment and attached garden fora few weeks and their actions will be broadcast twenty four hours a day, seven days a week until a winner is chosen.  The streams will not be live, but will be edited together and aired the next day, allowing for cut scenes, confessionals, and 'best of' when the contestants are asleep.   But best of all, the viewers at home are the judges.  They are able to vote by phone, email, internet, or texting on the contestants acts and performances.   These votes decide what the contestants will have to do for their challenges, and how well they are doing.  The scores are kept secret till the end, and there can be only one winner of Sizzle house!
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Offline Airee

Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2012, 09:00:46 AM »
What an interesting take on an ERP!  Very creative.  Sounds like fun, I'll totally "tune in."

Offline Sarah Morgan

Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2012, 12:14:53 AM »
Definitely, what a neat and unique idea!  Count me in, though I'll have to do some catching up!

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2012, 05:13:57 AM »
Here's the current cast of characters that are playing on the Reality show.  Vote for your favorites!

The Characters

This is our current roster:
Angel (Played by Jackwhite
Darren (Played by Mr D.)
Cray (played by Westal)

Anna  (RedEve)
Sakura (Zarazel)
Babydoll (duchess)
Kit (Played by Inerrant Lust)


Character's Real Name: Andrew O'Neal
Character's Screen Name: Angel
Played by: Jackwhite
Age: 23
Occupation: none yet (just graduated)
Height: 6'1"
Measurements:  almost 7" cock
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Description: 
Will Do On Camera?: 
Won't Do On Camera?
Background: He had just finished his study as a dentist but he wasn't eager to get his life started. The guy still enjoyed all the good things of being young and didn't think about working just yet. His Harvard degree made him proud because he worked hard to get his degree in the best univesity for dental care. When he decided to work for real that thing could open a lot of doors to potential employers.

His enrollment for the game had mostly been a joke but now that they had accepted it he wanted to go all the way to the top and win the thing. He was 6"1' tall and a little muscular but not like the men that worked out daily. Down under his cock was almost seven inches. He didn't know exactly why he was chosen but in a way he was glad because as long as he was on the show he didn't have to get into the real world of working with adults. For him this show was all about having fun with the girls that had been accepted. Andrew didn't care about the cameras because he wasn't too shy about himself and not ashamed of the things he did.

Character's Real Name: Darren Johnson
Character's Screen Name: none
Played by: MrDisclosure
Age: 23
Occupation: College student (business administration)
Height: 6'
Hair Color: black, very short
Eye Color: dark brown
Physical Description:  Darren is not a hunk of bulging muscle, but a trim, clean, very strong guy. He rather takes care of himself and gives himself a well-groomed, more polished appearance.
Sexuality:  Straight
Specialties: Strength and stamina - Darren can go long ways in bed. No inhibitions in front of camera. Darren is very much into oral sex and loves to bring women off by solely using his tongue. And of course there is his cock, which is the subject of a few rumors among the female students. His size is a double digit, but Darren doesn't brag about it, and the actual value remains to be disclosed (maybe in a future on-screen sexual encounter?).
Will Do On Camera?:  Will do almost anything, better see what he won't do, that list is shorter. (or check on's and off's)
Won't Do On Camera?:  Anything related to toilet, strong violence, or hard BD/SM stuff. A silk scarf is a possibility, ropes and gags are not.
Background: Darren comes from a background with little privilege. He started college on a scholarship from his church community, but was bannished from the program when some semi-nude shots of him appeared on a website. He is now looking desperately for a job to pay the next rate of tuition, and is running out of time. The application to "So you wanna be a pornstar" he sent in partially on a dare, but if he was accepted, he'd give it a try in earnest.
Personality: Darren is some kind of very likeable bad boy. Outgoing is the best term to describe his personality, he has good skills working with people. Darren believes in chances, and the right doors opening at the right times, so he is always one to pick up a challenge. When it comes to girls, he is somewhat loose - he is very flirty, never lets out a chance for an affair, but keeps things clean, and doesn't make promises he doesn't intend to keep.

Character's Real Name: Spencer McCray
Character's Screen Name:Cray Zinc (or TBD)
Played by: Westal
Age: 26
Occupation: Bass Player of "The Skirt Chasers" (broken up punk band)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color:naturally dark brown, but dies it black
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description:  While more muscular than his former stick-figure bandmates, Spencer still had a athletic tautness to his body.  While he had plenty of muscle in his biceps and chest, he had not planned on being nude for his line of work until now.  He has an everyman physique with the exception of his upper body, and his sizable manhood. Below that, he's lean, mean, but not a Greek God.
Sexuality:  Straight
      -Charisma: Spencer was the comic relief and also the media-savvy face of his punk-rock band while they were seeing their first and only swell of brief fame. He did well with a camera in front of him, and can actually act in adult films instead of just reading his lines with an erection.
      -Six-Shooter: Assuming there is a intimate partner to work with, Spencer can go over and over again. He may need a little help from his acting partner, but he can get rock hard after multiple orgasms, which are also favorable for the camera due to their force.
Will Do On Camera?:  Anything involving him and at least one woman, and steering clear of his own backside.
Won't Do On Camera?:  Toilet play
Background: Spencer was the second-to-front man of his punk-rock band, but he was the one who always made his interviewer laugh. Whether on the radio or in magazines, when they couldn't get the lead guitarist, they were happy to get him. After their band split up after only a few months with a single onthe top 20, Spencer was offered a side-role on a mid-level porn as a joke. A friend of his former agent had an opening that needed a marginal amount of acting skill, and a recognizable face of a prankster. A cameo that enough fans would recognize before they put a foreign actor in to actually have sex with the woman.
The only thing was, the studio actually filmed him having sex with one of the porn stars, and included it in the bonus features reel. Spencer's humor and his impressive amateur performance garnered more praise than the the actual porn itself. it was only two weeks after that when the game show offered him a spot on their contestant panel, once again using him as a cameo for its first season.
Spencer doesn't plan on being another bonus feature, though. He fell from fame once, and now he intends to climb back up in a different profession.
Personality: Witty, eager for a laugh or attention, generally the type for a smile and a wink. He will get defensive of his spot if he detects a threat, and is definitely trying to overcome his amateur actor status and make a name for himself. He can be sarcastic, but is usually even tempered unless crossed.


Character's Real Name: Ana Stakic
Character's Screen Name: Anna Claire
Played by: RedEVe
Age: 27
Occupation: Porn star
Height: 5'8
Measurements: 34-24-35
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Long-legged with well pronounced curves, long blonde hair
Sexuality: Straight, but does both straight and lesbian scenes on camera
Specialties: Is a veteran of the European porn industry, having started out a few weeks after turning 18
Will Do On Camera?: Pretty  much the near-full palette of the hardcore porn industry. Anal, oral and vaginal intercourse, girl-on-girl, gang-bangs (including multiple penetrations), mild humiliation.
Won't Do On Camera?: Anything too violent or degrading. This includes but is not limited to hard BDSM and piss and toilet play.
Background: Ana was born and raised in Serbia. With her home situation less than ideal - both her parents were alcoholics and her father was also a violent abusive man - she left home at the age of 16. She worked all manner of jobs for two years before packing her possessions and using the little savings she got to go to Budapest, the de facto capital of the European porn industry. She did her first casting within days of arriving there and has been working for several of the bigger production companies ever since then. She is a household name amongst the fans of European porn, but hasn't crossed into the mainstream yet.
Personality: As passionate as she might appear on the screen, Ana is actually an ultra-calculated woman. Her long-term goal is to achieve a level of fame that will allow her to support herself long after her active porn career comes to an end. That means breaking into the mainstream. After nearly a decade in the industry, she felt as if she had reached a ceiling. Auditioning for the reality TV show is the next step in her "Grand Plan".

Characters Real Name: Miyuki Haruma
Character’s Screen Name: Sakura Mikurame
Played by: Zarazel
Age: 20
Occupation: Aspiring Porn Star
Height: 5’4”
Measurements : (Will need help with this)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Well toned body, very petite , cute face, Long black hair, medium breasts.
Sexuality: Fully Bisexual
Specialties: Not much hoping to make her first real break on the porn industry
Will do on Camera?: Mostly anything, she thinks that the characters in a movie and herself as two different people so often times this allows her to do almost any role required. Hard BDSM and Degrading stuff she can do between other things.
What she won’t do? Anything that brings long physical harm to her body. She does not believes in tattoo or anything that stains her body. She is open to nearly everything as long as she is not harmed for a long time. (Wounds that heals easily are okay though)

  She was born in Japan, her childhood was one where her parents kept her from doing almost anything due to her religion. She loved her parents but she always tried to do her best to do whatever she wanted making her sort of a trouble child. When she was young her father placed her in self defense classes and that was one of those things that made her change her mind slowly about her parents. She worked hard on self defense really liking it and enjoying the exercise her body got. At the young age of sixteen her parents died in a car crash making her move to the US with foster parents. There she learned the English language and found a sensei that could resume her training. However that sensei abused her constantly with the warning that he could easily kill her foster parents if she told anybody.

One day she finally had enough and beat her sensei to a pulp leaving him on the floor bleeding out. He made it barely but he had to pick her stuff up and leave her parents. Not really knowing what else to do she went to a talent search for a movie and got the job as a porn star. She used the training in martial arts to mentally prepare herself for the tasks often times making the other stars wonder why she was so different while in stage and outside the stage.

She is a well self respecting woman, she will respect anybody that shows her respect. Even though her choices for movies are often involved with BDSM and degradation in camera outside it she is very different. She is often found doing exercises or practicing her self defense outside the house/trailer. She is a very cheerful person that is always happy and always willing to help as long as you provide the same level of respect she does.

Character's Real Name: Britta London
Character's Screen Name: Babydoll
Played by: Duchess85
Age: 22
Occupation:Dancer/Singer at Priscilla’s Palace (a burlesque club) - Looking for something different.
Height: 5'1
Measurements: 36-24-38
Hair Color: naturally blonde, but died orange
Eye Color: Green
Physical Description: She’s petite and her curves are nicely toned. She has two piercings, her nose and bottom lip and she has a whole host of tattoo's.
Sexuality: Bi-Curious
Specialties: She loves giving blowjobs and with the help of a few favored exercises keeps herself extremely tight.
Will Do On Camera?: Pretty much anything, this includes anal, choking, and BD/SM.
Won't Do On Camera?: Golden showers or anything having to do with urine or scat.
Background: Britta was born in a small country town in Mississippi; she was raised by a single father who liked his booze more than he did his daughter.  She ran away at age 16 to New York City, where she pursued various performing professions, dancing, singing, she was even in an amateur adult movie.
Personality: When she’s not on stage performing in some way she’s a fairly shy girl, preferring the company of books, music and her journal to the company of people.

Character's Real Name: Kaitlin 'Kit' Fockes
Character's Screen Name: Kit Foxe
Played by: Inerrant Lust
Age: 19
Occupation: Student (Art? ...Literature?)
Height: 4'11"
Measurements: 93lb.
Hair Color: Naturally brown, died Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Description: Short, petite... even small breasted. She's skinny, even for her size, and is probably as such not because of any maintenance on her own part, but simply from her lifestyle.
Sexuality: Straight, but willing to do both.
Specialties: She is 'the amateur', having never done porn in her life until this very game. In her personal life, she's done a little oral and vaginal- but that's about it. She is an anal virgin, and is new to pretty much everything in the sex industry...
Will Do On Camera?: Anyone
Won't Do On Camera?: Toilet
Background: Kaitlin found out too late that there wasn't much money to be made in pursuing her interests. She got into her favored college... but found that there would be no way to pay for most of her tuition. She would have, at best, a year or two. Even with all her student loans, it would be hard finding a decent job to pay them all off. So what little choice did she have? Desperate times called for desperate measures. She had an... active sex life. Kit and her boyfriend fucked like rabbits after all, even if it was always a little vanilla. So understandably he had reservations about her idea. She swore she'd only go through with it if he agreed, but after thinking about their future, he decided to consent to it.
Personality: Open-minded, anything but judgmental. She's friendly with most everyone she meets, and likes to see the best in people. Enjoys having fun, and if she isn't- she finds a way to make the situation fun. She's quite nerdy, and can get enthusiastic about the most geeky things. Has a tendency to anthropomorphise objects that frustrate her, like a reluctant zipper or a combination lock she's forgotten how to access.

Offline Nyarly

Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #4 on: February 19, 2012, 06:37:22 AM »
Seems pretty intersting so far. I'll probably follow it.

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Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2012, 02:55:26 AM »
Consider me a viewer... most likely

Offline Wintercat

Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #6 on: February 26, 2012, 09:54:05 AM »
Quite curious, it might be quite interesting. Going to have a look at the thread, see if I can catch up in reasonable time and see about it. Probably a viewer starting to follow it 'a bit in the series' at this point I guess?
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Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #7 on: February 26, 2012, 12:09:08 PM »
Nope, still in the first day.  Don't forget, posting moves slower than real life.  :)

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: Have you ever wanted to watch a XXX reality show? - Viewers needed!
« Reply #8 on: March 12, 2012, 05:10:15 PM »
Duchess, one of our players, is having to drop out of the game.   So if there's anyone out there who wants to take on the role of babydoll, the sexy tattooed bombshell.   Check out the thread or the OOC and let me know!