Rawr! Its a Monster!

Started by The Great Triangle, February 26, 2008, 07:50:18 PM

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The Great Triangle

I'm interested in doing a one on one themed around an exotc/human pairing, I'm interested in tentacle monsters (possibly symbiotic or lab experemental), Aliens, perhaps some nature spirits getting dominated by a pervy shaman(ess) with too good of a grasp of sealing spells, or something of that nature.

Any takers?  :)
Meow!  I'm a kitty; made of fire.

Ons and Offs

Inerrant Lust

Hmmm... I might be interested.

I kind of would like to mix it up with a male human/tentacle monster pairing, though. :P

But I can play the girly 'victim' just as well, too. ^_^;

(Oh, and your on/off list leads to mine! :P)