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October 28, 2021, 01:02:15 pm

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Author Topic: Sairin loves group role play *_* (Slew full of genres- Intrest checks!)  (Read 618 times)

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Hello all!
It's become apparent to me that I have open time on my hands and would like to add a few role plays. I currently only have one role play written out, but if I gain interest in a different genre, then I will gladly write more. I will write more either way, however, and add them in spoilers once I have them done~

My role plays, I find, are more plot driven and have at least two opposing sides. If I generate enough interest in a certain plot, I'll make a new thread for it~

Angel/Demon or separate: The plot I'm thinking will most likely be a negative outlook on life, so mostly demon/human. Angel possibly.

Dragon Rider: Multiple factions (4). Players control both human and dragon~

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Long ago a story was told of a young boy that picked up a polished stone, far smoother and colorful than any he had witnessed before. Beholding such treasure, the young boy took it home and hid it away deep in a chest. At night when he was alone at times, the boy would pry open the lock on his chest and view through giddy eyes the glowing green stone. But his excitement did not remain forever. Days turned into months, and months turned into years as the boy grew older and found love with a village woman. Eventually, he all but forgot about the polished, green stone buried deep inside his chest.

Waking up in joy, the young man dressed in the finest for today was his wedding with the love of his life. Reaching towards his doorknob to exit his room, he stopped, puzzled, almost sure he had heard a rustling sound. Gazing around the room his eyes rested upon the chest, and for a moment, the young man smiled in memory of the simple joy a rock brought to him as a boy. Stepping across the room in a few strides, the man knelt down next to the chest to pry it open like he did many nights before.

Resting eyes upon the stone, the young man felt the simple joy he had when he was younger. Reaching inside the chest, the young man pulled out the green stone to hold it to eye level. Its glorious green shone throughout the room and as he held it within the palm of his hands his eye brows furrowed in confusion. The rock had shifted by itself.

Bringing the stone up to his ear, the stone gave no noise, nor when he held it up to the light did the young man find the shadow of a being within. Clearly he was just imagining it, and with that, the young man returned the stone back into the chest.

Later that wonderful evening, the young man held his new, naked wife in his arms and kissed her temple gently as she lay resting. For just a moment, he felt peace. But it wasn't to last.

A distant cry in the town was the only warning given before the young man's door was knocked down my imperial earth temple guardians. Dragging him and his wife from the bed, the guardians searched the room, overturning every furniture and fixture until they came to the chest.

Using an imperial sword, the guardian cut open the chest and was met with a daunting hiss. Startling the entire room, everyone watched in awe as a green, scaled creature rushed for the young man. Upon witnessing the young dragon, extreme smiles stretched across the guardian's lips as they came forward to grab the dragon. The dragon, however, bit or slashed viciously at anyone who came near the young man. Unwilling to harm the precious dragon, the guardians backed off and ordered the young man to come with. The young man refused, he had a wife now. The guardians made quick work of that problem.

Drawing an imperial sword, a guardian sliced the throat of the young man's new wife. As she fell to the ground, the young man caught her up in his arms and cradled her bleeding body to his chest, telling her everything would be ok. His words did not reach her ears, however, as death sow her last breath.

Tearing the young man from his dead, naked wife, the guardians took him and the dragon to the Earth temple where he grieved in hatred for the guardians and the dragon. The guardians of the temple, however, took no notice of his sadness and trained the Earth Guardian's very first dragon rider. But with each passing day as the young man became more and more powerful, he grew a strong bond to his dragon and continually hated the guardians more and more until the dark day.

The dark day was an ominous night as thunder clouds hung low over the forest. Mounting his dragon, the young man picked up his arms and had slain all the Earth temple guardians as a downpour roughly tapped the roof. Blood dripped down the sides of beds in which guardians lay in and as the dragon tracked blood tracks down the hallway, they stepped into the rain.

He was free at last.

But with such unknowing actions did the young man find he had single handedly destroyed what peace was holding across the land.

Feeling a shift in the air, the Fire temple king's lips curled into an wicked smile. The Earth temple, his biggest competitor, lay dead. The king rose from his throne deep in the deserts and called his men to arms. Tonight would be the beginning of a crusade. All the land would be theirs.

The water temple's king turned his gaze over the horizon, feeling his allies had been slain. Calling his men to arms near the ocean, they set up barricades to defend.

The Air temples deep in the mountains remain quiet amongst the battle, but are beginning to feel the tension and encroachment. Soon, very soon, they will begin to lose what little they hold dear to them if they too do not take arms and join the war.

Our particular story will take place hundreds of years later. The fire temple owns 50% of the land, Water owns 37%, Air owns 8% and the Earthen temples own 5%. Dragons are very few in the land, so few that they are considered a myth. Most people are lead to believe that this is simply a war between humans. Only those lucky, or unlucky, enough to face a dragon  will witness them in the terror of battle.

Characteristics of dragons based on the temple:
I had envisioned dragons to be different for each temple, each having their strengths and weaknesses.

Fire Temple Dragons
These dragons have tough, nearly impenetrable exterior and can spew a blazing fire from their snarling lips. Hailing from the soft sanded deserts, these dragons have formed the ability to burrow beneath the ground and are fastest while traveling this way. They are slower on land and are ground only.
Added: Dragon riders for Fire dragons have shift saddles that rest on top of the dragon for normal riding, but can be moved to a cradle for the rider beneath the dragon's neck when burrowing underground.

Earth Temple Dragons
These dragons are agile. They are tall, about 11 feet tall or a bit more, thin and nimble. With quick eyes, the Earth dragons can navigate easily through a forest, able to avoid holes, roots and trees. Their attention is keen, picking up enemies far easier then any other dragon. These dragons are equipped with sharp talons and are ground only.
Air Temple Dragons
Air temple dragons are gentle giants. They are the only flying dragon and have the ability to control the winds about them.

Water Temple Dragons
Water temple dragons are best suited for the water, although they are able to come onto land. With webbed feet, they are easily the fastest dragon of all, but only within water. Water dragons are very strong and the most balanced between the dragons. A refreshed water dragon can easily take on any, but only when refreshed. When emerging from the waters, a water dragon is refreshed but slowly wears down until they return to the waters.

-For this type of role play, I would assume everyone is a dragon rider or is about to meet their dragon.

-All the temples are currently hostile with each other.

-All temples have dragons, even earth. Although most of the earth guardians were destroyed, eggs were picked up by villagers. Some have hatched, others have not.

-Most dragons and eggs are found within temples, but stray eggs do lay about. Guardians for temples are searching for these stray eggs.

Now four temples is a lot I'd think, so we can take the focus away from one, but it's not necessary.

Players you can play are:
Ordinary people that belong in the territory of a temple. You are considered the element of that land.
Guardians to the temples
Military/ military leaders to the temples
Royalty to the temples

Character template:
Temple you heir from:
Do you have a dragon currently?:
If yes, your dragon's name:
Age of dragon: (Newborn, Young, Adolescent, Fully grown, etc)
Appearance of your character:
Appearance of dragon?: (I was specific with certain types of dragons so I know it's hard to find pictures for dragons so this isn't necessary)

Mob/Ordinary, Mob/Mob/Ordinary, or Mob/Cop: Pretty standard plot, but a lot to role play with. I'll create a plot with tension depending on which type you guys would like if someone is interested in joining this one~

Sci-fi: I've lately had an interest in a sci-fi themed rp. Two thoughts come to mind, one being a simple futuristic time. Technology is highly futuristic, but only within ships as our people are traveling often for a purpose (medical).

A second thought for a Sci-fi themed rp would be that our players can summon others for certain purposes. These summons are from a different planet and are used as slaves by the summoners. Some are to fight, other to clean or have sex even. Players would match up summon-summoner, but can be gifted, traded, sold or simply used by one another.

Vampiric: I love my vampire rps and never can get enough of them. I currently have one going and you may join if you wish here, but I am always willing to have more. This one is current times, but if I was to create another it would be around the 1800's.

I may have missed a genre you're interested in so let me know and I can work on a plot for it~