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Author Topic: Seeking a Dominate Partner (M or F welcome)  (Read 961 times)

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Seeking a Dominate Partner (M or F welcome)
« on: February 16, 2012, 08:53:52 pm »
I need someone who can play a dominate personality without giving in to there sensitive side too much. Willing to do any pairs of FxF, MxM, MxF, FxM

I'm looking for a Role play where i can play a submissive slave kind of person or any idea for a submissive to be in. Any idea is welcome and I'll try and see if it might interest me. I would like to play a femboy, but at the same time I'm not against playing a female and nor do i care if a person would like to play their opposite sex either. Most of my ideas that I'll be listing here are obviously for a slave type situation but again i will listen to any Suggestion for play that people would like to do.

Slave Role Plays
Red means Currently being done. If make me really interested with you additions i might double up but otherwise its taken for now.

Fresh Role Play Ideas

Becoming the Pet (MxM, MxF, FxF)
Two siblings are left at home while the parents are away for any reason. Since they were never allowed to have a pet, the older sibling plans to force his younger sibling to be his pet while the parents are gone. The older siblings restrains the younger one and either by blackmail or physical means gets the younger to obediently become his pet. The younger sibling is forced to crawl around the house naked with nothing but Animal ears and a butt plug with tail attached on. The younger sibling is even showed off to the older's friends and ordered to be just like any other normal pet. The friends ask and pet the younger like they would any other pet until they wonder just how well the older has control over him. The younger is forced to service the friends as they are permitted to use the pet any way they like.

Cousin's Slut (MxM, MxF, FxF)
Both of the cousin's parents decided to take a sweethearts vacation with the other family only to leave the 2 behind and have the older cousin look after the younger one. The younger cousin starts to try and seduce the older cousin to fill his sexual urges and needs, surprising the older by what the younger is wanting. The older plans to force the younger to obey every order they give until he starts regretting and hopefully backs off, but this has the adverse effect making him enjoy it more. Finally realizing the kind of slut the younger cousin is, the older invites over his friends to use and abuse the younger cousin. The younger starts to get worried by the people coming in and what they are doing that the younger is becoming more scared and wondering what kind of life he might be falling into.

School Slave (MxM, MxF)
Everyone at school see's this perfect couple and wishes that they could find their counterpart like they have. What they don't know is that the girl is actually the dominate person in the relationship and the male is practically her slave and submissive. Being so popular they are invited to a party, and the female finds this as the perfect chance to cause some commotion and expose the real relationship they have. She gets to the party and has her slave locked and ready to obey any order as he will need to service anyone that wishes something of him whether it be male or female and show exactly how much of a slave he is. The Classmates can either order the slave themselves or request from the Mistress what to see or if they are allowed to do it.  (Can switch roles and i'll play a sub girl as well.) (If MxM then the sub will be a very feminine femboy that has always been seen as a girl until the party where they discover she is really a he.)

Current Idea Role Plays

Freshly Abducted Slave
The slave would already have been abducted and taken to a hidden place from the world that only few people know about. The slave will be either shoved into a cage or sorts or possibly hung with their hands above their head and forced to be on their knees. There the slave would be prettied up and put on display for the possible masters/mistress' could get a good view of the slave. The new master would purchase the slave and take him back to his place(wealthy or not) and proceed to train their new toy to the way they would want him to behave. (would have to be broken in...Also can change to a girl)

Whore of a Slave
A slave is kept at a Slave Market for too long and forced to participate in various 'parties' that the owner of the market would hold. Every time he was never taken meant more time at these parties where people were able to use and abuse the slaves brought out as entertainment, without the actual need to purchase them. This particular slave had been to many of the parties and tried to fight back some only to eventually succumb to the people and take various positions. The owner started to get a build up of slaves and took a suggestion into consideration of holding out an auction for some slaves and had plenty of people interested in showing up. He held the auction and had a pretty good turn out, would this slave be taken away today?" (Slave would need training in behavior)

Master/Mistress's Slave Harem
Somehow become a slave of a wealthy owner to be trained by but the owner also has multiple other slaves already (can be any gender) that help or just forced to watch as he is trained and then they can be taken to events for other peoples pleasure to use or torture and could even be forced to participate in bonfire bestiality fucking by one dog after another to find out who can go through the most dogs before passing out. 1st place makes a lot of money for owner.

BDSM Chatroom Sex Slave
Willingly becoming a slave through BDSM chat room. After a few shows on camera for their master they feel like this is the life the slave wishes to live. The master gives them 2 options, Leave there current life and fly out to stay with the master as his slave, or never contact that person again. After a few days of no contact and really thinking about it they decide to leave their current life and fly out to be with the master. After getting to the airport the master can either be nice till they are back home and really get into his role of training and using his slave or start there at the airport with a wireless vibe or something forcing the slave to put it in at the bathroom and taking them out to play in public a bit before going home.

Spoiled Rich Kid Turned Sex Slave to their Servant
A spoiled rich child gets everything they want and has a maid/butler that helps run the house and look after the child while the parent takes frequent business trips. The child gets caught by the maid/butler with a recorded footage with something that he would never want his parents or anyone else to see as it would ruin them. The child is then forced to become the maid's/butler's personal slave whenever the parents were out on business or when they were in private and the parents wouldn't find out.

Twin Sibling Role Switch
2 Twins (1 Male, 1 Female) have always wondered what it was like to be the other sex and interact out in society, as well as what there outlook on life might be like. Since the sister wasn't that well endowed she could easily bound her chest and make it look like she was a flat chest man, while the brother was already feminine like his sister and could use her old bra stuffers to make it look like he had a small chest. They decide to switch places and go out with the others friends to see what it was like and how they acted. After returning the sister being the more dominate one would enjoy the new feeling and find a way to take over her brother be it with toys or a strap-on and make him submit to her every whim when she wanted him to.

Friends Secret Revealed (MxM, MxF, Possibly FxF with a variation in story)
2 Best friends go into the boys room to hang out and play some games or do some homework together like usual since they lived close by each other. While the boy is down stairs getting them both some drinks the Friend rummages and finds some girls clothing in the closet not really hidden well. He has them out and questions the boy about it when he comes back and finds out the truth about the boy that even the best friend didn't know. After finding out the truth the friend uses the information to his advantage asking the boy to change and present himself to see and make him just parade around for awhile, but finds it more stimulating then he first thought and takes it farther with the boy dominating him and thinking about making him his personal toy from then on.

Daddy's little Slut (MxM, MxF)
Father and Mother have been in a constant fight for years and after enough quarlling they end up with a divorce. They have a son who after careful consideration is placed in control of the father and they return home to a more peaceful life. After a year or two the farther starts dating again and trying to find that special person to fill in as the wife of a family. Searching for awhile he never seems to find the right person he is looking for until one day he comes home to find his son cross dressing and playing with himself. He rushes in and starts yelling at the boy about what he is doing and eventually storms out of the room only to come back soon with rope to bound and capture his own son for least resistance. He tells him that if he wants to act like a slut then he will be treated like one in the house and do whatever is asked of him. From that point on he trains his own son to please and take care of him and whoever the farther orders him to take care of while attending to the house like a real 'Woman' from then on.


I do have some limits and if you would like i am willing to listen to what you have in mind and let you know if it would be fine to do them rather then listing a million different ons and offs since at times i might try something that i haven't done before. One suggestion i would like to try if anyone is into it is piercings used as a way of ownership or even a way to torment the slave with attaching vibe devices that dangle from the piercings. Can talk about it more if Interested but please Message if feel interested in playing.
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Offline Obito UchihaTopic starter

Re: Seeking a Dominate Partner (M or F welcome)
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2012, 03:42:34 pm »
Updated 3 new stories, Took out pairings as i'm kind of flexible on pairings.